By Paul Clacher Copyright 2001

Now that you have read "Chapter One" and that you are satisfied that you understand the concept of "The All" you are probably ready to continue with the second concept of Autobalance. As stated in the first chapter The Autobalance and The All go hand in hand and that the Autobalance is like the glue, which holds The All together. Your greatest tools, which you own to help you develop your understanding of Autobalance, are your powers of observation. Don't just use your eyes to see with, your ears to hear with, your nose to smell with, your mouth to taste with and your skin to feel with. USE THEM! Be aware of your senses and take note of what they are telling you and then begin to understand what they are telling you. You are being bombarded with stimuli and information every second of every day. Understand what is being told to you. After all you are getting all this free information why not use it. Now don't expect to be a master of this incoming information over night. When you consciously decide to take notice of all this information, you might find that it becomes a little overwhelming at first, like it is information overload. It will take you a while to be in control of this information and a little while longer to be able to use it in a positive way and I do mean in a positive way. No good will come from wrong deeds and no good will come from using this information in a selfish way. You will clearly understand why as you become more understanding of the Autobalance concept. There is a word of warning though, with all this newly acquired information, you may not like what you see.

With this apparent library of new information, you will be able to start noting with growing clarity just how people interact with each other. You may also start noticing other things and occurrences, which you had never noticed before. These will be secondary reactions to the initial and primary interactions between the behaviours of those you are observing. You will start noticing how other people seemingly not directly connected with those you observe, being affected in some way by their actions. You will after a while start noticing that many actions cause multiple ripple effects from the initial action. The ripple effect will diminish in its effect the further away from the epicenter or initial action centre. Do not forget, that there are also countless other effects going on at the exact same time as the ones you are observing and that those other effects are crossing the paths of the ones you are observing. This in effect causes many nodal points where the effect ripples cross. I don't believe that there is any one individual who could calculate the resultant effect in even a coffee shop for example. A person who has become skilled could start to predict and or anticipate probable outcomes in simple interactive situations. Don't forget that it is not just people who cause effects, which may directly impact upon what you have planned to do. Nature itself has a pretty strong impact with its own effects too. Examples naturally are the weather or attacks from animals etc.

Sure you may say, "I already know just by observation what likely outcomes there may be as a result of some actions in a coffee shop situation". That may be the case, but is it just intuitive or is it based on deliberate conscious observations? You may be a good observer naturally, but once you start to deliberately take in all this stimuli you will notice a big difference. The observation process will have been formalised and you will be equipped with a toolbox of very useful information.

So, what is the next step? Well one never embarks on a journey without first knowing where you are going. Where do you want to go in life's journey? If we use the analogy of a trip into the country or to the beach, firstly you would probably obtain a map of some sort. Then you might do a bit of research into the area where you wish to go. Around about that same time you would be formulating the exact location where you want to travel to. Well naturally in your life's journey you need to set an objective too. Ask yourself a few questions. Firstly, what is it in life that I really want to achieve? What direction do I really want to take? Is my objective achievable? Do I have the skills to achieve my Objective? Do I currently have the resources to achieve my objective? What are my limitations? Like any plan you need to write down your objective, your skills, the resources to achieve this objective and also identify any limitations to the objective. Naturally you won't write down every objective you create. It will only be for the important ones.

Your plan needs to be flexible though so that it can grow, evolve and be modified to meet all the external forces, which you will encounter in the quest to meet your objective. You may even find that after a while the objective which you set 12 months ago, no longer is important to you. If this is the case, then you probably have not been modifying your objective to suit external forces, as any change should never be a surprise to you unless there has been a catastrophic occurrence for which you had not accounted for. It is always wise though to have mini objectives planned along the way, which strengthen your main objective. In this way you will be collecting valuable life skills along the way.

Look at the forces, which affect your objective. To do this you will need took at the forces within your immediate situation. That is anything, which affects you absolutely directly. Look at the forces within your intermediate situation. This may be your family situation. You children may be having a situation, which will impact upon you and ultimately your ability to achieve your objective. It may be work where there is a situation with a co-worker. Look at the more global forces, which you operate within. These could be global economics, global weather or some other force, which will have some effect upon your objective. An example could be that your objective to purchase an imported car of some sort. Naturally if the country of origin of the car was having industrial problems or their currency went up in value compared to our currency, then clearly it is going to affect your objective of buying a new imported car. What if your objective is more intangible, such as become a more loving husband or wife. What then? Simple you need to observe different forces. These will be covered in later chapters.

So how do these forces affect where you want to go? A great deal that's how! As stated previously there are myriads of forces affecting every aspect of every action initiated. Initially I would suggest drafting up a flow chart of sorts with the primary source being your objective. Those squares emanating from your objective could be those forces, which you perceive will affect the outcome of your objective. This is an extremely simplistic view of how it really works, but it will give you an idea in the initial stages of what will affect your objective. In reality you will find that the forces exerting themselves upon you and your desired objective are very dynamic and are three dimensional in nature. In fact I would say that the forces are multi-dimensional. This will have a marked effect upon you and your objective.

You may even ask yourself, should I change direction? As stated earlier, if you find that what you wanted no longer appears important to you, then reassess your objective, but never waste the skills you have learnt in your previous direction. Use them to strengthen your new direction and objective. As I said earlier, you will probably dispense with your flowchart shortly after you create it, but it will give you the general idea of what it is all about.

What is the big picture? Well now that you are becoming more aware, you may become quite philosophical and start asking yourself about the meaning of life and everything. What is it that I really want out of life? The answer is, only you know the answer to that question, as every answer is different to every person. So now, what is the pattern of the total Autobalance within the All? You don't know. If that is the answer you need more work on your training and skills base. If you do have an answer, welcome to enlightenment. You are starting to understand what life is about.

You have probably now realized that there are many things which you cannot predict and truly you cannot work out why some forces have appeared out of apparently nowhere. How many times have you said, hey that's not fair, when something unexpected has affected your life? Remember I said earlier that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, but not always at the same place or at the same time. Well this is the Autobalancing effect within the All. The All needs to keep its equilibrium or balance. So you will now note that the overall shifting balance, which you cannot generally predict, will affect the ability for you to achieve your objective. Why even bother do I hear you say? Because we want to improve ourselves, our society and our world, is the answer.

Autobalance must always maintain its own balance. What about those forces which could come back on you? Do you remember that person you caused a problem to all those years ago? It may have been the person next door, or your mate or even a work colleague. What if you now find that person is your boss or is in a position of influence over you achieving your objective? Have you heard of revenge? Well here is the example of the forces balancing themselves at a different time and a different location. Things have a nasty way of evening themselves up. Ever heard of that saying? Yes, well it does happen. On a more global level, this very same thing happens on a country-to-country basis daily and is probably the main cause ultimately for wars. So if you cast your net wide enough, you might have even been able to predict that effect.

OK, so I have discussed revenge, but of positive forces such as love and friendship. Well they work in exactly the same way, but in a positive way. They add value or a positive instead of a negative. Positives grow, but negatives detract. Don't view positives and negatives in a black and white way though as they are really complex forces which severely affect our reality. Now take a time to ponder the forces associated with hate, luck, and probability. How do they affect the reality, which we live within? We know that they happen, but how do we measure them? This is a thought I will leave you pondering.

Now consider the Autobalancing forces, which will come into play when you are trying to achieve your objective. Now I hope you can see that it is probably much better if the only forces you have to account for are positive forces. If this is the case then the wings of positivity should lift you to a point where you will achieve what you want out of life. If there are negative forces out there of your making, I am sure they will come back on you and even the score. Maybe not now but one day they will.


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