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20101011 - Heathcote (VIC) Sighting - Reported 11/10/2010

Subject: Black Panther Sighting

G'day Paul,

As I was running on Sunday through a Heathcote fire trail, I caught a glimpse of what I suspect was a black panther. I do recall the "panther story" from the news a few years ago, however that did not cross my mind at the time and did not alter my perception of the animal. It was a huge jet black creature that moved stealthily and incredibly fast. As I was jogging along down-hill, a very loud rustling in the bush below a sheer drop of approx. 10 metres caught my attention. It was unlike any animal I had ever seen and was definitley a feline. I stood there in shock as it disappeared out of sight within seconds. I did not even contemplate taking a picture with my sub-standard mobile camera. I did not go after it for a number of reasons: a) the sheer drop down to the denser bush prevented safe access and b) I was quite fearful of an animal that large and cunning. I hope this provides further evidence of the unmistakeably real panther. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Regards, James

Author / Witness - James M..... Reported Monday 11/10/2010 - 8:13 pm

20100825 - Barraba (NSW) Sighting - June 2010 Reported 25/08/2010

Subject: I saw a big black "cat "

Hi there-I was just reading the reports on your BIG CATS page and thought I would tell you that I saw one which looked much like a Panther between Barraba and Bingara on the Upper Bingara road in June this year. It walked across the road about 100 metres ahead of us as we were slowly driving through towing a caravan.

Di-Port Macquarie

Author / Witness - Di L...... Reported Wednesday 25/08/2010 - 5:34 pm

20100828 - Anstey's Hill NP Tea Tree Gully (SA) Sighting - Saturday 28/08/201 Reported 30/08/2010

Subject: Panther Sighting South Australia

Hi Paul

On Saturday 28/8/10 we were driving past Anstey's Hill National Park near Tea Tree Gully SA and I saw a large black cat sitting in the scrub. This was the hugest cat I've ever seen outside of a zoo. It WAS a panther I am certain of it. I have always loved big cats and I am sure this was no feral or wild cat unless it has been on steroids! I am determined to find it. I usually take hikes up these tracks regularly, it is one of my favourite places in Adelaide but I refuse to take my border collie up now because this BIG cat would have her for breakfast. I am currently putting together a search party to go and look for it. If you have any advice for tracking and finding it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.

Author / Witness - Melissa C....... Reported Monday 30/08/2010 - 10:46 am

"Paul - Hi Melissa - All I can really say is if you decide to go looking for the Cat; Be very careful, these creatures can be very dangerous. I would look for prints around watering areas, such as dams etc."

20100831 - Chuwar (QLD) Sighting - Friday 06/08/2010 at 5:10 pm Reported 31/08/2010

Subject: Cat Sighting

Hi Paul,

Just came across your website. I moved to Chuwar (approx 7klms north of Ipswich in Qld) in May 2009. It is a semi rural area.

On August 6th, 2009 at approx 5.10pm as I stood on my back deck, I noticed an enormous black cat in the paddock next door. I was jet black and although I was taken aback, I watched it for several minutes before grabbing my phone and taking a couple of photos. I then went to get the video camera but the cat was gone by the time I returned. When I first saw it, it was approx 25-30 mtrs away from me and I had a great view of it as is slinked ( it had the slinkiest gait ) down the paddock towards some old animal shelters. I watched as it approached the shelters and then stopped and lay down in front of a 4 coarse high besser block type wall. I estimate the cat was approx 1.5 meters long excluding its equally long tail, and probably stood 700 to 800mm tall. Its movement was so graceful and slow. My presence did not appear to bother it at all. It turned back to give me a look and then continued slowly to the shelters. I have seen some big feral cats in my time but this was off the Richter scale. It was no feral cat. I have not seen it since.

When I checked the photo times just now, I had watched it for around 9 minutes. I saw a similar sighting at Karana Downs in 2006 from your web site.

Regards Andy

Author / Witness - Andy K... Reported Tuesday 31/08/2010 - 2:44 pm

20101004 - Barrington Tops (NSW) Sighting - Monday 04/10/2010 at 3:30 pm Reported 05/10/2010

Subject: Sighting

Hi Paul,

Today my husband dragged me on a 4wd adventure to the Barrington Tops. We were traveling down the Barrington trail towards Junction Pools, at around 3:30 pm when a large black cat we believe to be a panther raced from the edge of the road bounding threw the grass. After it was out of our sight we noticed a wallaby sitting just off the edge of the road, we think the cat must have been stalking it. The cat was black all over, with rounded ears and would have been about 50cm in height. We're still amazed at this sight, so when we got home we had to check out info to make sure of what we were seeing. It was good to see someone else also had a sighting in this vicinity.

Author / Witness - Michelle & Syd Reported Tuesday 05/10/2010 - 11:30 am

20101001 - Bolivia (NSW) Sighting - Thursday 30/09/2010 Reported 01/10/2010

Subject: Footprint More

Hi Paul,

I grew up in South Africa and have seen leopard tracks in the wild on several occasions before my recent move to Australia…. Yesterday on my travels in the Bolivia, N.S.W. region, I saw a big catlike footprint, and immediately thought "leopard or something similar, maybe a bit bigger". The print was in fine wet sand and perfectly formed. As I can remember- no claws showing, three toes in front pretty much in line, toes oval / ovoid in shape, plus larger one distinctly to the lower side and slightly longer oval, overall shape of print round to squarish. I then thought to myself "this is impossible" it must be a local animal, maybe a big kangaroo's front paw, maybe a wombat, or possibly stretching things a bit- a feral dog the size of a Saint Bernard with claws worn off. As I say I have only recently arrived in Australia and haven't the faintest idea of what wombat tracks or kangaroo paw prints look like but I do know what a leopard track looks like and thought to myself "how odd, I wonder what Australian animal makes a track like that. " I didn't bother to take a photo- just made a mental snapshot and note to check what Australian animal it could be. Well, imagine my surprise when I checked and there is no common animal that leaves a print anything like the one I saw yesterday. A dog print is more triangulated, and with the deep print should have shown claws- even if worn down. Despite my initial justifications of why it couldn't be a big cat- my first response of "hello, there is a leopard in the area" was probably on the right path. Thanks for setting up this web-site, I was one of those who scoffed at people who saw "imaginary" beasts. I know what track I saw and am now 100% convinced there is something out there. I would love to know what it was.


Hi Paul,

I have had a look further down in the website, and dare I say it… the Thylacene print looks more like the one I have in my mind. The middle/ second row of "toes" close together and one definitely down to the side. The only thing which throws me is I can't remember the "top" line of "toes". Damn, I wish I had taken a photo. Please don't put this message on the website, it is a all a bit too speculative but now I really, really, really want to know what made that track. Guess the next step is a tracking expedition….

Author / Witness - Richard W..... Reported Friday 01/10/2010 - 8:07 pm

20100807 - Pearson's Lookout (NSW) Sighting - December 2008 around 4:00 pm Reported 07/08/2010

Subject: Thylacoleo sighting

Hi Paul,

In December 2008, I was travelling south on the Castlereagh Hwy near Pearson's Lookout between the towns of Capertee and Ilford on the way back to Sydney after an overnight delivery trip through Orange, Dubbo and Mudgee in an 8 tonne rigid truck. No bonnet so I have unobscured vision. This is on the edge of the Capertee Valley and is about 900 - 1000 metres asl. The dropoff to the LHS (east) is steep to the valley. Late in the afternoon, say around 4.00 pm and about 200m south past the lookout, I noticed 2 X roadkill's on the southbound side just on the shoulder of the road.

Doing about 80km/h, I had a 5 or 6 second look at a small dead roo and something else. The markings on the torso of the other animal were dark brown / black and the main colour was tan. The markings made me look closer and the carcass was intact. The ears were rounded, the head was stout and like a lion cub and the front paws were huge in comparison to it's body size. The back paws and tail were obscured because of the position it landed in after being run over. (probably feeding on the small roo). My first thoughts were of a small lion, but the dark marking's threw me. It was a thick set animal about 500 - 600mm long. For the rest of the trip to Sydney (2.75 hrs) I couldn't stop wondering what this thing was, and having told the story to several people, I still couldn't come up with a logical explanation.

The story in today's Daily Telegraph regarding the Blue Mountains Panther made me check out for more info on the net regarding Australian big cat's / feral's, and my wife and I came across your page and pics of the Thylacoleo model at the Mt Isa Riversleigh Fossil Centre. This is what I believe to be the same animal, however it may have been juvenile due to it's proportions. If this was an Australian Marsupial Lion, believed to be extinct for how many years, how many similar species are out there that are belived to be mythical? The abundance of roos and wallabies in this area is phenomenal, so a foodsource for a carnivorous predator to thrive in the Capertee Valley is probably salubrious.

As I was driving on a log book, I couldn't stop as I would have ran over my driving hours, and didn't really consider the possible importance of the sighting. In hindsight, I wish I had turned around and stopped at the lookout and walked down to have a better look and at least taken photo's or thrown the carcass on the truck for an expert to identify.

Your feedback on this would be fantastic.

Kind Regards, P & J van H....

Author / Witness - Jennifer van H.... Reported Saturday 07/08/2010 - 4:16 pm

"Paul - Hi Jenny - All I can really say is that your report is consistant with other possible Thylacoleo sightings. Shame it was not more recent. I too had a similar sighting some years ago north of Gloucester on Thunderbolts Way near Baxters Ridge. Unfortunately at the time the weather conditions were too unsafe to stop with winds at 200 km."

20100704 - Stirling Ranges NP (WA) Sighting - Monday 17/05/2010 Reported 04/07/2010

Subject: Black Panther Sighting in Western Australia

Hi Paul

My name is Natasha and I live in south-west Western Australia. On May 17th of this year, me and my family were eating lunch at a place called 'Red Gum Spring' which is in the Stirling Ranges National Park. My little brothers had ran off onto a bush track up ahead and my mum sent me to go and find them. As I walked on the track i heard rustling in the bush to my right, as I turned to see what was making the noise I saw a large, black, cat-like creature run off into the bush. I saw it for maybe a second or two but i'm sure what I saw was a black panther. I'm estimating it was about 2 metres long, 80 cms high, with a metre long tail. I heard the sound of it running through the bush which sounded heavy but graceful. I have a cat a home and the sound of it running sounded like a louder, heavier version of my cat running through the house. I was frozen for a few seconds because I've been researching australian big cats since i was about 9 years old and I was afraid that this thing would come back and attack me. But I had to get going to find my brothers. I didn't tell them what I saw at first but they told me they heard a running sound through the bush, so I hadn't imagined this. On the way back we looked for it again but couldn't see it. What I did find though, was scratched off bark on a fallen tree and a weird looking footprint. I have pictures of this and the area where it was which I have attached. Yours sincerely,


Author / Witness - Natasha R...... Reported Sunday 04/07/2010 - 9:30 pm

20100615 - Stuart Mill (VIC) Sighting - Saturday 06/06/2010 at 11:00 pm Reported 15/06/2010

Subject: Puma Incident

Hi Paul,

On Saturday the 6th June 2010, a few mates and I were out camping just out of Stuart Mill Central Victoria. It was about 11pm, my mate and I went for a walk to get some firewood, we would have been about 300m from our campsite just next to a dry creek bed. From directly behind us about 50-70m away from us no more, we heard a very load roar/scream- unmistakeable for a puma or mountain lion, and a big one at that. The noise was extremely load and close and definitely directed at us. This animal wasn't shy, it wanted us to know it was there, but unfortunately even with torches couldn't see it. My mate and were pretty excited so we continued walking around the area, we didn't hear the cat again. When we got back to the camp site one of the other guys said he heard it, even over the music they were playing. Anyway the next day i got up and checked were we walked the previous day, you could tell something had walked over our tracks but there wasn't any defined prints. But on a steep embankment leading out of he creek I found these interesting claw marks, right where we got out the night before. I estimate they would be about 4-5 inches apart at the rear claw marks. What do you think? Anyway ive been out in the bush hundreds of times, and this couldn't have been anything else, 100% unmistakeable for a puma or mountain lion. I have friends and family in Huntly, Bendigo and Maryborough who have seen it before, but now I'm convinced.

Excellent website Paul, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the footprints? And if there has been other sightings in that area recently?

Many thanks Andrew

Author / Witness - Andrew Mc...... Reported Tuesday 15/06/2010 - 6:25 pm

"Paul - Stuart Mill is the same location where I have two of my incidents. One of then was also a very loud roaring!"

20100602 - Kenthurst Area (NSW) Sighting - Various Reported 02/06/2010

Subject: Four (4) Incidents With Panther

Hi Paul, thanks for giving us a place to vent

It really is very sad that it will probably take for a witnessed attack to happen before the Government will be forced into doing something about this...

I have had 4 incidents with old Mr Panther socks...

Incident 1… I am an equestrian, myself & my horse have been between properties in the last 12mths in the North West of NSW, Arcadia, Glenorie & Kenthurst.... but my first incident was in 2007 in Castle Hill (also in the Nth West) on a winter night around 3am, my ex-fiance & I were woken by an extremely frightening low pitched growling sound coming from outside... it sounded exactly like a "large cat family" growl like the growl they make when contemplating a kill & it was very loud. It was on our roof as we heard the thumping around as we heard it make a kill - sounded like it got a possum.

Incident 2… Years later, (July last year), I was on my trainers 5 acre property till late. It was foggy, cold & dark , I was alone on the property washing horse feed buckets & rugs. Around 6pm the dogs started occasionally barking at something, than over the next 2 hours ALL the animals had become VERY unsettled (dogs, goats & horses). I didn't become really aware of the fear in the air until I noticed the older wiser/experienced horses started circling & calling warning screams with eyes as big as saucers, (first & only time I'd ever seen horses display that behaviour). It was also strange because they had their feed in front of them, yet they were more interested in what was going on out rather than eating there feed which isn't normal behaviour for horses. It wasn't snakes as it was winter, it wasnt foxes as horses wouldn't carry on like that over a fox considering one deadly kick would get rid of a fox, no, what ever it was they felt threatened as this is the behaviour they were displaying. And no it was not windy either.

Soon all the neighbourhoods dogs were barking, all goats, lambs, sheep, cows & horses were all stirred & making a lot of noise over 2hrs, during which i heard a few sheep being killed, …. eventually i felt fear for my own self, i felt like i was being watched which baffled me, & realised that what ever it was out there may be stalking me.

I wasn't sure if I believed in ghosts but even that thought crossed my mind. I had to walk a few minutes distance in the pitch black dark to get to my car, I was terrified & trembling, & was grateful the dogs were around me. I got the hell out of there. Than, the next day we found a huge gush/rip on one of the smaller ponies quarters/thigh ... she had tried to escape 'something' & had jumped the paddock fence...i guess i had a close call myself :(

Incident 3… Than, 2 weeks later I had the sighting. It was on a property where we had more horses, located in Glenorie (only a few streets away from the other property I had been on.) That night I was driving on that street after midnight, on my way home from a night drive with my housemate, and for some reason I just felt like turning onto the driveway to flash my carlights on to the horses to see they were okay. Thats when i saw it. It was passing behind trees... couldnt see tail or head, just a big tall black shiny slinky feline creature, 1m high. There was a pony in that paddock, and the pony was heavily rugged so assuming this is what deterred the Panther.

The next day I went there and found huge paw prints around 12-16cm in diameter, I took photos & have attached one to this report. They were definately huge cat prints, it definitely was NOT a hoof, & it was at this point I realised what I had heard in Castle Hill years ago, & what had stalked me that night in Arcadia 2 weeks before :(

Incident 4 … Than in Kenthurst around 6weeks ago at around 2am ALL the animals on Kenthurst Rd were going OFF as they did that night in Arcadia... it lasted around 1hr during which I heard a kill ON MY COTTAGE ROOF. I heard something big/heavy jump on my roof which rattled my whole cottage, than i heard it make a kill, bit of a struggle & than the sound of something very heavy leaping into the tree & brunches. Than within around 15mins the dogs had stopped barking & it all became quiet again.

Im tired of telling my story & being mocked by many people but I cant blame them. If you haven't experienced it yourself it can sound very far fetched. But I have been reading the secret government file which was forcefully released by Freedom of Information Act and it pretty much proves they are out there… no one can be bothered reading it from my family so pretty sick of hitting my head in the wall, Ive given up. Believe me, don't believe me, I and the animals know whats out there & anyone else who has seen it to believe it I guess.

Samantha Y.....

Author / Witness - Samantha Y..... Reported Wednesday 02/06/2010 - 7:30 pm

20100516 - Hornsby Heights (NSW) Sighting - Various Reported 16/05/2010

Subject: Panther sighting

Hi Paul Thank you for your site,

You make me feel kind of normal for today at around 3 I had a sighting.

I live in Hornsby Heights. Sydneys northern area well I had lived in a Valley Road in Hornsby for all my life its backs onto a bushland area well I went there with my black lab Harvey, partner Nigel and 3 yr old daughter Daniella. Feeding the ducks at the creek we wanted to go for a walk on the bush trails. Walking up this hill my daugher took Harveys lead and he turned back to us for no reson well I grabbed his lead and looked up the hill and there was this giant tail moving through the waist height fern ground covering. I nudged Nigel "whats that ?' i said next thing it lunged off this 2 storey rock ledge Nigel being adventerous wanted to follow it, I stayed in one spot with my dog and daughter Harvey was crying and hugging up against me as with Daniella. Nigel threw some rocks towards its direction.. I felt it watching us Nigel saw it running after us it was twice the height of our fully grown lab, twice the lenght, and its head was maybe 3 times the size completely black. Nigel yelled "run its coming" We ran as fast as we could once down the bottom amost at the clearing of the bush we turned and it was crounching down watching us. We dont know why it didnt attack us ..

I hope I never see this panther thing ever again its completely freaked me out.

So thank you Emma, Hornsby Heights

Author / Witness - Emma C......... Reported Sunday 16/05/2010 - 9:30 pm

20100210 - Warburton (VIC) Sighting - Friday 28/08/2009 at 9:00 am Reported 10/02/2010

Subject: Thylacoleo?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for giving us "MAD" people a place to vent our encounters.

I live in Wesburn 8km's from Warburton and we have had a few sightings of our mysterious large cat lately. I had mine last year on the 28/08/09 at around 9.00am. I went for a walk up the tip road which runs straight up the hill and then winds it's way around to Warburton, I left the road at the end of the straight and headed up a track that used to be used by dirt bikes, the track had been dig up by an excavator to prevent them from using it. The hill is very steep so I was watching my footing (and for snakes) and in my own little world when I heard what I can only explain as a gasping hiss. adrenalin shot down my spine as my head shot up with enough time to see a rather large hind quarters of a cat like animal shoot into dense brush about 10-15 metres away. It took me a moment to registers what I saw. All sightings I had heard over the years had been of a puma type cat with a slender tail, this was smaller, about kelpie size but very powerful hind quarters, very muscly, not a nice rounded rump like a Wallaby.

It's tail was about a mans arms length long and thick and sort of bristly, unfortunately I didn't see it's head. I was waiting to hear the sound of it bounding through the scrub but there was no bounding, just the sound of it crashing through the brush. I think we startled each other. I stayed up there for about an hour but saw no heard anything else until on my way I found prints in the upturned excavation work, they were very clear to the eye but the camera did a shit-house job of bringing up the definition.

The photo's I've attached are the best of the bunch, It shows the "toes" well but the rock prevented the pad print. I also had taken one of the stride distance which was by memory about a metre, unfortunately that was one of the images that is undefinable. I didn't see the animal make the prints but is a rather odd coincidence having fresh prints so close to my sighting. It wasn't untill I read Dawn Griffiths 12/09/03 entry and Mr Gary OPITS 02/08/04 illistration on your web sight together with my prints that made me think it wasn't just a bloody feral I saw that day. Coincidently Dawn's sighting in Marysville is not that far from here.

As you know Marysville was wiped out in the Black Saturday fires, although I Don't know her it would be nice to know if she is ok!

Thanks again for your site, stay cool Cam

Author / Witness - Cam M..... Reported Wednesday 10/02/2010 - 1:04 pm

"Thanks Cam - This is a very exciting report and sighting. Thank you very much for sending it in. - Paul"

20100201 - Mt. Gambier (SA) Sighting - Thursday 07/01/2010 at 6:15 pm Reported 01/02/2010

Subject: big cat sighting near Mt Gambier

07/01/2010 LATE AFTERNOON APPROX 6.15 PM .

My Dad and I were traveling from Nelson to Mt.Gambier on the Nelson/Punt Rd. We were on Holidays so we were trying to see as much as possible of an area which we had never seen before. We noticed a sign saying " Hell's Hole Native Reserve" to the right so we decided to investigate.

As we got about 4.5km into the forest on this dirt road my Dad noticed a emu on the right side of the road but exactly at the same time I looked to the left just in time to see a Huge Jet Black Cat which obviously was startled by our presence and tailed back straight into the Pine forest.

Description of what I saw from about 7 meters away:

Jet Black.

About 3 feet high from top of it's head to it paws - Definitely feline.

Yellow eyes.

Big Head .

Extremely angular and muscular.

And exceptionally fast (as my Dad wasn't able to see it straight after I yelled out).

THIS WAS NO FERAL CAT! Coming from Healesville I know what a feral cat looks like.

