By Paul Clacher Copyright 2000

The All is every thing. It consists of those things, which we do know about and it consists of those things, which we do not know about. Nothing can exist out side of The All, as The All is every dimension that is required to maintain its own existence. The All is just plainly everything. It may be, that The All is greater than the known universe, as there are surely aspects to its enormity that we as human beings could never comprehend. Perhaps it should be renamed the Multiverse. As human beings are restricted to live within certain dimensions, it is impossible for us to comprehend all physical and non-physical laws, which maintain The All. It has been argued in philosophical discussions, that the here and now of reality does not exist. Thus any existence of an All is but a dream. To argue that reality does not exist is nonsense. For suffering and pain is enough proof to testify that reality does exist, at least in our current state of existance. Therefore for us, the reality is, that The All does exist. However our reality may be but one reality of an infinite number of realities. For we Human beings, to comprehend the totality of The All, I believe, is impossible. To comprehend the concept of The All and its Autobalance is within the grasp of those wishing to change the perspective of their present way of thinking.

It is important at this point to accept two physical laws of reality, so an understanding of The All and its Autobalance can be achieved. The concept of Autobalance will become clearer as the philosophy expands. Two physical laws have been used as the basis for this philosophy and are as follows. Once, these laws were held as absolute truth, but now as science discovers new physical anomalies to them, they have been modified to accommodate these findings. Also, for the purpose of understanding The All and its Autobalance, these two laws will be analysed in detail and modified. Firstly, we shall examine Einstein's law of conservation of energy and then Newton's third law of opposite and equal reactions. Each of these men lived centuries apart, but independently arrived at a very similar conclusion as to the nature of the universe. It was Einstein however, whom I believe, came the closest to the philosophy of Autobalance, as he believed in an ordered universe. It was Einstein who believed in the physical laws of cause and effect, which in part is the basis for Autobalance.

Firstly, Einstein suggested that matter cannot be created nor destroyed, but can change its form. It is this law, which will need to be examined in greater detail. For a simple understanding, the following example will provide a relevant explanation. It is very true that an apple cannot materialise from nothing, as it is common knowledge that apples come from apple trees. For an apple to appear firstly an apple seed must be planted for an apple tree to grow to produce fruit. Clearly the apple seed cannot grow in thin air alone, as it needs to absorb some elements from nature, such as water and chemicals from the soil before it can begin its journey in time to become an apple tree. If all conditions are favourable, then the apple tree will bear apples. Therefore, the apple has not appeared from nowhere, but has been created by the conservation of matter to create its appearance. Matter then has not been created nor destroyed but transformed like sculptor's clay into another shape. Clearly this is only one example but in part The All transforms constantly in every area of its existence to sustain its own status quo. Matter within The All therefore cannot be created over and above its own finite limitations. The All because of this is in a constant state of flux. It can never stand still. For if any part of The All were to stop moving, The All would cease to exist. Therefore, everything within The All is constantly changing to supply its own continuation.

Some of these changes occur so fast that human beings are unaware of their existence. Some changes are so slow that we are unaware of them. I also propose that many changes occur without any human knowledge of their occurrence. However there are many changes, which are observed daily, such as the growing of apples. Life and death is also a part of this; not cycle, but balance within The All. Clearly there are as many changes in the substance or matter of The All as there is which makes it up. One can only begin to comprehend the apparent endlessness of the daily changes, which go to make up The All. With careful thought, one can begin to comprehend where one individual fits and affects the balance within The All themselves. No further comprehension of The All therefore, can be made without examining and understanding another physical law. Quantum Physics has revealed that all things in the universe are connected, and that "under certain conditions, subatomic particles communicate with each other over vast distances, instantaneously, like twins who feel each other's pain". (Joe Lewels, Ph D, "The God Hypothesis" p 69. 1997)

The Second law, which needs to be examined, is Newton's third law, which states, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. This law is also crucial but like the first is too rigid and inflexible in its present form to adequately clarify the existence of The All and natural occurrences which can be observed in it. It is true that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction but not always together and not always at the same time or location. (Refer chapter 15)

To say that a ball will only go as far as it is thrown, is in part true. It would therefore appear that the ball travelled the precise distance relative to the energy by which it was thrown.  But clearly the energy exerted upon the Earth to hold the thrower in a firm position to throw the ball and the friction of the air upon the ball as it travels through the air must also be taken into consideration. Clearly these examples may appear to have no effect upon the earth and its orbit, but it does. Insignificant maybe, but if a greater force were to be exerted, for example hundreds of nuclear bombs exploding from the same location on the Earth, the Earth would move like a ball, and so would have a noticeably altered orbit. This in turn would place different forces upon our solar system and in turn would cause other forces to alter in their turn. A resultant effect may be a change in the Earth's weather pattern for example. A perfect example of this effect, is the present O zone layer depletion, primarily caused by the excessive use of spray cans, pollutants and exhaust emissions. While we are aware that the resultant effect is Global warming, what other effects is this shift in the balance of The All having? This effect is sometimes referred to as the "Butterfly Effect".

It is clear however, what has been described is nothing more than a rather large chain reaction. A much simpler example is a drought. If it does not rain one season and the water supply  is  insufficient to sustain the plants they will die. Later the animal life has no food and in turn also dies. This is the essence of the Autobalance within The All, which like cement holds The All together. Superficially there does appear to be an opposite and equal reaction, but the repercussions or chain reactions which any act causes, must be considered and not dismissed. It is all forces which must be considered together, and not just the consideration of one incident alone, which is so often the case. For example the thrown ball is only the observable occurrence of the incident. It is only the centre of the radiating forces for that particular incident within The All. It must be remembered; any action will cause many other effects, some small some large. To understand this and to be able to apply these rules is to begin to understand absolutely The All. It should now be clear that it is impossible to separate The All from the Autobalance.

The examples which have been described are but a few occurrences amongst an apparent endless number of occurrences which happen every second of every day. It is these things, which interact with each other, which hold the balance within The All. Everything is interlocked and affects everything else to varying degrees. This balance must automatically find its own balance or natural equilibrium, so that any radical or minor disturbance within The All will find its own natural placement. If this movement did not occur then nothing would exist. Therefore it is this Autobalance, which these ongoing chapters will mainly focus upon, as a clear relationship between an individual's daily life and the Autobalance is our reality within The All.

Clearly what this concept propounds is very difficult to understand. However its radical concept may very well allow an individual to find inner peace and not only understand the meaning of life and everything, but use to advantage one's self in it. If what has been stated so far has not been understood, then reread it until it has been understood. For without this understanding, the rest of this book will not make much sense.

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