Only minutes later we turned around and headed back to the spot where I had seen it. We watched the emu run back into the forest on the same side where the Creature disappeared.

We both heard a blood curdling sound of an animal emanating from the forest and we were both too shaken to go into the forest to check things out.

It was only the next day that we went back to the spot I had seen the creature and take photos. Unfortunately we couldn't find any evidence. This forest was extremely thick and the pine needles had created a thick blanket throughout therefore finding prints would almost be impossible.

This experience I will never forget as long as I live!

Jalon B........... Healesville Victoria

Author / Witness - Jalon B........... Reported Monday 01/02/2010 - 8:53 pm

20100123 - Mallacoota (VIC) Sighting - XXXXday summer 1996 Time not disclosed Reported 23/01/2010

Subject: Sighting..

It was the summer of 96 and we went on a holiday to mallacoota on the south east coast of vic close to the NSW border.. We had gone to a lake their called gipsy point to catch Bream, i needed to pee so the only place that catered for me was in the bush, so i left my rods with my sisters and went for a 5 min walk in the bush, i came across a farm with kangeroos so being from the north west suburbs of melbourne i was with kangeroos so being from the north west suburbs of melbourne i was fascinated cause we dunt get to see kangeroos except wen we go to the zoo, out of no where this massive Black Cat no joke about a meter tall and about a meter and half long with a long tail stood in the attack position about 10 mts away from me, growling at me, so i just stood there cause if i moved it would have mouled me, i stayed watching it for about 4 min then it ran into the bush, i almost cried from fear and i tried explaing wat i saw and every1 mocked me until i saw the reports on today tonight and current affair....


Author / Witness - Nazeeh H.... Reported Saturday 23/01/2010 - 5:05 pm

"Thanks Nazeeh - This one is really creepy, and creeps me right out. Nazeeh I think you were a very lucky man that this creature decided not to attack and to finally run off. - Paul"

20100122 - Linville (QLD) Sighting - Sometime in 1979 time not disclosed Reported 22/01/2010

Subject: Black Cats

Just found your site and thought i would tell you what i have seen, the year was about 1979, as i had not had my drivers license long and was doing a lot of exploring.

I was with a mate and we were driving along the Linville - Mt Stanley road in the upper brisbane valley QLD. As we rounded a bend we saw a huge black cat crossing the road, it would have been about the size of a large German Sheperd dog.

After crossing in front of us it raced up an emankment next to us and we got a real good look at it, we both decided it was just like a black Panther. It's good to finally tell someone else other than family and friends after all these years.

Author / Witness - Peter W..... Reported Friday 22/01/2010 - 4:56 pm

20100119 - Buchan (VIC) Sighting - Sunday 03/01/2010 at 2:43 pm Reported 19/01/2010

Subject: Black Panther Sighting

The encounter only lasted a few seconds 4 - 6 seconds. Hot sunny day. Excellent light. A huge black cat seen lioness/panther sized.

Just thought you want to know my 15 year old daughter and I encountered a huge sized cat-like creature stalking along the side of the road, which was located about 3 metres off the road-side, out along the dry barren verge where it meets the perimeter of thick bushland. Aplogies if I repeat myself...

As it moved it towards us we both noticed that it seemed to be all massive muscular forearms and huge articulating fore-shoulders; we couldn't quite recognize what this animal was in front of us. It walked in a weird with its head down no higher than its outline of its back. I could see it had had a long black tail which ended with a rounded clump like a lion.

I was driving with my family from Orbost to Buchan, using the back road (not the main Nowra-Nowra road) and we rounded a particular corner and saw what could best be described as a black panther? I slowed down as I continued to drive towards it, breaking our oncoming car. When it saw us approaching in our car it immediately changed direction 90 degrees and took a number of steps disappearing into the bush. But as it changed direction, we then got a better indication of its size from the side-on profile, and it was huge! The body was at least 4 feet to five or more long nose to base of tail. The body of the cat was easily hip high to a man, (making it the height of a very large dog, but its length was too large for a dog, its physique was not like a dog, and its body was much larger than any dog, with it extending to a much mower girth or undercarriage which it moved easily over the ground - and so it looked nothing like a dog, but like a black lioness or panther.

The tail was about the same length as its body! And the shape and movement of the tail was like nothing I have seen before? When it went into the cover of the bush it tail was held out parallel to the ground flat and long, in the same plane as its back and head. Then it moved its tail in a long arcing curve, and finished with a weird bobbing flick if its tail.

with a weird bobbing flick if its tail. Because we had really good sunlight the shine off its coat could be > seen as it moved. This was not fur as you would expect from a feral or domestic cat.

This was a coat was long black and had a noticeable gloss or shine, but it also had some outer coarser bristle hair on its hind legs, that were less black, much more dark brown.

The cat may or may not be a black panther? But it was no feral cat. It had no fur like feral cats, or for that matter kangaroos or wallabies. The height if its form along its spine size really stunned me was its height on all fours was about hip high on a man.

A panther is a pretty good description - except the head was not box-like, which I would think big-cats would have? I could be wrong, as the big cats I've seen in zoos and TV are rather box-like heads. This cat had a more triangular head and ears that adjusted to face forwards like small triangles, a bit like a fox's ears?

I got out of the car to try and get a photo but it was hidden in the thick scrub and was not making any noises. No luck there, and I was not too keen to join it in the thick scrub. It has certainly left us wondering what it was exactly?

But there is something out there that is very timid and quiet that is huge.

Friends from Orbost told me that the Buchan cat was known to them, and it is one of two cats that reside down that way. The other cat has territory at Conran beach.

Author / Witness - Bruce C...... Reported Tuesday 19/01/2010 - 9:40 pm

20091128 - Ballarat (VIC) Sighting - Wednesday 08/10/2008 at 1:00 am Reported 28/11/2009

Subject: Big Black Panther

On the 8 / 10 / 2008, A Big Black Panther came into camp while Toby and myself were asleep and left a foot pad on my piss spot that I had done at about 1 A.M. in the morning.

To pass so close to the Annex Door at 2 ½ Meters Then to pass under where I slept and then to have the Ordasaty to spray on my toilet tent from about a Meter away I know as you could see a slight line of after spray on the ground.

It started Wednesday morning at same time as above had a leak pointed the spot light around and something large took off down the bottom of the gully and jumped in the river with a great splash. Now it didn't hope off like a kangaroo it sort of scurried through bushes hit the water swam to the other side and crashed through the reeds. Didn't think much of it, took my leak then went back to bed.

Thursday night just on dusk was boiling my bucket of water to take a tub, then this almighty growl from the bottom of the gully at me and Toby my little foxy, Toby who isn't afraid of fox's wild cat's or anything that move's, had all the fur up and slowly made his way over to me with a very quite grumbling BUT no barking he the hero of the camp stayed with me for the rest of the trip, more or less a part of my boot.

Print size is larger than my German Shot Haired Pointer who is to old to take camping any more, so was not on this trip. It looks to me to be a back foot print not that I am an expert but have done a lot of hunting in my time. It is not one hundred percent clear as small stick's and leaf's on the ground, wouldn't have seen it if it hadn't leaked on my leak.

Back to size about 110 to 120 mm long and about ninety to 100mm wide. Have smoke packet and lighter to gage by.

Looked on the internet for growl sound's and here it is Below.

Back to the rest of story, on Friday night Scott my son and his mate Wayneo arrived no show of Panther. They left Saturday afternoon, then early hour's of Sunday morning I swear I heard Kitten mewing and being carted up the gully and about 5 to 10 min's latter the mewing and being carted up the gully again so I'm guessing she had 2 Kittens. I swear as GOD as my Witness all of this took place.

The area is between Meredith and Ballarat. Victoria.

Signed. Brian G.......

Author / Witness - Brian G...... Reported Saturday 28/11/2009 - 10:34 pm

20091127 - Healesville (VIC) Sighting - Friday 27/11/2009 at 11:20 pm Reported 28/11/2009

Subject: Big Cat Sighting

Hey Paul,

I was heading home to Healesville last night from my sister's place in Don Valley (between Healesville and Launching Place in the Yarra Valley, VIC) at about 11.20pm.

My mum was driving and we were heading along the Dalry road when all of a sudden something caught my eye on the right hand side of the road. Mum had her driving lights (fog lights), so the side of the road was lit up really well, and all I could say was "oh MY GOD!!"

I swear this thing I saw was a giant cat. And when I say giant cat, I mean something I should have been looking at in a zoo.

I said to mum "Did you see that?! It was a puma! Or some kind of mountain lion!" ( I'm shaking my head as I write this, because I can't quite believe it myself, but I know what I saw!)

It had obviously just trotted across the road, but was on the nature strip in the grass by the time I got a good look at it, but I did see how it was walking, and it looked just like how my domestic cat 'trots' along. It was tan in colour, just like a puma, or even like a lions' colour. I saw it from behind, and it was standing in the grass, which would of been possibly 2ft tall on the side of the road, and this thing was another good foot above that.

It's tail is what made me click though. It was just like a long rope that went right down the the ground, just like I have seen in photos of these cats. Its fur was short and dense. Its body was long and the back of its head was like looking at a cats head, ears and all. It was HUGE!

By the time I processed this in my head, it was probably too late to turn around and go back, and all a bit scary too as it was a very dark road and late at night.

I'll hopefully be able to pop back out there today and look for some footprints as we got a fair bit of rain over the last few days.

I have lived in the Yarra Valley my whole life, and even as a kid remember hearing tales of big black cat sightings around the hills of Yarra Glen, especially in the 80's.

I found your website through Google and am really pleased I could tell you about this.

Cheers Becky

Author / Witness - Rebecca N..... Reported Saturday 28/11/2009 - 8:52 am

20091125 - St George (QLD) Sighting - Mid September 2009 at not disclosed Reported 25/11/2009

Subject: Cat sighted near St. George

I came across this internet site so I thought I'd tell you about my sighting. It was mid September and we were about 30 mins out of St. George, Qld when I spotted a very large cat slipping into thescrub on the left hand side. It was a light brown bronze type colour, easily 1 - 1.2 M long and would nearly have been 50 cm high. It was the largest cat I've ever seen, very solid looking and beefy. This area is very dry and sparse, so their tough enough to survive out there. Just thought I'd let you know of this sighting, and that there is cats in this area.


Author / Witness - Josh N...... Reported Wednesday 25/11/2009 - 6:24 pm

20091107 - Marysville (VIC) Sighting - Saturday 07/11/200 at 5:30 pm Reported 07/11/2009

Subject: Big Cat Sighting near Marysville

(Note from the Editor Paul - I do apology, but this report was forwarded to me and promptly vanished into the ether. I am including this report from memory due to its significance. SO, SHOULD THE PERSON REPORTING THIS SIGHTING READ THIS; COULD YOU PLEASE RESEND THE REPORT TO ME. - Thank You - Sorry for any inconvenience)

On Saturday evening around 9:10 pm I received a Big Cat Sighting form a lady who was driving to Marysville. I believe that the time was around 5:30 pm. As she drove onthe road, she saw a large cat crossing the road. The large cat was much to large to be a feral cat as it was nearly 3 foot high from the ground to the top of its back. By the time she had reached wher the cat had been it had canished off to the side of the road.

Author / Witness - Female Unknown Reported Saturday 07/11/2009 - 09:10 pm

(The signifiicance of this report indicates that at at least one Big Cat survived the horrific bushfires of Victoria during this year. The town of Marysville was all but destroyed on those fires as was much of the surrounding bush.- Paul)


20091103 - Ware Shoals (Sout Carolina USA) Sighting - Saturday 31/10/2009 at am Reported 03/11/2009

Subject: Large Cat Print in Ware Shoals SC (USA)

I was out hunting Saturday 10/31/09 morning for awhile and most of the time there is a lot of activity, I've been watching the deer for the last couple of weeks and this was the first day I had decided to take one instead waiting on the buck, but there was nothing out this morning after about 2 hrs in the stand I figured I'd walk around to see if I could jump something up since I know no one else is on my property hunting, still nothing so I started back to the house I ran across the tracks about 500 feet from the house and my chicken pins none of my animals have been bothered so I think it may be looking for larger pray. Please let me know what you think I'm going to get a casting of it tonight it was still to wet yesterday to get that but I checked and there are no new tracks as of Sunday.

Author / Witness - David D..... Reported Tuesday 03/11/2009 - 4:51 pm

20090821 - Gipsland (VIC) Sighting - 1960's Reported 21/08/2009

Subject: Black Panther

Hello Paul.

Just found your site while browsing, I had a farm in south Gippsland from early 50's till 86, one afternoon while driving around my boundary fence up the back where it adjoins the West Albert state forest [ the back of my farm at this time was bush ] I saw what I considered was a black panther, body as big as an alsation dog with a long tail turned up at the end, I was driving fairly slow but observed it for about 5-6 seconds as it bounded across the bush track from my farm into the state forest. made a few phone calls but nobody knew anything about what it could be, the channel 7 tv came to interview me the next day I think it was, this was back in the 60's I don't know the exact year as it is a long time ago I was in my thirties & I am now 80, but I can still remember the sighting clearly.

regards Richard B......

Author / Witness - Richard B....... Reported Friday 21/08/2009 - 1:59 pm

20090818 - Wangaratta & Mildura (VIC) Sighting - 01/10/1989 & 1995 Reported 18/08/2009

Subject: No Subject

Hello: Ifound your site by accident.

I'm dial up and the Eyewitness part just won't happen- but here are my offerings anyway:

1. Oct 89, large all black cat walked across the gravel road that wiggles across the top of the Warby Ranges (mountain) between Wangaratta Vic., heading towards Shepparton, via Thoona. Seen about 2 car lengths in front of me, whilst driving towards setting sun. I was able to see v clearly , estimated length nose to where tail attatches was about 4 foot to 4 foot six inch. Maybe a shade more. Walking, "slinking" confidently as a cat does.

Nothing like the "large ferral cats" I saw regularly just West of Mildura when bunny shooting. It took no notice of my Holden panel van at all. There was no danger of hitting it due my low speed. Another thing was the small round head just like on the lgo/ badge / motto of one of the old 1st Australian Armoured Regiment's units which I had known from when we had Centurion Tanks before getting the German Leopards in 1977: (No cat pun intended). The badge I thought was a black panther, but I don't know my cats v well I'm afraid.I kept this to myself. M.....s W...., then Lt RA Engineers on course at Beersheeba Barracks, Wang. Regards,

Happy to report it.

2. I bought a property in very windswept lonely granite hills country at a locality called P........ E.., xx km East / North East of Kyneton Vic in 1995.The thick forest of the Cobaw Ridge was at the South boundary of the 1 km long block. I never got to live there but I thought I saw large animal prints a couple of times. A friend who camped there had something make them leave that they never told me (v sudden departure), and an elderly lady, bush bred, who bought it off me sold it just a year after falling in love with place. She did say to me once that she was "terrified to go up the back". Her urgency to vacate and sell puzzled me.

Sometime since I heard something about large cats and WW@ American Marines around Lancefield, which lies about 10 km across country to the South East of my old place. Which by the way seems to be offered for sale about every one or two years. I have often wondered why.

I should be very interested to know of anything related to my 2 humble offrerings.

Regards Marcus

Author / Witness - Marcus W Reported Tuesday 18/08/2009 - 7:47 pm

20090717 - Armidale (NSW) Sighting - Early 1990 Reported 17/07/2009

Subject: Black Panther

We had only been in Armidale two weeks (early 1990) when we decided to drive out to the Wollombi Falls (where three men subsequently were thrown to their deaths). We had a look at the general area and then decided to drive in our Landcruiser out to a narrowneck area south of the Falls. We eventually came to a property at the end of the road. We turned back. We had only driven back about half a kilometre (My wife was driving, and very slowly on the dirt surface) and we both saw on the right hand side a jet black (purple black, very shiny) animal about the size of a small calf. We had stopped the car and were able to just sit in amazement for about 20 seconds and it walked at a fast pace over the edge of the road and down a very steep valley (about 1000ft. deep).

It was not a native cat - I (Ted) have seen numerous native cats in the forests to the east of Nundle which is very dense country.

This was definitely a young panther - just like you see at Taronga Park Zoo.

Of course nobody in Armidale believed us, not even the parks and wildlife people my wife rang.

We gathered it was a no-no subject that no one wanted to think about.

My wife (Margaret) wrote to her mother in Sydney following the sighting only to receive a reply that a film crew were in the ranges north of Tamworth to try and film a panther.

Margaret then rang the police in Tamworth. She was informed that a zoo had been closed. It appeared that the owner could not find a new home for many of his animals and it seems he had to put many of them down. There were panthers in that zoo.

As I say our colleagues at the University of New England in Armidale thought we were nuts.

We have often wondered what happened to "our panther". One thing we do know is that he has parents out there.

Thank you

Author / Witness - Ted D....... Reported Friday 17/07/2009 - 10:17 pm

20090311 - Sedgwick (VIC) Sighting - 1994 at 4:30 pm Reported 10/03/2009

Subject: 1994 Panther??? Encounter

G'day Paul,

Stumbled upon your site - compelling reading, well done!

I too have a story that has somewhat haunted me for the past 15 years, a story that I don't often tell for fear of disbelief, ridicule and moronic comments such as 'what was I on at the time' yadda yadda yadda - here at least is an opportunity for my experience to recorded...

I'm pretty sure it was 1994 (possibly early '95?), I was driving on the Sedgwick/North Harcourt Road heading toward Melbourne at approximately 4.30 pm on a Friday afternoon. About mid-way between Sedgwick and Nth Harcourt I noticed what I thought was a large dog sitting beside the road ahead, I slowed speed so as to avoid hitting it should it become startled and move out in front of the car. I drove past it at a speed of approximately 50 kms ph and at a distance of around 4-5 metres.

As it was sitting on the right hand side of the road it was in full view from the drivers' side window - plain as day!! I still believed that it was a dog until such time as I clearly 'eyeballed' it as I passed by. I had complete uninterupted eye contact with the animal for what would only have been a couple of seconds but the eyes that I was looking into were absolutely and unmistakably feline.

I will never forget those eyes, yellowish/green and striking against the pure black of the animals head colouring. As the animal was sitting it is difficult to describe any other characteristics of the animal other than in its sitting position is would have measured around 1metre tall.

I immediately did a u-turn hoping for another encounter but in the very few seconds it took me to stop and turn the car around it had completely vanished (from sight anyway, I wasn't quite brave enough to get out of the car and and have a better look).

There really is very little doubt in my mind that what I saw that afternoon was a black panther.

Thanks for listening and hopefully my sighting may help substantiate other similar encounters in that area, very best regards, Lee

Author / Witness - Lee W Reported Tuesday 10/03/2009 - 10:24 pm

20090310 - Maldon (VIC) Sighting - Tuesday 17/02/2009 at 12:10 am Reported 10/03/2009

Subject: Big Cat Sighting At Maldon

On February 17, 2009, at just after midnight, we were travelling in the car, just entering the outskirts of Maldon. Right in front of us, a huge black cat crossed the road, about five metres from the car. Its body was about a meter long, it was about half a metre high, and its tail was almost a metre long again. It was walking calmly, and turned to look at us casually as it crossed in front of us, and then just strode into the bush. We freaked! It was far too big and heavy to be a common cat. We're convinced it was a panther or a puma. Felicity N.

Author / Witness - Felisity N Reported Tuesday 10/03/2009 - 2:34 pm

20090204 - Apollo Bay (VIC) Sighting - Saturday 31/01/2009 around 5:00 pm - Reported 04/02/2009


Hi Paul

I have been trying to find out where to report a sighting of a big cat and was told that on this website would be best!

On the 31 Jan 09 we were travelling down Turtons track towards Apollo Bay and on the side of the road I spotted what only could be described as a Panther, it was about the size of a medium sized dog, black in colour and had a long tail. It must have been about 5pm roughly and we were about 15 feet away!

As we approached in our car it then jumped into the bushes, thus I didnt manage to get a picture and I certainly wasnt going to get out of my car and look for it. My family in the car didnt really beleive me, although my husband says he saw a quick glimpse of something!

They now believe me as they have read about the other sightings in that area!


Author / Witness - Justine D....... Reported Wednesday 04/02/2009 - 9:25 am

20090115 - Bauhinia Downs (QLD) Sighting - 1999 around 7:30 pm - Reported 15/01/2009

Subject: Big cat sighting 1999

Hi Paul,

In 1999 when travelling from Orange (NSW) to Dysart (QLD) approx 5 to 10 kms past the Bauhinia Downs Service Station at around 7:30pm myself and 2 other friends saw what appeared to be a black puma on the right hand side of the road standing beside a guide post. It had a very shiny coat and stood as tall as the guide post with its body positioned in the same direction as we were heading and its head turned to the left looking back into our lights.

Upon arriving at our destination we spoke of what we had seen to family members some laughed but all stopped when another relative spoke up and said he had heard of sightings of so called black mountain cats around the area supposedly escaped from a circus some time ago. Was told to report sighting but never gave it another thought until watching news of similar sightings arround the Gympie area just recently.

Jason P...

Author / Witness - Jason P... Reported Thursday 15/01/2009 - 12:22 am

20090114 - Ballarat (VIC) Sighting - January 2009 - Reported 14/01/2009

Subject: Big Cat

I was driving back from ballarat, i was about 7km north when i saw a small dead kangaroo or wallaby. I came to a stop to see the animal. It looked as if something BIG!! had killed it, as its whole gut had been eaten. But then on the corner of my eye on the other side of the road, I saw a huge black cat! it looked about 1m long not incluing tail. It was walking from the forest and came to the side of the road and stopped, it licked its lips with blood all around them. Then i beeped my horn and it pelted into the forest.

Then i took off home.

Author / Witness - Dion P....... Reported Wednesday 14/01/2009 - 7:24 pm

20090113 - Bauple Mountain (QLD) Sighting - 40 Years Ago - Reported 13/01/2009

Subject: Big cat sighting on Bauple Mountain in Queensland

I was brought up on a dairy farm that backed on to Bauple Mountain. One morning about 40 years ago, I went for a walk up the mountain with two cattle dogs. The place I was heading for had a granite cliff about 20 feet high with scrub and a fig tree on top. As I got near this place the dogs picked up a sent and got quite excited running back and forward. All of a sudden a big cat fell out of the top of a group of saplings right in front of me.It landed quite hard on the leaf litter under the trees. The dogs were near the trees and they yelped and ran away. The cat was silver grey with stripes, similar to a grey tabby cat. The only thing was that it was bigger than my cattle dogs, about the size of an Alsatian, with a long tail. In a very cat like fashion the hair on its back and its tail were bristled out and it hissed. As I was only about ten years old at thetime I bolted home with my dogs, while the cat headed in the direction of the granite cliff.

I told my father about the cat and he showed me stories in the sporting shooter magazine that were similar and that's as far as it went.

Just lately I've been thinking we should have made a bigger effort to locate it. It must have had a family in the mountain further up. Any dingo baiting in the area could have killed any of them without us knowing that they were there. Nobody ever went up near the boundary fence or higher because the lantana was too thick.

On doing a study on the internet I found in a section called Anamalous Felids that a man called Percy Scougall, whose farm also backed onto Bauple Mountain had found a similar animal on a dead calf in 1930. I was so happy to read this because it means there was a breeding family of big cats in the area. There is no way that this cat is an ordinary feral cat. It was way too big. There is a chance that the cats still live there in the forest because nobody ever goes there. There aren't tracks through the scrub except for the very top of the mountain and for the whole time that I lived there the Sunday school went there twice. I don't know anybody else who ever did. It's a protected National Park.

By Diana P....

Author / Witness - Diana P.... Reported Tuesday 13/01/2009 - 12:56 am

20090108 - Apollo Bay (VIC) Sighting - Thursday 08/x01/2009 at am Reported 09/01/2009

Subject: BIG cat sighting, Apollo Bay, Victoria

Hi Paul,

A friend and I were running along Busty Road (near Wild Dog Road) near apollo bay yesterday morning (8/1/09) when we both spotted a large cat disappearing into the bushes. We did NOT see the face of the cat, but did see its back and its tail and could tell it was a feline by the way it moved.

It was significantly larger than a domestic cat. It was black / very dark brown in colour with a long tail. At that moment in time, we both thought it was a panther/puma. We think we broke our personal best times running back down the hill to the car...!!

Kind regards, Joanne.

Author / Witness - Joanne ....... Reported Friday 09/01/2009 - 8:41 pm

20090106 - Belair (SA) Sighting - 13/10/2008 at 10 pm - Reported 06/01/2009

Subject: Sighting in Adelaide near Belair

Dear Paul

Not to long ago I had an expieriance I do not forget. A big cat visit me at home in the outer suburb just 350m of Belair National Park main gate. later ,way later I taked to a friend how lives at Belair caravan park that had heard of it rowing and it have araazed 95% of possums population at the caravan park. The National park was poitioning just before chistmas for fox like animals,do they now? At home I have 5of 8 Bush tails missing and some ringtails. Sins them I'am on the look out please find my story attached to this mail.

Regards Martin


13-14.10.2008 10pm a Panther in Adelaide

It started all a bit strange behavier . As I'm a smoker and go outside for my cigarette at night a lot of times. I follow the wildlife serounding the house as I stand on the front veranda of our house. We like to feed our wildlife like birds, possums and ducks. We allso have a dog that likes to go out and bark to the possums at night. Our house is in hilly position overlocking neighouring houses with an wildlife corridor at he back of our garden between the next houses.

It started at Monday 13" Oktober 08 At this Day my dog was behaviang strange, she will not go outside, scared of sounds . My wife ask me can she be sick she behaving strange all day and spend the day under the bed. That evening I went out for 4WD Club night. I came back at 10pm this night and find my wife and two kid's scared. The neighaurs Alarm went on after it a loud noise. Later that night as we are in bed I heard a loud rattel on the roof, I thourght the possums are running on the roof. Next Day at 14 0ktober in the morning I went out the back to find my back verandas roof with large dents in it on the light roof shieds, it mast have been a very large possum to dent the roof so deep. It was a quick fix with a broom stick. I thought not in the world about a cat or panther in my area. I know we have Foxes and a lot of dog's in our street.

That night I was again out for a smoke on the front veranda it was 9pm unuseally quiet. I saw some possums very anxious looking out and around, normally they do not care and take the food we put out but they did not touch it. If it is a Fox around they normally bark at it, until it's going off. At 10pm I came outside and saw at the neighours house two yellow eyes watching me, it was no reflection as I move up and down on the verada the eyes are following me " I was watched" and went for a short time inside and out again to see if the eyes are gone. They are gone allright and in this minute it started to make a serious loud ratteling noise up the road. A black big thing, like cat shot down the road, stopped at the front of our drive-way, 8 metres away down wards and looked at me.

It stood strate under the street light, staring at me. It was no dog or animal I saw here before. A Panther it shocked me. Jet black , lenght 1.0m, medium hight, with short front and longer hind legs and a very long tail about max.25 kgs. It stood there and looked at me for about 2 minutes we both froze. I remember my hands swetting and how I tried to hold my breath.Then all the suddon it turned around and went to the neighours carpark down hill though the safety light from the neighours their I saw it again for 3 secounds as it disapered into the night. After 2-5 second later I screemd loud out behind it. Jast to make shure it gone.

Back inside I set down on the sofa, their I started to shake up a bit and felt very cold and hot from the shock. I told my wife only 10 minutes later about what I saw, but she think's it was a dog. I'm shure it was a Big Cat .

Author / Witness - Martin ......... Reported Tuesday 06/01/2009 - 12:24 pm

20090102 - Marysville (VIC) Sighting - December 2008 at Reported 02/01/2009

Subject: Footprint


My name is Mark and I came across this print on a bush walk with a friend a couple of weeks ago. I told some mates and they just laughed at me. I have looked at your site a few times now and enjoy it a lot. Nearly forgot, the print was just outside of a little place in Victoria called Marysville. I have seen a few dingoes around here as well but the print is too big for one of them.

Hope you can shed some light, yours, Mark.

Author / Witness - Mark H....... Reported Friday 02/01/2009 - 10:47 pm

20091228 - Portland (VIC) Sighting - Sunday 28/12/2008 at Night Reported 31/12/2008

Subject: Portland Sighting

Good Evening,

I thought we were a bit mad and nobody would believe this but then on ACA 2 nights ago I saw an article. What a coincidence! We are from Sydney but are currently on a road trip for the holidays. We were in Portland (Sunday i think) and visited the Enchanted Forest there and did the walk through it. About half way across we heard a lot of commotion in the trees and something moving quite quickly. Of course me being a noisy parker had to investigate! It seemed to be something quite large and black in colour. I rang the Portland Tourist Office afterwards to see if the had any explanation of what it could have been. To be honest I think the woman thought i was bananas and asked could it have been a wallaby - in fairness!! Anyway after a google search tonight I thought I'd let you know.

Please keep me informed of further developments. I am truely fasinated now!

Kind Regards, Mairead

Author / Witness - Mairead Reported Wednesday 31/12/2008 - 10:09 am

20091226 - Otway NP (VIC) Sighting - Friday 26/12/2008 Reported 29/12/2008

Subject: ...


We were driving through an unsealed section of the Great Otway National Park in Victoria on Boxing Day 26 December 2008 and sighted a big black cat like creature on the track, the tail itself was at least 50cm long.... When it saw our car coming, it jumped and ran up onto the hillside, which is quite steep. Anyone seen a similar cat in the area?

Cheers Kevin

Author / Witness - Kevin L.. Reported Friday 26/12/2008 6:50 pm

20081230 - Houptain Falls (VIC) Sighting - Tuesday 30/12/2008 at 11:20 am Reported 31/12/2008

Subject: Panther? Sighting 30/12/08


I thought we should report a large cat sighting on 30/12/08, on the walking track from upper to lower veiwing decks at houptain falls off binns track, beech forrest victoria.

My wife and one of my children were walking on the track down to the lower veiwing platform, when a movement above them on the high side of track cutting caught my sons attention, and a few moments later a large, black and lean catlike animal jumped down onto walking track, turned and looked at them, then jumped down into the bushes on low side of the track, this occurred approx 10 metres ahead of them. The animal was in full veiw for about 3 seconds, made no sound, was over a meter in bodylength, with a long, looping tail. They describe it as having yellow/green eyes, the tail being about 3/4 of the bodylength.My son noted that it had ears smaller than a domestic cat in relation to the size of its head. They discribe the head as being quite rounded, with ends of teeth visable from upper gumline They also describe this animal as having distinctivly catlike movement, and being very lean, and appering to have a shinny coat. They estimate height at 70 cm at shoulder of animal.This encounter was during a windy day, weather was also intermmittent light rain. This occured at 11.20 am.

My wife janelle and son Carson were very startled by this and proceeded to walk back up to carpark, it was a very frighteneing experience for them and it took me some time to calm them . I had been walking about 100 mtrs ahead of them with our other childen, who had been quite noisey. When Janelle and Carson didnt arrive at lower platform i walked back up to find them , they were discussing what they has seen and they were quite animated and shocked. I hope this is of interest to you.

After returning home we did a google search, and found similar stories and felt it was worth reporting to D S E in colac. I have condenensed and worded this for them to best discribe there experiance, they are happy to be interveiwed regards this and may be able to add more detail.

Thankyou, James J.

Author / Witness - James J..... Reported Wednesday 31/12/2008 - 8:08 pm

20081216 - Bedfordale (WA) Sighting - Tuesday 16/12/2008 at 9:30 pm Reported 17/12/08

Subject: Big Black Cat Sighting

Hey Everyone

On the 16th of december 2008 at aproximatley 9:30 pm i was at a friends party (he lives in bedfordale in Western Australia, his house is around 2-3 acres and is connected to the bush without a fence) and a group of around 16 people were playing a hide and seek based team game, (we are all 12 years old) and whilst we were hiding in the bushes at the base of a rather large hill in his backyard we all saw an enormous panther like creature moving quite fast, running and leaping, it crossed his backyard and stood, looking around the area before it disapeared back into the bush.

When we told my friends father he said that he had found a few of his sheep dead a couple of weeks earlier, the sheeps skin had been peeled back, with large claw marks running down the side of the body, and the sheep had very large bitemarks that had taken great chunks of flesh out of the body. What the worst part of the situation was that before this happened i had been on the team that was trying to find the other team and i had split up from the rest of the group and was on my own for 15 minutes crawling through tall grass towards where i could see the team that were hiding.

Regards Lachlan A..

Author / Witness - Lachlan A.. Reported Thursday 18/12/2008 - 6:28 pm

20081123 - Labertouche (VIC) Sighting - Sunday 23/11/2008 at 3:15 pm Reported 26/11/08


Just a quick note; I went 4 wheel driving on the 23/11/2008 up at Bunyip state forest Labertouche and Noojee area, I saw a big black cat on one of the tracks about 3.15pm unfortunately I was the only person that saw the animal, I found out that there was sightings the week before.

Regards Rick

Author / Witness - Rick ....... Reported Wednesday 26/11/2008 - 3:54 pm

20081113 - Sandon (VIC) Sighting - Thursday 13/11/2008 at 4:45 am Reported 18/11/08

Subject: Cat

Hi Paul

I live in Sandon Victoria in the early hours of Thursday the 13th 4 4/5 I took my old dog out for a wee, very warm night,she wouldn,t move away from me so I started to walk towards my dam, she wondered off just a little way and I got a slow warning growl from a large cat, I didn,t see it, but I sure heard it.

I had been looking after my daughters cat that was on heat, maybe that was what brought it around, as soon as it growled I took off inside and at the moment I have left a bag of dog bones in the tree but it hasn,t touched it. I linve in a very remote area next to state forest, it wouldn,t have to come here for food I,m sure it was after the cat on heat

Jan Mc.......

Author / Witness - Jan Mc.......Reported Tuesday 18/11/2008 - 2:08 am

20081022 - Springbrook (QLD) Sighting - Saturday 25/09/2008 about 2:00 am Reported 27/10/2008

Subject: Sighting Springbrook

Hi Paul, My mate and I are avid photographers, yesterday (saturday 25th oct) we set off from Brisbane at 2am to head to Springbrook national park before sunset. We were traveling through Neranwood at about 3:30am when I hit something in the car, looking back I saw a massive black cat conintuing to run across the road. No damage to the car and I swerved so the impact was light. No sign of the cat near the scrub on the road though we both weren't game to go looking. Estimated size 800cm to 1m not including tail. Are sightings common around Springbrook area? I'd like to find out more information of sightings in Queensland, in particular Brisbane area, or information explaining what I saw.

Thanks Paul, Steve

Author / Witness - Steve B... - Reported - Wednesday 27/10/2008 - 3:10 AM

20081022 - Kirrup (WA) Sighting - about 22/09/2008 Reported 22/10/2008

Subject - Big Cat in Kirrup West Oz

It was about amonth ago i was working down in greenbushes living in kirrup. on a wednesday afternoon i was heading into town to get a carton when a big black cat like animal crossed the road about 2oo m in front of me it was only a glimpse but i stoped and looked into the padock it ran into and there was a herd of cattle but it was like they were split into 2 herds trying to get out of the padock on either side.

Author / Witness - Kerri J..... - Reported - Wednesday 22/10/2008 - 12:55 AM

20081021a - Beaconsfield (VIC) Sightings - various over last 3 years Reported 21/10/2008

Subject - Big Cat Sighting

Beaconsfield, Victoria property on inglis rd which is both farming and waterboard property and links up to the very bushy upper Beaconsfield mother and cub have been sighted and Identified by myself 10-13 times in the last 3 years only appears in summer when the deer come down from the hills to get water from the dam and river

Author / Witness - Mike W..... - Reported - Tuesday 21/10/2008 - 4:29 PM

20081021 - Rawdon Vale Road (NSW) Sighting about 2004 Reported 21/10/2008

Subject - Big Cat Sighting

Dear Paul

This sighting occurred about four years ago (2004). My wife and I and two kids were making our annual pilgrimage to see the snow on the Barrington Tops (NSW). Instead of going through Gloucester we decided to take Gloucester Tops Road then onto Rawdon Vale Road which joins back onto the Gloucester/Scone Road that runs over the Barrington Tops.

While on the Rawdon Vale Road we stopped for a pit stop probably about half way between the Gloucester Tops and Rawdon Vale Road intersection and the Rawdon Vale/Kerripit River crossing.The area we were in was open cleared country, looking East (toward Gloucester) probably about a kilometre away coming down the side of a cleared hill was a huge (est. 70-80kg) jet black cat, it had a very long tail, large head and moved very gracefully, we were a fair distance from it and it still looked huge. It was definitely not a feral cat. I called to my wife and she got out of the car to have a look, we could`nt believe what we were seeing, we watched it until it disappeared into a gully.After watching the story on a Current Affair about the big cats I thought I would report our sighting.

Anthony Harris Newcastle NSW

Author / Witness - Anthony H..... - Reported - Tuesday 21/10/2008 - 10:51 AM

20081010 - Royalla (NSW) Sighting about 08/10/2002 8:30 am Reported 10/10/2008

Subject - Large Black Cats Sighting

Sighting: Royalla (NSW) - Monaro Highway Approximately 8 years ago I was driving along the Monaro Highway heading towards Tuggeranong in the ACT. The area is mainly farming (sheep). I noticed off to the right a very large black cat walking down one of the hillsides in a paddock. It was far too big to be a feral black cat. It had a pitch black coat and walked with the grace of a panther.

Leanne M.....

Author / Witness - Leanne M..... - Reported - Friday 10/10/2008 - 7:46 PM

20081008 - Greenbank (QLD) Advice around 08/10/2006 8:30 am Reported 08/10/2008

Subject - Big Cats


We own a 5 acre property at Greenbank in QLD. When we purchased the place 2 years ago the previous owners told us about a big dark coloured cat that had tried to jump into the window of the lounge while they were watching tv at night, it had put it's paws on the window ledge, they watched it look at them then jump down and run off. We rent out the house and our tenants have told us of similar sightings this year. We are planning to build a house there in the next 6 months, so if we see anything i will let you know!

Thanks, Sarah S....

Author / Witness - Sarah S.... - Reported - Saturday 08/10/2008 - 2:43 PM

20081006 - Esk (QLD) Sighting 06/10/2008 very early - Reported 10/10/2008

Subject - Cat

Im a truck driver and saw a big cat around the esk area very early on monday morning it was massive.

Author / Witness - Michael & Jaymie T........ - Reported - Friday 10/10/2008 -8:40 PM

20081004 - Martins Gully (Armidale) (NSW) Around 01/10/2008 8:30 am Reported 04/10/2008

Subject - Big Cat in Armidale

I was walking to martins gully public school and I looked over at this paddock and I saw something jump over a fence. I thought it was a normal cat. but I looked again and it was a big cat so I said holy crap and ran as fast as I could to school and told adam, jack, mickie, beazil and brian what i had just saw.

Maxine N

Author / Witness - Maxine N..... - Reported - Saturday 04/10/2008 - 7:45 AM

20080921 - Gippsland (VIC) Sighting - about 10 Years Ago (Circa October 1997) pm Reported 21/09/2008

Subject - Report Old Sighting of a Large Animal

Hi There,

I saw a large cat in Gippsland about 10 years ago, but didnt know who to report it to until i found the Yowie site. I hope you will accept the report, even though the sighting is old.

In late October 1997 I was travelling from Stratford in Victoria, to Bairnsdale. It was about 3 am - i am a psychiatric nurse and i had been called out to an emergency assessment at Sale. I had finished and was on my way home. I wasnt particularly tired as i had had several hours sleep before being called out

I was travelling east on the Princes Highway, about 5 km west of the Billabong Roadhouse, when I saw a kangaroo come out of the bush on my left and shoot across the road, where it disappeared into the bush again. It was in a real hurry and i only got a glance. As i flicked up my lights onto high beam and thought about slowing down, it was followed by a big cat like creature which bounded across the road in 2 bounds and went into the bush.

It looked dark grey or black but it was difficult to tell because of the headlights and the distance - it would have been over 50m away- and i couldnt see any markings. I thought it was a cat because it had a blunt tail, not tapered like a dog, and a really short face. The animal moved in a supple way, rather than an angular way like a dog. I got the impression that its legs were the same thickness all the way down - not differentiated like a dog. Mind you, I didnt verbalise this at the time and it was only after thinking hard that i was able to actually describe it.

Sorry I dont have more for you. Please let me know if I can help any further.

cheers Josie D....

Author / Witness - Josie D - Reported - Sunday 21/09/2008 - 7:36 AM

20080920 - Grampians Halls Gap (VIC) Sighting - Date 20/09/2008 around 7:57 pm Reported 20/09/2008

Subject - Panther Sighting

My Husband and I walked the trail from Halls Gap Caravan Park to the Wonderland Car Park. On our return we stopped for a bite "our packed lunch," when I spotted what I can only describe as a large black panther it had a black shiny coat and a very large tail, it was no more than eight metres away from us. It stood still for a moment then jumped over the trail we were on disappearing into bushland. Scared and in disbelief of what I had just seen we made a run for it.

Karen B...Reported 20/09/08

Author / Witness - Karen B - Reported - Saturday 20/09/2008 - 11:17 PM

20080805 - Lacey's Creek Dayboro (QLD) Sighting - Date 05/08/2008 around 7:57 pm Reported 07/08/2008

Subject - Big Cat Sighting

I was Driving home about seven oclock on Laceys Creak road near Dayboro in Qld and saw which looked like a babby or teenage cougar . I was going to turn around and have another look but did not because i thought I was seeing things and did not really think there would be such a creature in Australia.

The next day I was talking to my next door neghbour and he was also Driving home around the same time and also saw the big cat with his partner. We have also herd other sightings in the area . It was no normal cat.

Another sighting - The day was friday night on 12 september also a brother of a mate saw it as well.

Hope this has been any help regards


Author / Witness - Simon - Reported Thursday 07/08/2008 - 6:43 PM

20080815 - Montrose (VIC) Sighting Date 15/08/08 around 10:05 am - Reported 15/08/2008

Subject: black panther sighting in the Dandenongs

Date: Friday, 15 August, 2008, 10:05 AM whilst walking in the Dandenongs ( Montrose) this morning I sighted what appeared to be a very large creature, I have seen numerous wallabies and kangaroos in the past but this leapt across the the path in one long outstretched bound, it was pure black and had a cat like tail and was gone in an instant. normally the kangas make a bit of a noise as they hop through the bush, I am 100% convinced this was a panther Derek H... Montrose Victoria 15/8/08

Author / Witness - Derek H... - Reported 15/08/08

20080806 - Bathurst - Blayney (NSW) Sighting Date 05/08/08 around 5:30 pm - Reported 06/08/2008

Subject:- Report of sighting of big black panther? yesterday afternoon

Hi There

I can't contain my excitement to tell you of a sighting of a black panther between Bathurst, New South Wales and Blayney yesterday afternoon at about 5.30pm in the afternoon. I was a passenger in a car driving towards Blayney and saw the panther above a creek bed sniffing the ground and moving its tail around slightly. The tail was very long and it was definitely not a domestic cat. The panther was probably a metre in length and because of its length, its back was arched in the middle. It was a beautiful pure black colour and its paws were large at the bottom, like you see in big cats. It was such a shock that I couldn't believe what I was actually seeing. I know the exact location of where I saw the panther so if more details are required I would only be too happy to assist. It's been damp down this way and perhaps there will be footprints at the location which I believe would private farmland. There was a sighting of a big black cat of some sort near Lithgow in the last two years I believe and I was sceptical however after having seen the beast I am now a firm believer that this big cat exists. Regrettably I did not get a photo of the beast, damn it, but it is firmly in my head. What do I do now? Is there someone else I should tell? I do plan to let National Parks and Wildlife know about the sighting and I hope they will be interested. Ian S.....

Author / Witness - Ian S..... - Reported 06/08/08

20080804 - Penola & Dartmore (SA) & (VIC) Sighting Dates 1992 & 2004 - Reported 04/08/2008

Subject:- Big cat sighting

I too have seen the puma just south of Penola SA.

I was driving to work one morning at 5am travelling on the Penola road from Mount Gambier when i saw a large black cat which was approx 11/2 times the height of a fox its belly hung down low like an old cat and it had a tail as long as its body which was turned up at the end so it was like a u shape. It came out from the Penola golf course and headed across the road to the east and into a pine plantation.

The sighting was back in 1992. I have told a few locals about the sighting and some say that there has been quite a few sightings in the area.

There are two theories around here as to where they have come from. One is that a circus closed down and let all thier animals run free in the bush. The other is that American soldiers had them as mascotts over here during the second world war and set the Puma's free before returning home to America.

I have had a second sighting near the Myaring bridge just north of Dartmoore Vic but i did not see the entire body. I was travelling along Grubbed Road travelling east towards the Myaring bridge when is saw only the hips and tail dissapear into the ferns on the side of the road, which looked identicle to the cat i had seen in 1992. This second sighting was around 2004.

My name is Daryl and i have been working in pine plantations for the last 19 years driving machines and these have been the only two sightings of a puma. There are also heaps of dear running around in the forests which i never knew existed until i started working in the pine forests

Author / Witness - Daryl ..... - Reported 04/08/08

20080721 - Grose Vale (NSW) Sighting Date (around) July 2007 - Reported 21/07/2008

Subject:- panther sighting 2006


Approximately 12 months ago we sold our Grose Vale property and moved to the Penrith region. I have just been searching on the net for more info on the Panther situation and came across your details.

While living at Cabbage Tree Rd Grose Vale, I spotted the “Panther” on 2 separate occasions during 2006. On the first occasion I was driving along our back boundary (the road to the Hidden Valley). I had 3 of my grandchildren in the car with me when sudden movement on the edge of our property caught my eye. At first I registered that what ever it was, was black. My first thought was, black wallaby. Then to my utter astonishment the panther ran across the road directly in front of my car. I stopped, stunned.

It was all over so quickly I thought I must be dreaming, so I asked my grandkids, “did you see that”?. “Yeah” they replied “it was the biggest black cat… it looked like a panther”. I had never told them of the possible existence of the panther.

I recall that it had a glossy coat, its haunches were approx 40 – 50 centimetres high, very long tail. It was all black, incredibly fast and it moved with a liquid grace.

A couple of weeks later while driving down our driveway at dusk, the panther ran out from our side paddock, in front of the cottage and down the gully.

I told quite a few people about it and some were glad I’d seen it, while others thought I had a very active imagination.

Regards, Dawn

Author / Witness - Dawn ..... - Reported 21/07/08

20080720 - Lithgow (NSW) Sighting Date (about) 21/09/2007 at 12:46 pm - Reported 20/07/2008

Subject:- wat abig cat

hi im max and my friend is matt we saw the cat about 2 weeks after my birthday which is in the 7th of september ,oneday day we were riding to a bunch of mountain bike jumps at the old Lithgow hassans (adi) walls mountainbiking track when a jet black cat,about 1 meter high and 2 metrers long ran in front of us about 10 meteres away we freaked out got of our bikes and got the shovels ready we standed there speachless for about 2 minutes we started riding again but back home when we saw another black cat this time like the size of a dingo we chased it and it also chased us until matt hit its legs with the shovel it tripped and ran off after a bird.now when we go up there we always take friends,camera and shovels just in case it comes back.thanks for reading this REPORTED 20.7.2008

Author / Witness - Max ..... - Reported 20/07/08

20080714 - Mt. Buller (VIC) Sighting Date 11/07/2008 at 12:46 pm - Reported 14/07/2008

Subject:- big cat foot prints


I was motorbike riding in the mountains near Mt. Buller on the weekend and found these foot prints in the snow , what do you think these are. one photo has the top of my boot next to it.


thanks Paul B.....

Author / Witness - Paul B..... - Reported 14/07/08

"Thanks Paul - Without actually being there to examine the prints it is difficult to be 100% accurate, however from your photos they do look like cat prints (Front and back) - Paul"

20080625 - Gippsland (VIC) Sighting Date 1980's - Reported 25/06/2008

Subject:- I saw a black panther in sth Gippsland


I saw what I could only describe as a black panther near Barry's Beach in Gippsland in the 1980's. I was alone, taking photographs walking near my grandmothers farm and the thing ran across my path not too far ahead,. I wa astounded, because I had never heard of such a thing. It told my grandmother when I got back, she was very blase about it 'yes, they say there's one around here'

She doesnt remember the incident now, but my sister does.

Cheers Cassandra S......

Author / Witness - Casandra S - Reported 25/06/08

20080619 - Darwin Area (NT) Sighting Date 18/04/2008 - Reported 19/06/2008

Subject:- PANTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello paul this is my second report has i was walkig bak to my hose i saw anotha lage black cat at the hill off near my hous it ran down the hill at me and i was terrified it then saw my rotwheeler bon jovi and turned to away and i got in the car to follow it i had my hunting rifle in the back of the car (i live out bush) i wantod to catch it but it got awy i was rattled by the experince the creature haz becum none as the nt panta in my pub it is a local leged yours soncorily wazzydarwin nt18/4/08

Author / Witness - Jack B - Reported 19/06/08

20080502 - Austin (Texas USA) Sighting Date 08/05/2008 - Reported 24/05/2008

Subject:- Mountain Lion sighted in Central Texas


I just happen to come across your web site and felt compelled to tell my story. This happened on May 8,2008 at about 6:30pm

I saw "Mountain lion, cougar or puma"( this animal has many names) while I was bicycling on FM 734 just outside of Austin, Texas (USA). At the time, I didn't think I was seeing a cougar; In fact, I thought it was a big yellow lab about to 'herd' a bunch of goats!

I have to start at the top of this story. I had just finished riding up a slight hill, when I heard gunshots to my left side. I turned to see where the shots where coming from when I noticed 'a yellow lab' coming out of an old dilapidated barn. As the 'lab' was approaching a nearby field I then saw a herd of goats bundled up or gather up rather quickly together. I was quite taken by all this happening and thought the 'lab' was pretty good at getting the goats together just by his presence! Then as the 'lab' circled the goats , I noticed that something didn't seem right about this picture ...hummm...that 'lab' sure looks much bigger then the goats! And where's the fur on its tail?.... My mind was just 'Why-ing" everything! Now, remember-I'm still coasting on my bike along the road watching all this at a range of maybe 500 yards or so when this cat suddenly notices me and at the same time I realize this isn't a dog! The cat just took off towards my direction ! I'll never forget the gait that cat had as he jumped over a fence with ease. Meanwhile, I got off the seat of my bike and rode like crazy and SCREAMING -YELLING ... The last time I saw the cougar , he was parallel on the other side of the road and running through a new crop of corn ( about 2 ft.)...and I only saw the top of him. I didn't stop hustling on my bike till I hit a major and very busy intersection about 2 miles up the road, then I called the police. I'm guessing that I looked bigger by standing up on the bike ,then I'm yelling...I'm sure I looked crazy to anyone including this cat!

Now that I'm safe and sound, I can recall the beauty of the sight of seeing an animal jump over the fence . Oh and about that gunshot I heard... Well, I had to go back -in a car- to check it out. Seems the guy was just shooting off his gun. I guess they do that in the county. He must have startled the cat out of the barn and then can across the goats then me... Anyway, that's my cat story. Thanks for taking an interest!

Cheers Belinda M.... Austin, TX, USA

Author / Witness - Belinda M.... - Reported 24/05/2008

20080502 - Lake Eildon (VIC) Sighting Date around 1994 - Reported 02/05/2008

Subject:- Big Cat?

Gday Paul Great site,

In around 1994 i was driving down from a lookout that overlooks Lake Eildon just a few clicks out of Eildon. I was with a friend at the time driving back down from the lookout on a road which is around a car and a half wide. I was travelling at around 45kph. On the left there is a steep bank. All of a sudden there was a black cat shaped object that dashed down the bank and hit the side of my car (VW BAJA BUG). It was long and couldn't have been anything else but a large cat or large dog. I spend alot of time in the bush 4WDriving and bushwalking and Mountain bike riding and have never seen anything like it before. I quickly stopped and reversed up but there was nothing there. The car was dusty at the time and where it hit the car it had cleaned off a distinctive animal mark down the side. You could see a tail shape down over the rear mud gaurd on the VW. There was two small dents on the back edge of the door (below the handle) that looked like it was a male animal....

I never thought to take pics of the car at the time and I have since sold that car. I'm always wondering when I'm going to come across another one.

Cheers Richard Warburton Vic

Author / Witness - Richard ......... - Reported 02/05/2008

20080428 - Mt. Dandenong (VIC) Sighting Date About - 28/01/08 - Reported 28/04/2008

Subject:- Big Cat

Hi Around 4 months ago I had been strolling along a popular track a few hundred metres from the row of Japanese Trees BELOW the lookout on Mount Dandenong (Chalet Road). An American couple (man & woman with child in pram) met myself walking on the same track that is parallel with the Big Rock. (about 200 metres from/below the lookout)

The couple were walking quickly away from a spot where they said they had seen a huge cat in the bushes moments earlier.

I thought nothing of this until recently reading of many other sightings in various parts of Victoria over the years.

Regards, Leon - S.........

Author / Witness - Leon S......... - Reported 28/04/2008

20080412 - Wee Jasper (NSW) Sighting Date - 12/04/08 - Reported 12/04/2008

Subject:- Sighting at Wee Jasper NSW

My husband and I were travelling from Wee Jasper to Yass this afternoon. At about 4.30pm we were about 41km from Yass, when I saw what appeared to be a very large black cat sitting outside a hole in the side of the hill. I got my husband to stop the car. He and I and our 10 year old passenger all got out and could clearly see that it was a cat (sic), and that it was probably about the size of a very large dog. It sat outside the hole for about 1 minutes, and then ran up the hill, before disappearing into another hole further up the hill (the hill is honeycombed with holes), and Wee Jasper has very large Caves that are open to the public. We waited for a few more minutes, but it did not reappear.

It was still daylight and the cat would have been about 25 metres away from us so we could see it very clearly. It was definitely a cat and very very large.

Diane L......., Chisholm ACT

Author / Witness - Diane L....... - Reported 12/04/2008

20080407 - Lower Glenelg NP (VIC) Sighting Date - 06/04/08 - Reported 07/04/2008

Subject:- Untitled

G'day Paul

I was riding the great South West Walk in the Lower Glenelg National Park yesterday and I saw a large black mammal on all fours running and appeared very fluid (unlike a dog). I freaked out, told my riding companion who missed the sighting and searched your site today to find other sightings in the area. The one of particular interest was Tim SA who saw prints between Moleside and Post and Rail camps. This is exactly where we were.

So glad I'm not the only one!!

Cheers Jeff Warrnambool VIC

Author / Witness - Jeff. - Reported 07/04/2008

20080405 - You Yangs at Lara (VIC) Sighting Date 05/04/08 & 05/04/07 (approx) - Reported 05/04/2008

Subject:- Big Cat Sightings


I have 2 big cat sightings to report.

1st approx 12 months ago my wife spotted a big black cat at the You Yangs at Lara - near Geelong Victoria. It was about ½ hour before dusk down behind a popular attraction called big rock , she watched it eating something off the ground for about 2 mins before it noticed her and took off. She described it as about as big as a Labrador dog and jet black.

2nd was today 5/4/2008 at Anglesea Victoria. We were 4WD ing behind Anglesea when we seen a big black cat about the size of a Labrador dog. We had just turned off Dusty Miller track and headed down the Alcoa powerline track when we spotted it. It spotted us and took off through the bush so we were unable to follow it any further. This was about 3.30pm. Cheers Matt O....

Author / Witness - Matt O.... - Reported 05/04/2008

20080325a - Tolmie Mansfield (Vic) Sighting Date 23/02/08 - Reported 25/03/2008

Subject:- Black Panther sighting Victoria

My name is Dean T.... I am 16 and on the 23 of march 2008, easter sunday, I was riding my motorbike up in Tolmie which is near Mansfield in Victoria. I was riding along a tight track in the bush which looked like it hadn't been riden on for years, when a huge black cat darted across the track about 5 metres ahead of me. It fits the desription of a black panther perfectly, it was around 1 metre tall and probably about 2 metres long from head to tail, it was shiny black with short hair and ran very smooth and fast with long strides. It ran off into the bush and i couldn't find any trace of it after that.

Author / Witness - Dean T..... - Reported 25/03/2008

20080325 - Warbuton (Vic) Sighting Date 24/03/08 at 10:45 am- Reported 25/03/2008

Subject:- Black Cat

Yesterday about 10.45am I was travelling alone from Warburton Victoria on the back road which takes you to Narbethong and Marysville. As I approached about 16k into the 27k of the journey I saw on the left hand side of the road going up the the steep side of the embankment what looked like to me a black cat. I only saw its body from the front legs to the back tail. It was shiny and jet black it was lean and very agyle as it climbed up the embankment in the brush, It was about 3 ft high I remember noticing how fluid its body was and its tail was about a ft long. It was a very quite and a clear morning driving along the road I also saw a lyre bird running across the rd in front of me. I searched the web site mainly to see if there were anything recent about any sightings and got on to your page.I remember my brother told me about 25 years ago he saw a cat up in the mountains of Mansfield and he sounded convincing to me, It does,nt matter wether people think I,m mad I know what I saw and that's all that matters. Thanks Coral

Author / Witness - Coral ...... - Reported 25/03/2008

20080319a - Heathcote (Vic) Sighting Date Unspecified 2008 - Reported 19/03/2008

Subject:- Big Cat Foot Prints

on a recent trip out to mount disappointment North of melbourne i found some foot prints, a cat like creature similar to the cat i saw up near heathcote. (central Vic) its foot prints are about double the length of a 308 winchester bullet. 1 bullet measures 70mm. so give or take 140mm long. people at work have also said its a foot print of a big cat not a dog because there is no nail marks in the dirt. just thought you might like to see it.


Author / Witness - Chris ...... - Reported 19/03/2008

20080319 - Upper Nerang (SE QLD) Sighting Date 14/03/08 at 5:30 pm - Reported 19/03/2008

Subject:- No Sighting Just Prints and Noise

Hi paul

these sighting took place on the 14/3/2008 in the upper Nerang river in scrub land at 5.30 in the morning just after flood waters had recieded also i hear a very throaty growl several times i had been walking in the scrub on the river bank for 1 and half hours walking back on the same path and the prints were not there as i came into the river area but were there on my way home it seemed almost like what ever it was was tracking me can you identify these prints please...stuart ... ..........@bigpond.net.au ps this in the back of the gold coast....

Author / Witness - Stuart ...... - Reported 19/03/2008

20080311 - Grafton (NSW) Sighting Date 29/02/08 at 10:15 pm- Reported 11/03/2008

Hi Paul

Firstly, very interesting website!

I'd just like to share a very brief encounter with, what I believe to be, a 'black panther'. My boyfriend and I were driving from Brisbane to Coffs Harbour late one Friday night recently (about 10.15 pm 29/02/08). We were about 15 minutes past Grafton. I turned to speak to my boyfriend and out the driver's side window I saw what looked like a black panther in the wash of the headlights. It was moving along the side of the road very quickly, parallel to the car and quite close to the scrub. I guess the thing that struck me first was it's size. It was black and I would estimate it to be about the height of a German Shepherd but much longer. It's gait was fast but really 'fluid' and graceful. It definitely wasn't how a dog would run. It was heading for the scrub as it went out of sight so we didn't bother doing a U-turn to try and spot it again.

I was utterly dumbfounded! I had heard stories of big cat sightings further south near Lithgow but had no idea that sightings were so widespread until I read the reports on your website. I have no doubt that what I saw matches the description of a big black cat (panther) type creature. Nothing else fits.

Anyway, I hope you find this interesting. Keep up the great work on your website.

Cheers, Dani

Author / Witness - Dani ...... - Reported 11/03/2008

20080225 - Tarwin (Vic) Sighting Date Not disclosed - Reported 25/02/2008

Subject:- Big Feral Feline

hey paul, the pictures i have sent you basically show how fast the feral cat can adapt to our aussie bush, and of course to adapt they grow larger. The biggest cat in the photos is only about 3rd or 4th generation feral, it is burmese/moggie, cats have never been a problem around our land in Tarwin up until a couple of years ago when they seemed to be getting larger, i'm not certain but at that point they may have grown to a size that they were capable of overpowering foxes. I haven't seen alot of them in action in the bush, but i have seen them chase the odd work dog away. These Cats aren't huge, the biggest one in the photo is about the size of a koala, but it just shows how fast they can adapt and grow.

Cheers, Ben

Author / Witness - Ben...... - Reported 25/02/2008

20080206 - Kenthurst (NSW) Sighting Date Not disclosed - Reported 06/02/2008

Subject:- Big Cats

Hi there...

I was just looking at your website about big cats and panthers in Australia.

In regards to the photo of the largest domestic cat that holds the world record (i think it was under section 20060330)....he is a maine coon cat. I have one too...and they are much larger than any domestic cat, growing up to 15kg.

My boy weighs nearly 10kgs and is a metre long when he stretches (out from tail to ears.) Mind you, they are the gentlest cat, despite their large size.

As for sightings...I used to live in the kenthurst, Dural, Roundcorner area in NSW...and there are constantly sightlngs of a large black panther in the bush in that area. I think people have taken pictures...I don't personally have any, but I've certainly seen some in the paper, and heard many stories of sightings. interesting webpage.

Cheers Ally

Author / Witness - Ally ...... - Reported 06/02/2008

20080130 - Tamworth (NSW) Sighting Date around 1970's - Reported 30/01/2008

Subject:- Big Black Cats

Hi Paul

Was sent a link to your site and am very interested in it as l have seen a few strange things over the years in the area from west of Tamworth and also the north of here as well. The one that really got me was about 1970 myself along with a few of my farmer mates were out to get a few rabbits for dogs meat in the Bithramere area to the west of Tamworth, at about 9:30 at night in winter, very dark no moon, we only had a couple of .22lr rifles and my .222 rimmed and were out in the hills far from any buildings following a creek in an old LandRover ute potting the occasional rabbit when about 100 yards away alongside a wire fence we spotted 2 BIG black CATS , BLOODY BIG CATS.

They were standing nose to nose and from their tip of tail to tip of tail they took the entire panel of fence from post to post, adistance later measured at some 12 feet at the shoulder they came to the third wire also measured at about 18 to 20 inches, we watched them for some time possibly as much as 5 minutes, then as they were showing a bit of interest in our direction all 4 of us got into the front of the old Landrover ute, as we decieded early in the confrontation to take on a cat of that size we needed something a lot larger caliber that a .222 or a 22 rimfire. The farmer mates of mine were as l was were all a bit interested in getting the hell out of there while we could. The landowner later mentioned the big cats had been in the area for a lot of years but not many people knew of their existance. Even now while typing this l have shivers running up and down my spine and the hairs on my arms are standing on end.

A couple of years earlier l was spending a couple of weeks on our next door neighbours [Athur & Kitty B....., ] farm again shooting a few rabbits, clearing a bit of scrub for him, and just being a bit of company for Arthur as he lived at the farm by himself for a couple of weeks then came to town for supplies, see Kitty for a day or so and then back to the farm. Kitty was in town with her kids putting them through school. One night we were sitting up playing cards with the aid of a kero light, when the dogs locked in the shed, started to make a ferocious din.

I remember saying to Arthur whats got the dogs so upset I am going out to see, he said not to as it might not be a good idea and to leave it untill the morning, then a horrible smell came into the house, l was told not to worry and go to bed as it would be all OK.

Next morning, the dirt at the bottom of the steps had footprints in the dust about as big as a small saucer, and there were lots of them, Arthur showed them to me and said it was something like the Emmaville panther and it came around every few months or so, set off the dogs who were safe in the shed and locked in and could not either get out nor could anything get in to them.

Way back in the early 1960's I was in the company of Kevin M....... coming back from Wauchope to Tamworth at about 7pm in winter when about half way between Wauchope and Walcha we stopped on the side of the road for a nature call, when in front, some 40 yards away a BIG Cat black, walked across the road in full glare of the headlights, took no notice of us, and continued into the scrub on the other side of the road. There have been a few other unexplained things bit they are the best as l have seen these with my own eyes and have had the hairs stand up and they still do when l think about them Good luck with your project as l am a firm believer that there is a lot of things in the bush still to be identified.

Author / Witness - Geoff H...... - Reported 30/01/2008

20080127 - Northwest of Hobart (TAS) Sighting Date around 1999 - Reported 27/01/2008

Subject:- "Big Cat?"- Taped Interview Conducted between myself, Claude & Teresa G...........

During the taped interview I asked Claude and Teresa many questions and the following is that account (in part) of that interview; At the time of the sighting, Teresa and Claude lived on a large property about 80 kilometres Northwest of Hobart. They lived in an old trust home and on the property they grew barley and oats. It was probably in 1999 some time between 9:00 am and 10:00 am when Teresa and Claude were on the top floor of the home in the western bedroom, they happened to look out of the 150 year old glass window and saw a very large cat in a stalking position in the barley.The cat was about 80 metres away. The cat appeared to be stalking some sort of prey at the time. The barley / oats was about 600 mils in height and they could see the top portion of the large cat protruding slightly above the crop. The cat was in a crouched position as it crept along the ground. They described the colour of the fur as being dark brown to a dark ginger. The lighting at the time was quite good.

Both Teresa and Claude estimated the actual height of the completely flattened back of the cat as about 700 mils from the ground. They could clearly see the rear portion of the cat and the top of its head, but could not see its tail. They could not recall what the ears looked like.

The following day Claude was at the back of the property when he stumbled upon two of the big cat kittens by accident. He described the kittens as about 300 mils in height, and they appeared to be boxy or clumpy in shape, completely unlike felis catus kittens. These kittens were very solid. He described them as golden in colour.

Claude advised that he then went back to the house to tell someone about the kittens but on his return they were gone and he never saw the cats again.

Author / Witness - Claude & Teresa G.......... - Reported 27/01/2008

20080101 - Walcha (NSW) Sighting Date around 1982 - Reported 01/01/2008

Subject:- Thylacine

Good Day,

About 25 yrs.ago I was travelling eastward on the Oxley H,way about 1/2 way between Walcha & Port Macquarie in the early hours of the morning.This particular area was very windy & heavy scrub grew up to the edge of the gravel by the roadside.Came around a bend & 2!! animals ran across into the scrub,they were definitely Thylacines.

Being sensible about this I found it very hard to believe,I dont drink,was not overly tired & 3 driving lights in use(100 watt Cibies).My wife also saw them.

I have mentioned this to very few people & mostly the reply is(if they know what a Thylacine is)"Could,nt be.They are extinct".My reply is "No,they are thought to be extinct". This area is very steep & heavily timbered,if there were ay about this is the sort of place I would imagine they would be.

Hope you find this of interest, I find your website very much so. Michael (Mick) A....., Pottsville, NSW, 2489.

Author / Witness - Michael (Mick) A..... - Reported 01/01/08

20071227 - Darwin Area (NT) Sighting Date Unknown - Reported 30/12/2007

Subject:- Panther Sighting

dear paul

i so glad i fond your website. In my local aria i have for several years seen these large mistirius creature i beleave it be some kind of panter. I have a few shots of them butt ar unable to send them as they are film potos. the cat wes jet black and about 1.9 to 2.3 meters long as soon as the catt saw me it bolted from the branch next to me it was lying on and sprang several meters through a crisp night air off into the darkness. it was orsum yours soncoreliy wazzy darwin N.T

Author / Witness - Jack B - Reported 30/12/07

20071227 - Cuttagee Beach (NSW) Sighting 1988 - 1989 - Reported 27/12/2007

Subject:- Big Cat Sighting


I was about 12 or 13, which would be 1988 - 1989 when I saw a large black cat at the North side of the bridge at Cuttagee beach, NSW... near Bermagui (map link follows).

I grew up in the area (about 2km or less from the sighting) knew the place well and got around on my BMX bike. I was riding down to Cuttagee beach when I saw the Cat.... about 50m ahead of me. I stopped... as quickly as I could, it took me a second or two to realise I was looking at something really out of place.

The cat must have heard my tire skid along the road... it stopped right in the middle of the road and looked up at me. For about 3 seconds it looked at me and then trotted off the road and into the bush.

After about 20 seconds I decided to ride down to the place where I saw it go into the bush... my heart was beating (and it does seem like a silly thing to have done, now I have a more adult fear of these things)... but I couldn't see anything and I was not for the life of me going to walk into the bush to have a closer look!

I then quickly rode home to tell everyone... and got the "oh that's interesting" response... ha ha, but I've never forgotten about it and have always been interested when I occasionally hear about other sightings. I had no prior knowledge about big cats in Australia before that day.

Aside from the fact that I was looking at a jet black animal that was significantly larger than a house cat, the thing that really nailed it for me was the bob on it's tail... I had a perfect side on view as it finished crossing the road and saw the long black tail with the bob on the end of it.

I estimate about 60 - 70cm to the top of the head... and maybe 1.5m - 2m long with the tail.... though that is very rough (it was a while ago!)

Here's a link (below) to the location on Google Maps. I saw the cat on the middle of the road at the north end of that bridge... just about where the white car is. The Cat seems to have been crossing from the East (right hand side on that map link) to the West.


Helgi R...

Author / Witness - Helgi R... - Reported 27/12/07

20071214 - Whittlesea (Vic) Sighting 14/12/2007 - Reported 14/12/2007

Hi there my name is Lolita Hemara of Whittlesea

I found outside my front door this morning some cat like prints but these prints where not like a small cat they where about the size of my hand maybe alittle bigger so I am not sure what it is they where rounded at the toe part and very fat rounded at the back part at first I though it was a huge dog but because I live in the countryside I know all the dogs around us and this was not a dog print either because I know dog prints and this was a lot bigger than a dog print ... Now I have heard stories about a black panther that comes down from the mountians and there has been some documented sightings as well so I think that is the foot prints of the blackpanther anyway I thought I would let someone know of this thanks from Lolita

Author / Witness - Lolita - Reported 14/12/07

20070917b - Labertouche (Vic) Various Sightings - Reported 17/09/2007

Gday Paul This morning I listened to Simon Townsend on the ABC talking about a suspected cat attack on a Foal ? in the Otway Ranges. We have watched these creatures quite frequently on my Father in Laws property at Labertouche (near Longwarry Gippsland) They are definitely pumas / panthers,one was a fawn colour and the other was jet black,our children surprised the black one in daylight but were not attacked, instead it ran off, the fawn one drank every day at our neighbours dam and also was very quiet. These cats were big, sadly we have no photos or even footprints but the animals are there, we kept quiet as they posed no threat to humans. My Father in Law died some years ago and the property has been sold but I believe the cats are still there.

Hope this helps in your investigations Ron Gough

Author / Witness' - Ron Gough - Reported 17/09/07

20070917a - Emmaville (Northern NSW) Sighting Around September 2007 - Reported 17/09/2007

Subject:- Big Cat Sighting

Hey Paul,

my name is Kerrin Wallis and I was recently out fishing the Severn River in the Emmaville District. My friend Craig (an ex army Sargent and avid hunter in both Northern Australia and NZ) and I were heading along a stretch of creek when he stopped and commented there must be a huge boar in the vicinity. I too could smell it (as I have also hunted pigs plenty) and it was incredibly strong.

We began to snoop around to see if we could find it when I noticed some very large and unusual prints. I immediately thought they looked cat like but didn't say anything as I didn't want to appear dumb. He however was shocked and stated quickly that the only thing they could be were huge cat prints. They were very clear and right where this strong scent was. All the way up the creek we would find patches with this strong scent and what we could only conceive as large cat prints.

We spent the night there but were very concerned. In the morning we found some fresh prints (on a trail we had been just the afternoon before and they weren't there then) not far from camp and about 3.00 in the morning although I slept through it Craig said he had heard something very big running through the bush and pointed out where it had come from and gone. Although we didn't see it Craig said it was definately not a roo as he was familar with the noise a roo makes with a thump, thump, and said this was a constant movement. It is possibly that this was a dog but it would have had to have been very heavy as the print was as big as our hand/ fist and deeply pressed into some quite hard clay/ dirt.

These prints also were only about a third of the size of the ones we saw down the creek. We can't say we sighted it but with the incredible strong smell (which we concluded was possibly a cat marking it's territory) and those prints had us both very concerned. The other thing that makes it quite strange is that we had no idea of the Emmaville Panther until this moring when for some interest I thought I would google Big Cats Australia and was absoluetly shocked to see Emmaville as an evidence. It really shocked me. I had heard bits about cats in Australia but never really took it seriously. Then when seeing those prints, the scent and now that exact area as a place of sightings I have no doubts at all we were very close to whatever it is.

Loved the sight and would love to hear any comments you might have about our sighting.

Thanks Paul Kerrin W..... and Craig B......

Author / Witness' - Kerrin W & Craig B - Reported 17/09/07

20070914 - Various Sightings - Reported 14/09/2007

Subject:- My Investigation of the Mallee Dog.

Hi Paul

I obtained skull specimens a year ago and find that the canine is really the New Guinea Singing dog, no doubt about it. I have sent a skull to USA for confirmation. Another critter has surfaced in WA. It has to be a cousin to the Emmerville Panther. I have some video of the critter, has long lanky legs and a long thin tail with brush on end. Marsupiaaaaaaaaal like rump and fore end like a kangaroo. I obtained a fragment of skin from the skin of an emmerville panther juvenile shot 100 odd years ago. Skin tanned and preserved in a glass case. Specimen at a museum for analysis.

Cheers Wally

Author / Witness - Wally Davies - Reported 14/09/07

20070822 - Upper Lodden (Vic) - Sighting Early 1990's - Reported 22/08/2007

Subject:- sighting the black panther.

Hello Paul.

I come origionally from india ,where like my father, i did a lot of hunting ., and have hunted leapord and bear as well as wild boar and deer. well,I was hunting in the upper lodden state forest in western victoria, back in the early 90's .

we had heard of a great area for goats down a place called scheisers gully in the glenluce area and after parking the car , took a walk over this low hill, my friends lagging behind me, as i came over the top, i was amazed to see a full grown black panther sniffing the ground, facing my right ,withen a few seconds it realised i was watching it , i was no more than 40 metres from it, it spun around and took off at full speed to my left, it was fast and bounded away, long thick black tail unmistakable,as i disappeared into the edge of the forest, i was stunned, i, at that time, had not heard of panther in australia but knew what i had seen from experience, i told my friends what i had seen, and they suggested i probibly saw a wallaby, which i hotly contested, we debated it for a while, and than i gave up trying to convince them, while they dismissed my story with the fact that australia does not have black panther,

It was a few years before sightings came to light, and of late i have come across and took photos etc of a kill, with classic fang marks on the neck, the face partly eaten and the belly opened up and the internal organs eaten, it was a wallaby killed, i also did a search of the area and found a dropping full of hair,

I have since discovered this web site and i am hooked on the amazing number of encounters and sightings. I had stopped hunting for a few years having got pulled the other way with the rod, but guess what, that ol' feeling has surfaced again, and i am going to be doing a lot less snapper fishing this year!

Peter D'costa

Author / Witness - Peter - Reported 22/08/07

20070819 - Lakes Entrance (Vic) - Sighting 9 August 2007 - Reported 19/08/2007

Subject:- feral cat sighting Thursday 9th of August 2007 - Lakes Entrance VIC

Hi my name is Chris Neville I live in Sydney and love camping I've camped all around NSW and VIC and can honestly say what I saw was absolutely the most frightening thing I've ever seen in my life. Me and my girlfriend Jayne pulled up at Eastern Beach Tourist Park at Lakes Entrance to set up camp for the night as we travelled the New South Wales coast line down to Victoria, I can remember the night well because it was so windy we just about got blown away it was so bad that I could not sleep so I went outside to have a smoke when I noticed a police car was patrolling around the campsite and thought that was strange as there was only four campers in the park anyway. I went back into the tent and put on a movie and watched until it finished then thought I will have one more smoke before trying to go to sleep because of the wind was so gusty who could sleep in those conditions. As I opened the tent door and walked outside and I was enjoying my smoke and thinking how much I've enjoyed my holiday when I looked up and noticed a animal of some nature that looked at first glance like a dog so I continued smoking my smoke and had been watching this animal for some minutes and thought it being very strange that it didn't notice me so I whistled to get the dogs attentions. I think the distance between me and this so called dog was about 15 metres away. It had its head low to the ground as if it may have been smelling something on the ground near a tree when it finally looked around at me I noted that it didn't have a long snout like a dog so I got a LED 12v light from the tent and pointed it towards the animal and I could not believe what I saw - it was a cat because the eyes were that big and the nose was exactly like a cat - I shit myself. I also noticed the tail was very long as long as its back legs it just stared at me and I tried to move the light towards the cat to get a better look it made no threatening sound no gesture it was going to attack me or anything. It just stared at me. I tell you I was so scared and didn't wake Jayne until I rushed thru the tent door and said I cant believe what I just saw mind you with swear words Jayne woke up and said go to bed so I did and told Jayne the next morning about it all and the first thing she said it may have been a feral cat I only wish I took a photo didn't think at the time but never the less I saw a wild cat to think the height of this cat would have been around one metre that's what scared me if some one told me about this story I would have said bullshit I guess you don't believe it until you see it for yourself

Author / Witness - Chris - Reported 19/08/07

20070610 - Trentham (Vic) - Sighting 18 June 1988 Reported 29/06/2007

Subject:- Large Cat Sighting

Mid eighties near trentham.


I am Anthony and wish to include one of my sightings.

I turned left at woodend and heading west.

I turned left at some point onto a bitumen road that became a dirt track.

On the bitumen part there was a clearing and a gully to my left.

There were transmission lines running parallel to the road separated by half a kilometer of forest

The lines ran uphill from the gully and it was clear under I saw cows on the ridge and in the gully

I saw a dark shape glide over a farm fence and head up the hill along the cleared path of the transmission lines.

I drove about a kilometer to the crest of the hill parked and ran as fast as I could through the forest thinking I would arrive ahead of the animal.

I came to the last tree on the edge of the transmission line clearing and hid behind it.

I looked down the hill and saw nothing, took a breath and felt relieved that I did not encounter the animal because I felt scared.

I stepped out into the clearing and this is what I saw three meters away.

It was a cat dark with an auburn tinge to its coat.

It was trotting its neck was straight up at ninety degrees to its body.

It had a feint white coloring patch on its jaw. - Its head was alternating very rapidly from side to side 180 degrees

Apart from leg and head movement its body remained rigid.

It moved fluently and appeared mangy and thin.

It was puma size

It stopped completely when adjacent to me.

Turned looked down the hill.

I saw the same white marking on the other side of its head.

It turned toward me and crouched

I thought it would pounce

I turned and ran back as fast as I could.

Author / Witness - Anthony - Reported 29/06/07

Response to above sighting:-

Hi Paul

In response to your request for some details of my sighting The cat was three meters from me at midday. The date was 18 June 1988 The head movement and the way it trotted was extraordinary.

Thursday 5th July 9.30 pm I was at the Tarago river at Nerim south with Robert lam and was lucky again to experience a sighting. Every year we drive up to pick the water cress and watch the fish coming up to spawn. There are large paw prints there, cat like in appearance with round toe pads easily found if you are keen. There and also large human like bare foot prints on the bank where the water cress is. though I have not seen what they belong to and not sure if I want to. But to observe these you can see obvious depressions in the grass which would pass for any one having stood there till you get down and feel the depression and lift the grass back. They are very clear.

I am extremely wary in any forest situation but Robert had not seen any thing unusual before and is always brazen and goes off on his own despite my warnings. We walked to the stone megalith in the adjacent farm and on the way back picked the water cress. Just as we left in the car, a large cat bounded across the road in front of the headlights. It ran into the fence and had trouble getting through the wire. It paused momentarily on the other side and it was dark had a longish coat and solid and I thought it was a wombat till it took off in long bounds keeping low. It was very muscular. Robert and I experience the sighting together and it has been a talking point all week. I think he will be a little wary too now. We are going to take the day off this week and go there again. I will make some casts of unusual tracks and have hair samples off the fence that you are welcome to.

Thanks Paul

20070610 - Texas (Qld) - Sighting early 1980's Reported 10/06/2007

Subject:- Texas Panther

dear paul,

while rabbit shooting in the early eighties near texas qld. i saw a black panther. it made its way down a hillside 90mtrs away from me. rabbits were on the same hill so i could easilly see the size of the animal. it was 1.8 mtrs long and about 80centimetres tall. it made its way into a gully between us and i didn't see it again. yours sincerely,


Author / Witness - Bill - Reported 10/06/07

20070605 - Blackwood (Vic) - Sighting 02/06/2006 Reported 05/06/2007

Subject:- Sighting Blackwood / Wombat State Forest

I have attached a note about my sighting on Saturday night.

I looked at your site to see if there were any other sightings in the area, but none seemed to be recorded. I have since spoken to someone I know from the area and there is a story of a big cat in the Blackwood / Trentham area.

Regards, Leonie B......

Author / Witness - Leonie B...... - Reported 05/06/07

20070530 - The Great Oceon Road (Vic) & (SA) - Sighting 27/12/2006 Reported 30/05/2007

Subject:- Big Cat Prints

Hi Paul,

I've been reading up about the storys of big cats in the Australian bush for a couple of weeks now after trying to find information on some 3 toed prints I photographed in the riverland near Swan Reach 2 weeks ago, though these are not cat prints, searching for a discription has made me aware of the presence of these big cats in the wild here.

My story goes, last Christmas / Newyear period 27th Dec 2006 I went on holiday in southern Victoria and Sth Australia, the first night was spent in Mt Gambier then on to the Vic coast the next day, I was heading for the Great Ocean Road and had just entered it's western end, I though I'd turn off on to one of the many 4wheel drive tracks to getaway from the hoards of visiters to the region, anyway as you would expect I didn't have a 4wheel drive just a normal car so it turned out that I could only go about 5kms down this particular track before it became in accessable to me, which annoyed me as I could see the ocean about 1 km ahead and heard the voices of people carried on the wind. I had been travelling for sometime with my last stop actually being at Portland, so nature was calling and like any aussie bloke a quick look around then do the buisness. I looked down to my shock I saw fresh tracks in the sandy dirt of the track I was on, they were as big as my hand about 5 inches across and wandered up the track a little before entering scrubland. I nearly shit myself mate, I instantly recognised them as belonging to a feline as I have owned cats all my life and know the distinct difference between a cats and dogs prints, besides there were no claw marks at the front of each toeprint common to a dog, though I had camera equipment with me I never took any photos as a big cat was all these could belong to I thought, and I could see they were pretty fresh no more than a few hours old so I wasn't sticking around to become lunch and I was travelling alone. Unfortunately the name of the National Park I was in eludes me at this time, but It had a steel scaffolding type structure erected as a public lookout about 2kms in off the western end of The Great Ocean Road.

BTW I too though of a wombat but the retracted claws and the size of them and stride was too great to be a wombat, as for the prints I photographed in the Riverland 2 weeks ago, I emailed them to a professor at the Adelaide Zoo, but haven't heard back from him yet, like I said they are definately not cat prints almost human like except with 3 big toes about the length of a finger each and all inline with each other, they wander long the side of the dirt road I was on and off towards a deserted but full sheep watering troff, the area was clearly a deserted and a farm at some stage as even with a 500mm telephoto lense attached to my SLR I couldn't see any animals or farm houses about, just a windmill powered borepump and the troff on the opposite side of the road, I took closeups and another shot which shows them as belonging to something that must walk upright, I also swear I never made them and can't see any reason for anyone else to have, as the chances of someone stumbling across them was almost infinite. I still can't identify them as the more I look at the pictures the more puzzling it becomes.

Three Toed Print (right of screen)
Three Toed Print
Three Toed Print (Straight On)


My own discovery of unidentified Three Toed Footprints in a trackline. These prints gave the distinct impression that whatever made them did so either on the ball of their foot or that was the actual shape of the foot. It is interesting to note now, that another similar foot print has been discovered in Southeastern SA. The above print was located in the Jimboomba / Beaudesert region of Southeastern Queensland.
My own discovery of unidentified Three Toed Footprints in a trackline. These prints gave the distinct impression that whatever made them did so either on the ball of their foot or that was the actual shape of the foot. It is interesting to note now, that another similar foot print has been discovered in Southeastern SA. The above print was located in the Jimboomba / Beaudesert region of Southeastern Queensland.


Received Monday 04/06/2007 - "I have gone on Google Earth and tried to find the location that I was at when I saw the paw prints but the details over that part of Victoria are less than adequate for finding anything smaller than a mountain, However that said I believe I was in what is called Port Campbell National Park, though without actually travelling back there I cannot confirm this as being 100% correct, but it was definately a NatPark! the only other one that it could have been was the Glenelg River Nat Park but I very much doubt that as this seems too far to the west.

Supplied photos of surrounding area
Supplied photos of surrounding area
Supplied photos of surrounding area


I can remember getting to the town of Port Campbell around 2:30- 3:00pm that afternoon, I rarely drive at the 100kph limit as I find you miss too much when your touring and do this, I have a mate that often travels from Adelaide to Melbourne and he says his best time is 6.5 hours, but when I ask him what he saw along the way, he shrugs his shoulders and says "nothing it was a blurr!".

After reading more on your website I realised that another couple had witnesses what they believed to be a panther in the Ottway Ranges also around the same time of the year that I saw the big cat prints, the interesting part of this is, both where I saw the prints and the place where they had witnessed their sighting is not an unreasonable distance for a cat to travel seeking food or a mate even though there is without a doubt more than one cat being seen. A vet once told me that it's not unusual for a domestic TomCat to travel 5 miles in a night looking for a female as this is roughly the range at which he can smell them, Imagine that, being able to sniff out a sheila at 5 miles away :) .

Anyway the time I put at around 12:30-1:00pm when I saw these prints on Thursday 28/12/2006, I just wish I didn't panic and took photos, but I remembered reports of sightings of wild african lions in the Port Parham area during the 80's, Port Parham is about 50kms from Adelaide on the Gulf St.Vincent though the authorities say it was just a big dog, most people do know the difference between dogs and cats and there were several sightings, and besides there used to be a Lion Park within 20 kms of that area in the 70's untill it was closed due to silly people getting out of their cars and being mawlled, it was quite possible for one of these cats to have escaped and lived quite comfortably on sheep or horses in the area. So like I said I wasn't going to be a pork chop lunch.

What interests me more now is the location I was at is not unrealisticly far from McAurther where those mascots were supossedly released in the 40's, something most South Australian had never heard about in fact until I visited your website I never knew about any big cat sightings elsewhere in Oz other than the one a Port Parham I mentioned above."

Received Tuesday 05/06/2007 - "How uncanny, they do seem to be made by the same creature, though the pictures of your 3-toed mystery looks as though they were made when the area was rather muddy or wet, what I didn't mention to you was that if you look at my photo of the prints taken from side on you'll see my shoe print crossing a tyre track, now whats interesting about this is I'm over 100kgs in weight and I barely left a indentation on the road yet look at how deep the 3 toed prints are in the imediate area, this must be one very heavy creature what ever it is, the same seems true for your prints where the ground appears sort of squashed. Besides it would take one powerful animal to lift a full grown male roo into a tree like that, I doubt that any cat smaller that a tiger or lion could do this, just because of the body weight ratios.

Could we have a new creature? Well yes, or maybe just a very old nocturnal one that keeps out of sight! I find that kangaroo up a tree very interesting as a fox or dog simply couldn't do this, yet a panther would, it's natural for them to drag their kill into trees to protect it from other plains scavengers but is it strong enough, however your three twoed prints found in that area are hardly from a cat of anykind so what exactly is it we both seem to have stumbled across? I don't want to yell Yowie or Bunyip just yet but it's beginning to look like it, must see if I can find a "Black Tracker" they might know :) Howmany of these things are out there? I mean its a bloody long way from Queensland to the lower riverland here in SA, and I can't imagine something travelling that far on foot and to never have been spotted. (Paul - Johnno, I cannot be certain how the roo got up the tree at all. And I can't know if the hind quarters of the roo were either cut off or torn off as the level of decomposition made it difficult to tell, but those strange three (3)-toed prints were very close. And, yes the ground there was quite compacted, so whatever made those indents, must have had considerable mass.)-

One other theory mate I know you'll like this one! Look up "cattle mutilations" around the world and you'll find a simularity between them and your roo up a tree, that being so called UFO mutilations where the only parts missing are the Tougnes, Testicles, Eyes and Lips of the dead cattle and all seem to have surgical like cuts with little or no blood in these areas. So if a bigcat didn't kill your roo and the prints inthe area are belonging to what is responsible, could we have a close enconter of the second kind here? it's Just a thought! but one that occurred to me the day I shot the photos. Is the creature dangerous to humans? who knows!" (Paul - "This may be worth a read "Kelleher Colm A. Ph.D., Knapp George, "Hunt for the Skinwalker", Paraview Pocket Books, Sydney, 2005, ISBN 978-1-4165-0521-1; & ISBN 1-4165-0521-0.")

Cheers, Johnno.

Author / Witness - Johnno - Reported 30/05/07

20070518 - The Grampians (Vic) - Sighting Unknown Reported 18/05/2007

G'day Paul!

I had a look @ your website and was really impressed! I am a very curios and interested person when the word puma, panther or big cat are brought up.... I was one who didnt really believe and was one to make a joke until I experienced an event in the Grampians with my whole family... Cheers, Wayne S......

Author / Witness - Wayne S...... - Reported 18/05/07

20070517 - The Grampians (Vic) - Sighting Unknown Reported 17/05/2007

Subject:- Big Cat Sightings

Hi Paul,

Ive just been reading your info on big cat sightings etc. I'm from western victoria and know of many people who have seen big cats around the grampians. One farmer ( a good friend of mine) has told about a nite when his father rang him (he lives approx 200m down the road) and told him to go outside and listen to the noise. They couldnt identify it so jumped in the ute and went to investigate. They saw nothing unusual, untill the next morning when they came across several sheep carcases. They were both killed in the same way, with throats bitten and the internal organs eaten via a hole torn in the rib cage. They also had flesh missing from the inside of the rear legs.

I have also seen kangaroos killed eaten in the same way. Some of which have been shot initially, but on return the next morning have holes in the rib cage and all organs missing as well as brains. Some have even been dragged from where they lay, usually only a few metres. This took place less than 20km from my friends farm.

I hope this information is of some use to you. If I can be of any further assistance please let me know. Also my friend looked for prints on the morning of the discovery but found none, it was in a grassy paddock which made it difficult. I havent paid much attention when i've seen the kangaroos as its fairly common knowledge that they (big cats) are in the area. I will next time. Regards Dan

Author / Witness - Dan - Reported 17/05/07

20070514 - Putty near Singleton (NSW) - Sighting about 1999 Reported 14/05/2007

Subject:- Black Panther

yes beleave me or not i have definatly SEEN A PATHER in the forest at putti or putty which backs onto the blue mountains just befor Singleton which isn't far from Mudgee, and had 2 witnesses with me at the time when a panther (black cat) ran across the road infront of us, i was only about 15 years old at the time (now 23 ) in a truck with my step father hauling a load of logs out of the forest as my step father was contracted to the state forestry and stays in a caravan in putty or (putti) 60 or 70 kilometres off the highway just before Singleton and he has seen them several times but i know what i saw and what encouraged me to tell this was the article i saw on TODAY TNIGHT on rougthly the 5th of may 2007 with the Mudgee footage of the cat and that was enougth to beleave what i saw. SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE BACK FROM THE SAME AREA OR WHO EVER WANTS TO CHAT ABOUT THE BELEIFS OF THE PANTER thanks Tom...

Author / Witness - Tom - Reported 14/05/07

20070511 - Armidale (NSW) - Sighting 1984 onwards Reported 11/05/2007

Subject:- panther sighting Armidale NSW


I was recently listening to a talkback show that had brought up the discussion of panthers in aust. I was surprised how many people rang in their sightings. but also annoyed by the skeptics sarcasm.

As a kid about 10 yr old, around 1984 at a guess, my sister and I just hopped off the school bus and mum was on the verandah about 100m away going ballistic. when we got home mum took us to the kitchen window and asked us what we saw in our neighbors back yard.

There was a large black cat as big as the neighbors Doberman it had a long tail drooping to the ground. as we watched mum rang the neighbor.

We watched as it jumped the fence and slowly and so gracefully bounded across the paddock we watched as it jumped fence after fence it appeared to be following Ben who had hoped off the bus with us.

As he started to run the cat turned and just disappeared into the scrub. that week there were many sightings. a farmer went to get his water bottle from a tree and found a panther on the limb the bottle was hung on. a lady opened the curtains one morning to find a panther looking in the window at her.

Many years later about 1996 I was privileged to have a glimpse of another panther. This time I was at Toppers mountain Tingha.

Each morning as I drove through the forest to go to town there was a wallaby and its Joey sunning themselves on the road. this morning they were not there. disappointed I looked into the clearing to see if they were there. I saw a huge black cat sitting there. as I stopped the car and reversed to have another look there was nothing there. No black object no black tree stump or anything that could have looked like a cat. I then realized I had just had my second sighting.

In 2006 a friend was on his property in Bingara he and his brother heard a screaming noise and saw a large black cat disappearing. that same week there were other sightings in the Bingara area. I have no doubt they are there but I don't believe that they need to be proven to exist so the government eradicates them. Africa has lions and we love to watch them there would be an uproar if someone decided to make them extinct due to the risk to people. aust has a panther so what. we have many national parks that no one goes deeply into. there is plenty of room for them to exist and as long as we know they are there we can behave with knowledge.

Every other country has its dangerous animals and we have plenty of our own. there are more snakebite victims than panther attacks so why seek them out just to kill them, they are a beautiful creature that deserves our respect.


Author / Witness - Tanya - Reported 11/05/07

200705082 - Warren River / Nannup (WA) - Sighting Unknown Reported 08/05/2007

Hi Paul, Last night on Today Tonight they ran a story with footage of large black cats. One can conclude that they do exist but at the same time remain very elusive. Just out of interest Nannup in Western Australia has reported the same sightings over the years however not much over the past few years. However my family ( wife and 6 children ) travelled to this area to camp at a place called the Warren River which is about 15 Klm north of Nannup. While driving along a bush track myself and 2 sons saw a large black cat come onto the track in front of the 4wd, run along the track in front of the car and the turn off back into the bush. The animal was absolutely a panther looking cat about the height of a large German Shepherd dog. Black, thick legs and tail and definitely a feline. So my account is 100% accurate and no chance it was something else. I don't know that it would still be alive today but they certainly do exist. Cheers Andrew

Author / Witness - Andrew - Reported 08/05/07

200705081 - South Coast? (NSW) - Sighting Unknown Reported 08/05/2007

In march 2006 I spotterd what looked like a “big cat” walking into the bush off the road on sunrise the cat looked uninfluenced ,not affected by us as we drove towards the cat it stood as tall as the reflector pole on the side of the road…aprox 80-110 cm ……south coast nsw

Author / Witness - Pia - Reported 08/05/07

200705073 - Geraldton (WA) - Sighting Unknown Reported 07/05/2007

Subject:- big cat sighting in western australia

I don’t know if this is the sight to go to but I was just watching today tonight 7th may 2007 and they had a report of big cat sightings.

It was exciting to watch and made me realize that what I have seen my self was very real.

We live on a 100acre property in a small rural area called Chapman Valley situated 20km north east of Geraldton Western Australia we were sitting out side of the house it was about 4 in the afternoon and we were looking out over our neighbors property, at the time they were growing rockmeleons I was looking at the paddock which would have been about 500m away and I could see this black animal of sort walking through the paddock of rock melons I tapped mum on the shoulder and pointed out and she too was quiet taken aback, even though we were quiet a distance away what ever we could see was moving slowly and was very big. I quickly raced inside and grabbed the binoculars and to my horror it was a bloody cat. It was huge it would have been about the height of our blue heeler dog and was long. And its tail was very distinct we all had a turn looking through the binoculars and couldn’t believe what we were seeing. The cat walked through the paddock and in to the swamp that resides between the two properties. And with much disappointment I have never seen the cat again.

Author / Witness - Yetna - Reported 07/05/07

200705072 - Georgetown (FNQ) - Sighting June 2002 Reported 07/05/2007

Subject:- Black Cats North Queensland

Hi Paul,

Travelling west from Georgetown (in northern Queensland) during the end of June 2002, we saw a black cat cross the road.

It was after lunch and a kangaroo jumped across the road in front of us at a good speed. We (my wife and I) thought it was strange to see a kangaroo at this time of day. That was until a few moments later a black cat jumped across the road after the roo. The rood had cleared the road in one bound as did the cat.

As the cat was stretched out in front of us it took up the whole width of one lane of the road.

Have there being cat reports from others in this part of Australia?

Regards, Tony

Author / Witness - Tony I - Reported 07/05/07

200705071 - Wodonga (Vic) - Sighting Some Years Ago Reported 07/05/2007

Hi my name is toby i live in far north-easton victoria, about 20km out of a town called wodonga. a couple of years ago my mate and i went for a hunt into the mountains in my region, the name Mt.murramuranbong, we just call it Mt.Murra, backt to the hunt..... we were walking along an old fire track when we saw a big black panther lurking in the distance, it was very low to the ground, but its legs were long, it was low to the ground, kind of like it was stalking something, it crept behind a tree, and onto the track we were walking on, we had a .222 but did not want to mess witht his big boy. it was about 85-90cm tall, about 2-2 1/2m long with tail, and was quite a scary encounter, for we were going for pigs. after seeing this cat we called off the hunt and went home for a beer or two.

Author / Witness - Toby - Reported 07/05/07

20070422 - Apollo Bay (Vic) - Sighting January 2005 Reported 22/04/2007

Subject:- Possible Panther Sighting Apollo Bay area

Hi Paul

Around January 2005 i was holidaying in Apollo Bay with my then girlfriend....We decided to spend a day visiting the many waterfalls that litter the Otways surrounding Apollo Bay most of them only accessible via dirt tracks.

Whilst driving along these dirt tracks we saw at least 3 "feral" cats ...2 black and one fawn in colour along the side of the road ...These were in no way possible to be mistaken for anything other then ..feral cats..

Whilst returning to our car up some very roughly made steep steps (girlfriend tired lagging behind) i had stopped to wait for her when i had the feeling of being watched..

Looking out into the surrounding bushland i spotted a rather large tabby cat sitting on a log not more then 25 metres from me ..... As i have always been very intrigued and fascinated by ..ufos.. cryptozoology..and other related topics i was kinda spooked by this as i started recalling stories i had read about big cats etc...

It was getting a little late in the evening but we decided we would visit one more waterfall before returning to Apollo bay I do not recall the name of this waterfall but it was located in a gully surrounded by heavily logged pine forest with a public camp ground located at the end of a dirt track On leaving you come of this dirt trackand turn onto a sealed road..as we did this and i started accelerating i got a glimpse of the rear end of a very large black cat as it leaped of the roadside and up an embankment which was about 3.5 metres high My girlfriend saw it before me and said "did you see that" so i guess my mind was not playing tricks on me..

we stopped and reversed back to where we had seen it ..there were shrubs on top of the embankment behind these there was forest....we could not see it and we were to scared to leave the vehicle and venture up the embankment It would have been at least a little taller then a german shepard ..jet black ..but what really got my attention was the long black curved tail which stayed curved and rigid as it leapt....

There is no way it could have been a feral cat in our opinion we both have had pet cats and this was not your everyday pussycat You wouldn't get me camping out at that waterfall......in fact i don't think id walk down that way again either I find it interesting that most people cannot believe/accept the idea of bigcats living in the aussie bush....fair enough when it comes to yowies etc when you take into account there is no confirmed species matching them anywhere in the world..but bigcats of allsorts shapes and colours are known to exist in many countries...why not here??

What effect would proof of this have on tourism etc....like i said it has put me off camping and bushwalking too not to mention the political nightmare it would be in regards to how/what to deal with it...

It will be interesting to see if current issues like drought bushfires bring these creatures out of hiding and into more contact with humans Once again great site ..hope i haven't bored you with my story .....Kevin b

Author / Witness - Kevin B - Reported 22/04/07

20070416 - Glenelg River Forest (Vic) Sighting Easter 2007 Reported 16/04/07

Subject: Footprints in Glenelg River forest.

Hi Paul,

Ive just come back from spending a week hiking from Portland to Nelson with a mate,while hiking through the Glenelg River forest between the Moleside and Post and Rail camps we noticed some large prints on one of the sandy tracks after much debate between my friend and I we concluded they must be large Cat prints.When we got back to Portland we mentioned this to some locals expecting to be ridiculed,but they mentioned about the Puma sightings we were quite suprised.I am glad I found your website as now I am quite intrigued and need to know more,I would be interested to know your thoughts on our Glenelg River footprints.By the way we did see some feral cats but they were very small.

Regards Tim S.A

Author / Witness - Tim - Reported 16/04/07

20070314 - Kembla (NSW) Sighting Sunday 11th March 2007 Reported (14/03/07)


my two sons, my mum and I were hiking along the ring track at the base of mount kembla on sunday 11th march 2007 (nsw, wollongong) when I had an eerie feeling that we were being watched. About 100 metres further up the track we heard a noise in the undergrowth about 5 metres in from the track. It was a heavy pounding movement as the animal moved quickly away from us. I caught just a quick glimpse of the rear end of the animal and it was a beautiful jet black colour I did not see anything to distinguish what sort of animal it was though, until...... We waited a moment to see if it moved again and the second time I saw a definite long black tail like a cats. The animal was approximately the size of a medium sized dog and was very heavy on its feet. what disturbed me about this encounter was that my youngest son, who is 5 and the smallest in the group, was trailing quite a way behind us and I couldn't help but think that this animal had been stalking us or him!


Author / Witness - Rebecca - Reported 14/03/07

20070303 - Woodburn (NSW) Sighting (When - Unknown) Reported (03/03/07)

hi paul,

my girlfriend and i where driving from Woodburn to Myrtle Creek, nsw,and saw what we both beleive to be a hyena,we got an approx 5 min look at this critter,it was daylight and niether of us were drinking,before blurting out what i thought it was i asked kristy to tell me what she was looking at and she said without hesitation "hyena" ,we are both curious as to any other similar sightings in the grafton or casino areas,npws has listings of recorded species in different nat parks which include numerous un id canines, any info would be appreciated,

regards steve

Author / Witness - Steve - Reported 03/03/07

(Paul - Steve later sent me a web link of an African Wild Dog, advising that this was the closest description to the sighting that he and his girlfriend had.)

20070222 - Mt. Buller (Vic) Sighting (When - Unknown) Reported (22/02/07)

My friend and I were on a school bike-riding camp up near Mt. Bulla. Deep in the forest a black panther flew across the path ahead. There were three witnesses. A riding instructor had seen one an hour before as well. I had seen a paw print a year earlier, just before I found out about the whole big cat phenomenon. My friend saw it too. The same friend saw one in Strathbogie and a friend of hers lives in Strathbogie and they claim to have seen one also. We’ve had a few trickles of encounters but I really want a photo of one! All we usually get are wallabies and foxes.


Author / Witness - Karen - Reported 22/02/07

20061228 - Fryerstown (Vic) Sighting 2005 (Including Alice Springs) (Reported 28/12/06)

Back in October 2005 my wife and I were holidaying in Victoria, one Sunday afternoon we stopped by the roadside to take a photo of the old beehive site,this area is located between Fryerstown and Chewton,( not far from Vaughan Springs). We were setting up to take the picture when we noticed a big black animal near the side of the road,my wife the remarked " thats a big black cat" the animal moved into a gully then into a huge briar or prickle bush area.

You could see that the animal was cat like by its movement,"like a crouched creeping movement" then vanished into the briars. We could not believe what we had just seen.

On that particular day there had been a press release in the "herald sun" showing some guy who cliamed he had shot a large cat in the Gippsland area,and we thought that if we had reported the sighting we may have been deemed as "crack pots" trying to muscle in on the media junket. which was all about big cat siding.

I find it interesting though that a previus sighting had been reported from the Vaughan Springs area,which is only a few Ks from our sighting.

My wife and I live in Alice Springs where there have been several reports of large cats living in this arid area,general consensus is that these cats have been feral and have mutated into larger species over the years,sometime ago I found the remains of a cat which had been electrocuted at a Transformer site and its skeletal remains were quite large especially its head and at that time I thought the remains were too large to be a feral cat.


Author / Witness - Graeme - Reported 28/12/06

20061224 - Anakie - West of Melbourne (Vic) Sighting 1990 & 1 (Reported 24/12/06)


Approx 1990 a friend and I was out hunting approx 40 klms West of Melbourne we had been going to this property for about 2 years shooting rabbits, hares and the odd fox. There were a couple of other properties we use to shoot on about 1 klm away as well. There was one property that was very cliffy and had a lot of gum trees on it next to the property we had always been going to. On the way home I said to Alex my friend if he wanted to take a quick look. We never had permission to go on we were just curious what it looked like deeper in. We both had guns 22 magnums loaded and ready to shoot. About 5 minutes of walking into the property we both nearly stood on a panther.

This was no feral cat as we have shot cats the size of a fox. The tail on the cat stood out the most, it was so long. We both seen the whole thing perfectly for about 5 seconds. We both froze and stood there scared stiff for about 5 minutes looking at each other talking about what we just saw and listening out. There was no way I could of had a shot as I was in shock. On the way home we were talking about it so excited we were but feeling stupid at the same time. We both were experienced hunters knowing panthers didn't exist in Australia, but we told all our mates and parents who laughed at us.

The very next night on a current affair there were black panther sightings approx 40 klms north from where we had seen it, even a retired police man saw it, and someone took a shot and blew his mirror off his door. And I must say it was on a current affair that whole week including nine news. (That many people seen it) I looked into panther sightings and found out about the mascots from us army. I still see all my mates including the guy I was with and still talk about it.

There was another occasion about 1 year later in the same area where we were hunting, we had walky talkies I was walking on the bottom of this dried up creek and Alex walking above me. I could here Alex screaming and heard 3 shots from his shot gun. When he did answer my call on the walky talky he said lets get out of here.

This was a man who was nearly crying, so scared he told me he seen a fawn cat the size of the panther. This guy has shot feral cats one the size of a bull terrier. I just wanted you to know my experience I had and believe me when I hear a story I'm all ears now. Before this I would of laughed to my son who is 13 wants to go looking for one with me, and found your sight and love it.

Thanks, Adrian

Author / Witness - Adrian - Reported 24/12/06

20061208 - Barwon River (Vic) Footprint Sighting Late October 2006 (Reported 08/12/06)

I found a foot print along the Barwon River, just above Geelong. It was at the end of October this year 2006. I'm not sure if it is a dog or cat, it is large. I have 2 photos of it 1 with a stubby next 2 it and the other with my left hand. I have a couple of mates that have seen the cat near Meredith. I havent shown them yet 2 ask what they think.

Photo of prints supplied - 11/12/06.

Print 1
Print 2

Author / Witness - Joel & Kim - Reported 08/12/06

20061113 - Sale (Vic) Several Sightings (Big Cats & Thylacine) (Reported 13/11/06)

saw large black cat size of labrador dog near reeves beach aprox 35ks from sale 2 years ago also 1 near golf course on longford rd near sale int article in loc paper some 15 trs ago about large skelotons of kittens found when building new freeway through morwell in local paper called express large cat sighted near yinnar tip 15yr ago lrg mountain lion spotted near middle creek lots of sigtins near englishes cnr top of middle crk rd documented since the fifties in tralgon history book deer hunter sees large tasmanian tiger ner woodside beach tracks also leading from water in direction of snake island origanal owner said to have imported many species of strange animals happy huntin ray


Author / Witness - Ray - Reported 13/11/06

20061029 - 1 Hour from Apollo Bay (Vic) Several Sightings (Reported 29/10/06)

yes i have seen the puma,about 3yrs ago it walked across the front of me when i was driving,only 15meters away in the middle of the day turned arouned at the top of a hill and it walked across me again, clearly i would say a puma or hugh cat a light brown colour with black rings only on the tail. i have revisited the place i saw it each year and i took some photos of footprints even to day sat11/11/06that would say it does hang around this area which is about 1hr from apollo bay. tommy

Author / Witness - Tommy - Reported 29/10/06

20061027 - Neilborough (Vic) Various Sightings (Reported 27/10/06)

hey i came across ur website today n thought id tell ya what i'v seen aswell

i used to live in victoria in a little place called neilborough which is around 30-40 mins outta bendigo. we had cattle and sheep killed in the ways i have read described on your website one a bull worth alot of money, i was younger at the time this happened but me, my dad n the rest of the family knew that our stock were not killed by some wild dog or plain old feral cat, well i guess i better start at the first sighting it was on eaglehawk neilborough road, around half a km from where we used to live me and my father were coming back from bendigo one late afternoon(first time i seen this big cat in the daylight) where we lived was surronded by the whipstick forest, n quite near to the malley it was thick bushland that most people wouldnt venture in as they had heard the storys and it was to easy to get lost in. anyway me n my father heading home from town were in the ol wb bout a km from home when a pack a kangaroo's came boudin over the road from a mate's property so slammed on the breaks n then seen it the big cat, looked like a panther easy was level or even a bit taller then the big 5 poster bullbar on the ute it had a pugged sort of face, it was black with a big long tail on it i couldnt get over the size of it and the shoulder blades were absoultly massive. this was the first time i seen the black one when it neally ended up in our laps. it chased the kangaroo's off into the whispstick me and my father not thinking looked at one another and jumped outta the ute leaving it running in the middle of the the dirt road and tryed to chase this thing into the whipstick we lost it of course and were around 200metres into the whipstick looked at one another again and went no go back to the ute, we had no way to defend ourselves if this cat showed up. after we got home my father called a mate of his saying about this cat his mate said yeh iv seen it before there a black one and the brown we call em the Neilborough Cats, said we've seen many of them but no one can manage to catch one. the second sighting of this black cat was in the same property we seen it chase the kangaroo's out of, we were over there one night for a BBQ, when someone first heard it, making really horrid noises like something in pain n then a sort of hissing growling thing, we turned off the music got out the torches n started looking around it was on the dam bank, this property used to be full of old mine shafts but had gradullay been filled in over the years, the cat seemed to jus disapear almost shrinking into the dark and it was gone. We saw the black one a few times after that on the same property. The brown one, We only seen it the one time, slightly smaller then the black but still huge. This one was spotted on the other side of the road in another mate's property (as the town was so small not even a pub or general store everyone knew everyone) this is the same property the black one chased the kangaroo's into. The bloke who owned the property we saw the brown cat in used to make euky oil so my dad used to help him put it in the boilers and make it i was friends with this bloke's son's so i was always there with dad to. The night we saw it was the night before easter sunday as i recall. we had our swags all rolled out around the fire except for the two boys they were in a little tent, i was laying down listening to the talk n looking up at the stars once again we heard the noise the same as we heard the black one making, this cat was louder though but it was much closer it was at the edge of the boiler tank which was around 9 metres from the fire and us, it looking at us as though it was sizing us all up. My dads mate's ute was parked rite next to us his mate leaned over to the ute opened the door and got the shotgun out from beside the seat, as with these story's and us seeing these big cats he always kept the shotgun near by incase he had to defend himself,us or his children. he shot as the big cat (this bloke was an excellent shot) but the cat was to quick it leapted away in the blink of an eye my dad and his mate put all us kids in the ute, and went looking for it taking the hand help spotlight but they didnt have a chance of finding it out in the whipstick. Thats the only time i have sighted the brown cat but the black one if have seen a few times where i lived as did most others who lived in the area. people reported seeing these cats around epsom and huntly to which were about half and hour from where i lived in neilborough, and bendigo which was a big mining area. we found many of big foot prints we cant explain also my uncle who was camped at the cockatoo resevoir which is about 12 kms from the places we seen these cats my uncle also seen a black one on the bank of the dam, it jus stood there and stared at him for ages him and his father in law seen it they both said they have never seen anything like it in their lives.

i just though id put my 2 cents in on where iv seen these big cats and i hope someday soon we can prove the people wrong who refuse to believe these cat's exist as some unlucky person may one day soon end up taking the place of a kangaroo or sheep.

cheers Sharni B.....

Author / Witness - Sharni B - Reported 27/10/06

20061025 - Dartmoor (Vic) Sighting 11/01/2004 around 2:00 am (Reported 25/10/06)

Hi Paul, Just came across your site after putting together a bit of a photo-book together on me and my mate's journey from Perth to Melbourne in 2004.

Our second last leg of the journey included driving from Ceduna to Mt Gamber. However, when we got to Gambier we thought we could go on a little further so we did until we saw the sign to Dartmoor. We drove up the main drag and parked right outside the local store (where the soldier's statues are).

IN the middle of the night (laying down across the front and back of the car sleeping) we awoke to hear what sounded like a deep-toned throaty cat not very happy with my black Saab. Purring and moaning about something. I heard footsteps around the car which confirmed my fears that something was outside. Quietly confident it was a homegrown tabby, I was about to lift up my face outside the window which was pitch black with night anyhow.

Our fears were realised, and we froze with fear, when this animal (whatever it was) started banging into the car. Now it could've been anything, but when tabbycats hit the car, the car isn't meant to move. You could feel the suspension of the car moving with every hit.

I nearly died of a heart-attack! (and I'm young and healthy!)

I turned the car on without moving above the window pane, put it into Drive and jumped up and drove off not seeing anything in the darkness.

Dat's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!

Thanks - Michael B

Author / Witness - Michael B - Reported 27/10/06

20060925 - Flowerdale (Vic) Sighting 20 October 2006 (Reported 20/10/06)


Well I just found your site after coming in the door and logging on. I just rang my girlfriend about 10 mins ago to tell her what I just saw. I live in flowerdale and was coming home from my girlfriends place in reservoir. It was about 40 minutes ago {midnight} whilst driving along with my high beams and driving lights on, that I saw what looked to (be) big, black and pounce across the road up ahead.....it was in the area just before the climb up the mountain. My face froze as I thought to myself, gee that looked and ran like a CAT....but it was huge...its back would have been as high as my kitchen table, easy. I felt scared at the time, it has certainly freaked me out. I have (been) doing this run at midnight, for 2 years now and seen all sorts of animals, even large deer....but nothing has had a pouncing/running style like this. It was all black and was extremely fast, even though it wasnt running flatout......Im sold. I dont need proof thanks. I just got it. Peter.

Author / Witness - Peter - Reported 20/10/06

20060925 - Tarnagulla (Vic) Sighting February 1992 (Reported 25/09/06)


Myself and 3 other fellows were visiting a local Tarnagulla sports masseur in February 1992.

Driving back to Bendigo about 5 km out of Tarnagulla, approx, 10.00pm we spotted the Panther on the side of the road.

The mate driving chased the Panther into the bush. It appeared to be momentarily stunned by the headlights of the car and boxed in to some thick scrub a mere 10 foot from the front of the car.

It snarled, darted from side to side then bolted through the bush.

* Jet Black
* Approx. 9 foot long head to tip of tail
* Approx. 3 foot high
* Angry.

Happy to share.

Regards Bill B..........

Author / Witness - Bill - Reported 25/09/06

20060722 - Karana Downs (QLD) Sighting week commencing 17/07/06 - (Reported 26/07/06)

Hi Paul,

I live at Karana Downs. The property is located right on the Brisbane River. During the week beginning Monday 17 July ( can't remember which day ) I walked out of the back door of our house, along the rear path towards our garden shed. As I approached the shed there was a hell of a noise in the shrubbery & leaf litter behind the shed & I saw a large jet black animal of cat like appearence rush very fast across the end of the path & disappear into the shrubbery in my neighbours place. Even though I saw only it's hindquarters & tail, there is no doubt in my mind that it was a very large cat with a long tail, thick legs & jet black in colour.

The following day, I was a passenger in my wife's car as she reversed out of a carport at the front of the house. I looked across the river ; there was a large jet black cat crossing the headland of the cultivation on the other side of the river. My wife moved her car to get a better view of the animal & there is no doubt in my mind it was definately a very large cat.

I have seen many large ferals over the years but not one that was as large as this & jet black in colour. It disappeared into the lantana & other undergrowth. I have not seen it since. Unfortunately, I had no time to get either a camera or binoculars.

My initial enquiry was with the Queensland Museum. It was greeted with skepticism & derision. My daughter alerted me to your website. Your comments would be appreciated.

Regards, Allan

Author / Witness - Allan - Reported 26/07/06

20060722 - Maroota (NSW) Sighting 22/07/06 - (Reported 22/07/06)

At 3.50pm (22/7/06) our 3 horses and two sheep returned to their night paddock early - they normally come up closer to feed time at 4.20 or later, even have to be caught to get them in. The old mare was galloping around the yard and neighing non-stop for about 5 minutes - we thought maybe the colt was annoying her, but she normally just gives him a quick bite or boot and no fuss, so we were surprised at her odd behaviour.

We were on the back veranday h about 130 metres away and had visitors, so left them alone. At about 4.30-40pm, we went to feed the horses and put on their blankets again. While I was putting on the colts blanket in his yard, Bruce went down to shut the gate to the back paddocks and check for any trees brought down on the track with the rain over the past few days. He was halfway down the hill towards the gully when he saw something moving at right angles to him about 12-15 metres in front- at first he thought a kangaroo, but then he saw it - a big black cat like animal. As soon as it became aware of him it took off and crashed through the bush into the gully - but became silent as soon as it was out of sight.

It was much bigger than our dogs (Dalmatians) and had a long thickish tail about a 1/3 of its lenth, with its head held out forward (not up or right down) and at the height of its back. It ran with a level topline on all fours, not like a kangaroo. My husband comes from Africa and has seen leopards and lions and cheetahs in the wild at close quarters, and he is convinced it was a cat of at least 75cm shoulder height and body length about 120cm long, tail another 60cm long approx. the head was away and never turned to face him, so he did not see its frontal head shape, eyes or ear shape, but it moved like a surprised cat, not a Kangaroo or dog. However, the tail seemed a little thicker than he expected - again, not like a kangaroo though.

We back on to Maroota State Forest - it is all bush and wild gullies behind our property. We found some fresh tracks with four toes and claws in some sand about where Bruce saw the animal - not sure what sort of footprints they are, or even if the same animal made them , simply that they were made today after the rain and by an animal in a hurry,as the claw marks were indented

Author / Witness - Margaret and Bruce - Reported 22/07/06

20060708 - The Grampians (Vic) Sighting Mid & Late 2005- (Reported 08/07/06)

Hi Paul

I have lived in the grampians region all my life and became quite interested in the stories that used to fly around about the pumas, so used to go out hiking looking for caves with friends and always had an eye peeled for anything else that I saw which was nothing for many years. That is until Iventured a bit more off the beaten track!

Now bear in mind this all happened the winter before the fires swept thru the gramps so I dont know how lively it would be up there now, but my partner and i had just climbed up n around some of the arses ears mountian rang when we came across a whole heap roo prints and broken bushes, what followed the roo prints were extremly large cat like prints. There had obviously been a chase.The claw holes that were left behind were square shaped at the top and about an inch wide but I was unable to reach the bottom of the hole with my finger to judge how deep it was. We also found a tree that had 1 side of the base kind of disturbed and a really strong scent of animal wee coming from it. It was rank! But that was only the first one!

This time it was closer to Xmas and really hot. If you were to enter the asses ears from the Henty highway via the Glenisla crossing and follow that road till u come to a T intersectionand look straight up you would see where the mountian range kind of overlap each othe and make what looks to be a hollow, that's were we were hoping to head this day. It was very open for the first few hundred metres then slowly the srub changed to crappy tall green weedy plants that was preety thick and over our heads we pushed through this for a while, then it started thining out again, this is about when we started seeing depressions in the dirt, like a cat makes but heaps bigger. We know this was not from pis as the person Iwas with is origionaly from Swanhill and has spent a lot of time hunting pigs on foot so knows thier hibbits. Then just as we were about to reach the base of the mount. There was a big crunch in front of us and my walking partner saw a big black mass and Ia black tail curved up which made us come to the conclusion that it was a panther not pumas but this thing jumped from side to side about 10 metres infront of us clearing about 4m every jump!

WE shit, seriously! My walking partner asked if I wanted to keep going, definatly no, but started to wonder how were we supposed to get back to the car without getting eaten so back to back and talking loudly we started walking back the way we came all the while this thing followed us from about 20m away, we couldn't see it but the bushes were steadily moving and u could c it was following our exact path, and we could hear it! There was a dull thump from its footsteps so it must have been heavy, there was a noise kind of like a horse makes when its really spooked but it was very, very quiet, and at times a low rumbeling all this continued till we got back to where the scrub started to thin out.

Worthwhile going for a look but dont go on ur own take a couple of people and I reccomend taking a couple of guns just in case! Ow and just in case ur wondering, im not a townie thats been spooked by a roo Ispend a lot of time out there but this was something different, and the Woortook genral store might be worth a look I've heard they've got a stuffed panther that they found at the back of thier property.

Author / Witness - Christine J - Reported 08/07/06

20060428 - Harold's Cross ACT Region Sighting 0730 hrs 28/04/06 - (Reported 28/04/06)


I'm not sure if this is still your area of interest (I visited a web-page and your email details came up):

I'm interested to know if there have been any 'Puma' sightings in the Harold's Cross / Rossi / Captain's Flat / Ballalaba / Wyanbene region of the Southern Tablelands in NSW. The reason? I had a close encounter of the 'Big Black Cat' kind this morning at 0730h, travelling through the Pine forest plantation at Harold's Cross, on my way to Canberra for work.

I know and can easily recognise most Australian fauna - the animal in question leaped in front of my 4wd as I entered a short bend in the road. I was travelling at about 60kmh; the 'animal' was jet black, fur covered, just under 1m high (going from its relative height to the Bull-Bar of my Discovery), spanned the length of my bonnet from head to hindquarters, had an extended 'thick' tail almost as long as its body and a sizeable head. It was definitely NOT a wallaby / kangaroo /fox / dog / pig or anything like that which I usually encounter travelling the back-roads to and from canberra each day. This animal was also easily three times the length, height and breadth of any 'feral' domestic cat I have ever encountered. The sun was not in my eyes and there were no shadows cast on the road to deceive me.

Just as we crossed paths, and I thought I couldn't believe what I'd seen, the animal's tail hit my Bull-Bar / Bonnet with a solid 'thud'. I immediately stopped and got out of my vehicle to investigate, but alas found no sign of either an injured animal nor any tracks on the gravel road surface. This animal had managed to leap across the roadway, in one bound, in front of my vehicle and escape relatively unscathed whilst I was also travelling at reasonable speed.

All this was a bit unsettling, as I tried to rationalise what I had seen, against what I could give credit to; and of course what my sense of reason told me would be believed were I to tell any-one of this encounter! Any enlightenment or info you can provide would be appreciated.

Author / Witness - Anon - Reported 28/04/06

20060330 - Well this Proves that there ARE Big Cats (Reported 30/03/06)


When I tell people there are big cats In Australia I am often laughed at, however, I have heard stories from people who work with Australian wildlife everyday who are convinced they saw a panther.

I do not know weather to believe if these cats are "panthers" a lot of evidence points to this indeed, and when I look at some of the photos they really do look like Panthers.

I really think that it is possible, that in the many remote regions of Australian there are panthers (or pumas) the remote country explains the lack of sightings and evidence.

However, even if there aren't Panthers or Puma's roaming the outback, there are big cats in Australia.

Just look at the photo I have attached-this domestic cat currently holds the world record for largest cat in the world-he is huge! If a domestic cat can get to such a size, I am convinced Feral cats could do the same. This would explain for a lot of sightings.

Current record for the World's Largest Cat


As we know, Australia has a huge feral cat problem. I have seen photos of these cats, as well as stuffed ones, and they are a lot larger than the normal sized cat. I think it's possible that these animals, in the remote areas, have somewhat "evolved." Such large cats would find it easy, I believe, to bring down stock such as sheep.

So the proof is there-big cats in Australia do exist. We just don't know if they are overgrown ferals, or escaped/released Panthers or Pumas.

Who knows-maybe they both are roaming the outback?

Author / Witness - Erin Smith - Reported 30/03/06

20060326 - Victorian High Country (VIC) - Sighting date 25/03/06 (Reported 26/03/2006)

Big Cats in the High Country

Dear Paul,

Here are some intresting photos, one of which I took on school holidays about 16 yrs ago it is of some very large prints, the photo was taken in the Victorian high country.

Trackline from circa 1990 (Very large dog?)


The rest are of a domestic cat gone feral which I shot last weekend which had reached enormous proportions in size.it was also shot in the high country.


Reguards. Anon

Author / Witness - Travis - Reported 26/03/06


Mike Williams - Co-author of Strange Nation and the Australian rep for the Centre of Fortean Zoology Times, picked up the body of the above animal on 01/04/06 and has provided the below measurements and they are;

Animal is salted and has shrunk in the last week approx 10%.
Flat nose,horizontal to base of tail,not tip of tail. = 870mm
Tail, (missing appro 20mm not included in measurement) = 340mm
paw to paw flat front and same rear to rear opposite= 700mm
outer edge of eye socket to opposite outer edge. =60mm
side on profile from front to back=80mm
base of outer cannines top= 5mm
jaw gap in "yawn" position,top to bottom=42mm
outside edge of upper outside cannines to opposite side =20mm


This picture is the pelt of the above cat (R) next to a dingo pelt (L).


Further streamed video's links from Mike.

Data from Mike Williams

20060114 - Hunter valley (NSW) - Sighting date 07/01/06 (Reported 14/01/2006)

Dear Paul,

Last Saturday morning 7 January 2006 I sighted a strange creature in the NSW Hunter Valley area. Remote rural dairy and beef cattle area. It is very quiet there. I am part time there and part time away. I have an (at the moment) half built rough cabin - roof and floor - no walls. With the warm weather I have been sleeping out on the verandah area.

About 6am I had just woken up and stood up and looked around. It was overcast - a liitle dark and misty. I gazed ahead about 20 metres and was startled to see a shape running very fast along the grass "road" around the "dam" as I call it - a large 8ft deep sunken area with some shallow water in the bottom, some large trees and thick bushes, a haven for frogs, ducks etc and lately kangaroos and wallabies have been hanging around there.

It all happened very quickly. I didn't see where it came from - perhaps I startled it when I stood up. I just saw this creature running very fast - 2 legs together - ie front legs moving together and back legs moving together. I could hear the thumping as its feet hit the grass, like when you call your dog and it runs full tilt at you and you can hear its feet pounding.

I saw it side on. At first I thought it might have been a wallaby but it was moving too fast and galloping(?) more than hopping or bounding. In fact it ran a bit like my friends fox terrier cross, which is skinny and greyhound-like and runs very fast (it chased my good wallaby away last time it came to visit - the fox terrier that is). (then again I am now wondering if the "panther" has made a meal of that wallaby)

I said to myself - "wow you're going fast."

It looked dark coloured - rather like the "wet wallaby colour" that another witness has reported, but this was at a distance in poor light. It bolted along for about 2 to 3 seconds then I lost sight behind a tree and heard some crashing as it leaped into the "dam" area. Wallabies/kangaroos have leapt in there when I've startled them so I know the noise. I hear things move down there at night.

I stepped off my verandah to go look if I could see it, to see what it was, - you can usually see the kangaroos before they hop out the other side and away.

As I walked over behind my house to the hollow I heard a noise beside me, it must've leapt back out already and was on my side of the "dam". It was about 4m away from me. It took me completely by surprise as I was looking in the opposite direction for it.

All I saw was 2 hind legs and a longish tail that curved a bit upwards, the hind legs were in mid air as it had leapt over some waist high bracken and its front half had already disappeared into the "dam area" . The legs were kind of muscular and the tail was an even thickness all along it. The fur was short and flat and black or tinged very very dark brown, an even colour. I thought perhaps it was a dog, as from the rear it was similar, but I only saw it close like this for half a second. I thought I saw it in the trees on the other side of the dam after that, then I did not see it again or hear it.

It was at least as big, most likely bigger, than my families large fox terrier (who does not live there). He measures 80cm long with a docked tail and 45cm high. The creature's tail was longer so it had to be at least a metre long and probably longer.

Inquires revealed that no one local has a dog that colour, and most dogs could not leap so far and fast, and would come towards you rather than fleeing. I couldn't work out what it was, but didn't think too much about it. My husband was intriqued and wondered if it was a "Lithgow Panther" type animal. When I looked at a picture of a black panther it had exactly the same tail and back legs that I saw.

It's only this year the kangaroos and wallabies have started coming down to my place, they live up in the hills behind mostly, but maybe have come down for the greener grass in this dry season. This is also the first time I have seen this creature. Makes sense if kangaroos are their prey.

Reading the various reports and thinking about the speed and leaping ability of the creature I believe it must be a black panther type animal. Something there eats birds as I find the feathers. A few times prior to this I have had a feeling that someone/something was watching me, and also once imagined I saw a dog, but when I had looked it wasn't there. (or was it?) Also when I put my lights out I would hear a branch snap or a thump, and a short cough now and then from the "dam" area. I though it was the kangaroos but now I wonder if it is the panther as I read that they make a cough noise.

I won't be sleeping out in my cabin any more until I get some walls. Just in case it decides to snack on me - I'm treating it with a healthy respect.

I think it must be living in/around the dam area, as from looking on the net it is very similar to the habitat they like. I am sending you separately a few photos to illustrate what I mean.

Around the same time, or maybe the week before, I went around to the sunny side of the dam to cut/poison some weeds. As I went near the back end which contains a tall thicket of Patersons Curse etc, I must've startled something close by and it crashed through the scrub a bit, it startled me, then I tried to see it but couldn't, it must've just moved away a bit then laid low. I thought it was the kangaroo at the time, but now I think it may've been the panther.

There is a bottlebrush tree at the front of the dam with paperbark like bark, lately this is all ripped open on one side exposing the lighter bark underneath. Again I was blaming the kangaroos as they do like to nibble on my citrus bark. I am going to examine this tree and everything else now very closely for clues. I had seen some large prints too about 3 months ago but again I thought it was the wallaby, as it was where he hung out. But they didnt look long and narrow like the kangaroo prints you show, more like the others as I was tossing up if they were the wallaby or a large dog.

I really think this is a panther type animal. I've never seen anything like it before. The back legs and tail I saw matched exactly the panther picture I found. Actually I'm a bit worried as I spend a fair bit of time there by myself, working outdoors and photographing the wildlife. If it wanted to attack me it easily could. I suppose it hasn't yet. How worried would you be about this? Any suggestions? I think this was a medium size animal, not the really large ones others describe, so perhaps a female or young adult. I think it has moved in permanently - the habitat seems to suit it.

There are marsupial "tiger cats" in this area but this was nothing like them, it was much much larger, no spots or markings - well not on the bits I saw anyway. The tiger cat we caught when I was young was more like large possum size. I'm also sending you a 70year old (ish) photo of a larger tiger cat from my friends old pics. Just for you to see as I believe you are interested in these too. (If you want to publish it I will need to get permission from the owner of the pic.)

It was nothing at all like this. It was a very fast moving dog/wallaby size animal, very smooth running.

Author / Witness - Anon (by request) - Reported 14/01/06

20051220 - Western Australia (WA) - Sighting dates Unknown (Reported 20/12/2005)

Dear Paul

I haven't seen a panther or Puma myself, but know of two people lucky enought to get a quick look.

The first was my Aunties song Ty, he works out in the country in western australia, I'm not sure where, some place starting with a K. Anyway,he was out in a paddock when one ran past him. He described it as a Panther, black and big with a long tale. He fell to the ground and scraped his arm, and by the time he gained his feet the animal had disapeared into the scrub, but he swears "it was a panther." Apparently he's not the only to have seen it, and the locals reckon its one that escaped from a circus years ago. (sorry I don't have much info, this happened years ago and I was only young when I heard it.)

The second was while I was at work. Just so you know, I worked at a wildlife park/rehab centre, so everyone was really good at recognising animals. The topic came up at lunch, and one of the vets shared what had happened to him. He had been driving out in the bush (agian WA) when he and his friend saw something run across the road. It was a huge cat-it ran right in front of them and bounded up a rocky hillside something hes said "no aussi animal could do." they didn't get a clear at the colour as it was dark, but it was "huge, with a long tail-defiantly not a feral cat-it was a panther or something like that." remember, this is from an vet who treats wild aussie animals as well as domestic, so he knew what he was on about.

Both of these people had no reason to lie.

If I find out anymore info, I'll send it.

Author / Witness - Erin - Reported 20/12/05

20051113 - Gippsland (Vic) - Sighting date 13/10/05 (Reported 13/11/2005)

Hello my name is Kerrie and we live in gippsland on a farm with beef cows last month we had a goat killed and three calves by a big black cat. This all took place over a week. I saw the cat at 10.30 am the day after the goat was killed. I've got some good photos of the goat and calves. Last week a farmer close by had two calves killed which looked like the ones here.

Author / Witness - Kerrie - Reported 13/11/05

20051029 - Grampians (Vic) - Sighting date 29/09/02 (Reported 29/10/2005)

I live on the east side of the Grampians. I was driving a motor bike through the bush on a track I had not been on. I was racing my friends (also on bikes) to a bridge over a creek. I was going along, one of my friends was about 40m to the left of me, through the bush, and I think he spoked the panther. It went from my left to right about 3 metres in front of me it was a guess of about 2 metres long since the track is no wider then my bike (quad) and it cover the track completely in front of me in mid jump. When I told my friends we went back to the spot and found tracks about 11 cm or more, a guess. We then follow them. Then we came to a paddock with heifers in it. We were about to go when my younger bother spotted it about 15 meters up a big gum tree. The tree was about 100 meters from us and any bush around it. We went back a few days later a found a day or two old calf body up the tree in the same spot as we last saw the panther. It had from what we saw, dry blood around the neck and long claw marks (4 long slashes) down the side that we could see. We then left, and we haven’t said a thing about it as we have heard before stories of the panther. That is all

Author / Witness - Anon - Reported 29/10/05

20051011b - Diamond Creek (Vic) - Sighting in 1986 / 87 (Reported 11/10/2005)

Hi there, Great site !

After reading these eye witness accounts, something I saw in Diamond Creek when I was younger doesn't seem so unreal now. Back in 86 or 87 , I was at my Aunties property in Diamond Creek walking around the back paddocks. As I got to the bottom paddock which backed onto bushland I saw this huge cat like creature just standing there. It wasnt black but more tanned color with sort of blotchy spots on it, and it looked mangey but it was at least 60 cms in height and had a big bushy tail, and it also had a real mean looking head.I have seen plently of feral cats before and this was too big to be one. We both just stood and stared at each other for about 30 seconds then it took off into the bush, then I took off to the house. I never saw it again although I always looked for it.

So I believe that there has to be big cats out there somewhere.

Cheers Glen

Author / Witness - Glen. - Reported 11/10/05

20051011a - Croajingolong (Vic) - Sighting at Croajingolong 2001 (Reported 11/10/2005)

I am a born and bred.... country boy. I have been driving country roads at all hours, day and night for many years. I have seen thousands of animals in the head lights at night. Every one of these can be identified as resembling a dog, roo, wombat, cat, fox, etc... Occasionally a fleeting glimpse can leave you wondering. I am the biggest sceptic of these people, especially city people who go for the odd country drive and report a sighting of a Tassie tiger or black panther.. I remember reading an article of someone who resides in Melbourne, and had on several occasions sighted a Tassie tiger near Koonwarra on the South Gippsland Highway.... a road I have travelled for years at all hours of the night... maybe they were just lucky !!

Considering the numerous sightings of these animals over the years, why hasn't there been one piece of credible evidence that these animals actually exist.. Why hasn't there been one killed on the road, one shot by a hunter, one died of old age and found in the bush somewhere... not even a hair that can be traced to one of these animals... Every photo has an element of doubt about it.... need I go on ??


On a trip up to the Croajingolong National Park, we were driving on the Wingham link Rd.... The day was very very windy. When we stopped we found ourselves yelling to talk above the noise of the wind in the trees.. We had noticed the wallabies weren't hearing us driving up on them... as we were driving into the wind. Towards the Southern end of this track, we rounded a corner. There about 50 metres in front of us was a large black animal. This animal was walking away from us, down the middle of the road, its back to us. Its long thick black tail bent up at the ground . It was very slender, but at least 3/4 the height of a white post at the side of the road, or about 80 cm. Its coat was shiny black, but with a slight red tinge across its back in the sun. After a few seconds of looking at this animal, which still wasn't aware of us driving up behind it... I asked my wife if she was seeing what I was seeing... she was.. Then It turned its head, and looked at us. Its head was just that of a puma or panther... no need to describe it. It froze momentarily, then crouched, and jumped from the middle of the track into the bush beside the road.. in a single standing jump. Unbelievable!! And the edge of the road was cleared a few metres. This animal jumped about 4- 5 metres, or more from a standing start. When it jumped, we had a perfect view of its side profile. It was exactly the same profile of a bonnet emblem of a series one jaguar we once owned. We couldn't believe what we had seen. We stopped the car, and I got out to try and see where it had gone into the bush... The bush was so thick, and as I tried to find a path were it might have gone, I started to get a bit nervous about the possible danger of such an animal. We sat there in the car for a while, going over the details, We marked the spot of the map. That night I couldn't get it out of my head. I had to go back the next day.. this time with a camera ready. But we saw nothing. Not even a wallaby this time. I tried to find some foot prints or something as proof, but there was nothing.

On the way back we decided to drop into the Parks Office at Mallacoota. Officially they couldn't tell me what we had seen, but they showed me a very thick file (about 2 inches thick) of reported sightings of something similar in the same area. Most of the sightings were of almost exactly the same description. and most within ten kilometres of Mt Drummer area, which was where we were. They also spoke "off the record" ......of sightings as far down as Yarram and the Wilson's Prom, with farmers finding sheep and calves up trees etc... The rangers said they drive that same track on a regular basis, and have never seen anything like I described to them.

I now look at all sightings a bit more seriously..

I don't know if this fits in with you webpage, but I light of recent sightings, I have decided to share our experience. If you want more details.. email

Author / Witness - Dave N...... - Reported 11/10/05

20051007 - Braidwood Near Bungendore (NSW) & Canberra (ACT) - Sighting - 2003/4 (Reported 07/10/2005)


My name is Deb, I am 26 yrs old. I used to live 86 km south east of Canberra in a town called Braidwood. I was driving to Queanbyan with a friend to do our weekly shopping, we were aproaching what I thought was a kangaroo on the side of the road, it was the same colour and size as a kangaroo, but as we got nearer, I realised it didnt have the leg shape or tail like a kangaroo, I slowed down, and as we were passing, saw what was very definately a very large cat, it was the same colour as a kangaroo, I was amzed and have told everyone I came across about this. thankyou for allowing me to share this experience.

I saw it about 18 mths to 2 yrs ago max. the head was the same colour as the body, but had a very feline look about it, in fact it looked just like a giant cat, that was what surprised me the most. As I said it was roughly kangaroo size, and what first got my attention was that its tail and legs had the wrong shape. it was between Bungendore and Queabyan that i sighted this. Ihave since moved to Ipswich Qld, but apparently they are here too!!! I would love to hear more from you, and hopefully you can identify it. There have also been reported sightings of big black cats around Braidwood and Majors Creek, Araluen, also of bush men, or yowies... I look forward to hearing from you or others

Author / Witness - Deborah Reeves, QLD - Reported 10/10/05 Deborah Reeves, QLD

20051007 - Kinglake St Andrews Vic - Sighting - 6/10/05 10.30pm (Reported 07/10/2005)

Huge Black Cat Siting- Kinglake National Park

Hi Paul, Siting 6/10/05 10.30pm

Last night My partner and I were driving home to Kinglake up the St Andrews - Kinglake Road when we came around a tight bend in the national park and our headlights shone up onto a rocky outcrop where I saw a black cat about the size of a big Rottweiler. The thing that was quite unusual though and made me doubt that it was just another big feral cat was that it's tale was very long and was round and thick to the end, not like the usual cats tail that sort of gets a bit thinner to the end, not to mention it was far far bigger than any cat I've ever seen. I wanted to go back to have a better look but by the time we managed to turn around several other cars had gone past and I assume it had been scared away.

Author / Witness - Rachel - Reported 07/10/05

20051006 - Harkaway Vic - Sighting - 6/10/05 11.30pm (Reported 06/10/2005)

Me and a mate were spotlighting in harkaway when we saw a black panther the thing sat there for about 5mins we got a real good look at it.

The time was about 11.30pm I cant tell u the exact location because me and my mate have been back there and and found footprints and scats as well as hair and we dont want anyone scareing it of but yes harkaway is next to narre warren. Didnt get a pic but it can never be erased from or mind. We had the spot lihgt on it for about 7 to 10 mins it was black in colour big blue/green eyes. It was about the sime size as a big dog we were about 50 to 70 meters away from it. We have also ask someone that lives near where we saw it and he said "what the local panther"when wouldent tell us any more.

Author / Witness - Michael - Reported 07/10/05 (unedited)

20050809 - Daisy Hill ((near Talbot) Maryborough - Vic) Sighting - 08/08/05 (Reported 15/08/2005)

Hi Paul,

This my record of a Large Cat sighting on 9/8/05.

Sighting of Large Felid @ Daisy Hill approx 10kms from Maryborough in Central Victoria. @ 2:15pm in wet conditions.

I was driving up a track (if you could call it that) thru the bush on our property looking for this missing cow in driving rain, the blue heeler dog was leading the way as usual about thirty feet in front of the car when all of a sudden he took off thru the bush to my right, the rain had eased right off so I wound down the window to see where he'd gone, before I could even whistle he was jumping in the window of the car yelping and whining. I jumped out and saw the mother cow lying on her side about 30-40m in thru the trees as I slammed the door shut I turned and saw it, a bloody huge cat sitting behind the cow. It stood up, glared at me for what was probably about 3-4 seconds and without a sound it took off thru the bush. It was dark grey like a wet roo but with some ginger in it, had a broad head, short legs large shoulders, a long body and a long thick tail. I reckon its body was probably about 4.5 foot long and about 2-2.5 feet tall.

After collecting myself, still shaking and hair still on end I slowly approached the cow which I could see was barely breathing I noticed her dead calf about 2m from her. The cow had a broken front leg, twisted hip and pinched nerve in her back was in a terribly distressed state.

The Spooky thing is there was a total absence of any blood or other tissue around the site of the kill and the calf was missing a leg which was cleanly removed from the ball joint without breakage, its jaw was broken, tongue missing, neck and back broken and approx half of the calfs' hide was also missing. Not to mention its torso was opened up and virtually licked clean.

As a keen wildlife photographer and hunter I am fairly adept at tracking animals however I was unable to find any fresh tracks in the area. No dog or fox prints, no roos and definitely no cats prints.

I Have found several dead roos killed in a similar manner in both deep gullies and open ground on the property, one was even decapitated. These were large Kangaroos capable of high speeds and once again the necks and jaws were broken, torso opened up and licked clean and no signs of blood or the usual mess associated with a dog attack or fox kill.

Now I've spent a lot of time in the bush and have seen all kinds of weird animals in places they weren't supposed to be but I have never seen anything like this cat. Unlike all the stories I've been hearing from local farmers and other nut-jobs this was not a so called "Black Panther" nor do I believe it was a Mountain Lion it was like some kind of bizarre hybrid. Judging by the length of the tail it couldn't be a typical "feral tabby" either from the brief glimpse I got it seemed to have some marsupial like attributes.

All I do know about this thing is Parks Victoria and the DPI don't want to know about it. ("Paul - Isn't that interesting.") And Ben Gee @ Melb Zoo is very sceptical about the possibility of a big cat at large. ("Also - Paul - Isn't that interesting.")

Apparently there is a $5000 bounty on its head but even if I'd had the rifle or a camera for that matter I still would have froze.

The attached photos show what this super predator is capable of in one sitting.

Cheers Anon

Author / Witness - Anon - Reported 15/08/05

("Paul - Comment; for all that science is supposed to be, it is there to prove the truth. But when the overwhelming truth is staring science in the face, science will goes out of its way to prove it is not so. And, when a brave scientist grasps the nettle, and runs with popular view and overwhelming eyewitness reports and tries to prove IT IS SO, then their colleagues appear to excommunicate them from the scientific flock. WHY IS IT SO!")

20050729 - Kinglake St Andrews(Vic) Various Sighting (Reported 29/07/05)

Hi paul,

Just cruising through your site now. I was reading of sightings of big cats. I remmeber hearing stories of them in St.Andrews (bottom of the kinglake mountain) You have another story in here from a witness referring to Eltham and Diamond Creek. St.Andrews is about 20 mins from there, heading into the Bush more. Years ago there was stories flying around St.Andrews of a big cat, looking similar to a Puma. I heard that the theory was, when the China men came over during the gold rush years, they brought with them two Puma's as Mascots?

One apparently escaped into the wild and story has it, it then breed with feral cats etc and became what is the bigcat today. I dont know if this is true..But the sightings i heard all discribed a big black cat much like a black Puma! First story I recall was that a freind of mines parents used to have Goats and the father had a gun always prepared to protect them from dogs/ cats etc that would consistantly get on the property and damage or kill the animals. He apparently told her not to mention to anyone that there was a big cat and a HUGE reward to anyone who could kill it.. Not sure if this was true. It wouldnt suprise me in the least, her father was like that! I doubt VERY much she would make that up! I discussed this theory with another freind who lived up the hill from this family, he said it was true, there was a big cat, he saw it, it would come into their chook pen and kill the chooks.

Another story, this ones closer to home. I grew up on 10 acres , half of which was open land, half was bushland. Up the back was more bushland.. My brother and his freind, and Our Dog at the time went walking up the back through the bush. Our dog started barking at 'somthing' inside a fallen hollowed log. My brother called the dog, it wouldnt let up.. so him and his freind went over to investigate. They, being kids, could see its eyes, but decided to start poking sticks at it so it would come out, they didnt know what it was. Next thing you know, its hissing and growling at them, and this huge paw/leg comes out and takes a swipe at them..They said it was black fur and a HUGE paw. They then ran off, back home. So was this a big cat? Simone

Author / Witness - Simone - Reported 29/07/05

20050713 - Bob-Cats and other Australian Big Cats Reported 13/07/05


Many people who lived in different parts of Australia in the 60s, 70s tell of Bob-Cats which had short tails, but were as big as dogs. I am currently chasing up some photos from the 60s from Griffith that show these cats, where they were apparently too numerous to count. Have you any idea what these cats were? A friend of mine caught one in the 60s trying to get into his chicken pen. He described it as a small puma with a short tail.




The bob-cats were well known in Jervis Bay and inland as far as Griffith. People who grew up in those times find it hard to believe that the cats are not a known species. I have a friend who caught one around 1965 at Fairfield in Sydney. Back then it was a rural area and the cat was trying to get into his chicken pen. There are lots of cats shot in the bush that supposedly weighed 30-40-50kg. I have heard of one in the Northern Territory that weighed 80kg. The guys who shot them were all told that they were overgrown household moggies. From now on if I hear of a cat being shot that is more than 20kg I am going to check it out. I look forward to hearing from you about the bob-cats and if I can get a photo I will forward it on to you.


Author - Michael - Reported 13/07/05

20050524 - Tarnagulla (Vic) Sighting 13/05/05 (Reported 15/05/05)


I have five digital photographs of prints I found while cycling in the Tarnagulla State Forest, on the road that goes direct from Laanacoorie Reservoir to Tarnagulla, taken 13/05/05. We took one shot with my foot next to the print for size comparison. My shoes (pictured) measure 28cm toe to heel.

Let me know if you want to see these pics. - the prints impressed me so much we actually retracked about 5km to take the photos after I thought about what they could be.


Margaret Graham

Author / Witness - Margaret Graham - Reported 24/05/05

20050515 - Stawell (Vic) Sighting 25/03/05 (Reported 15/05/05)

Hi Paul,

I think you have done very well with this site . I am a firm believer of these animals existing in our bushland as I have seen one before. It was on the Good Friday rodeo at great western 25th/march/2005,we had left the rodeo fairly early in the night and we headed home after getting a pizza first in Stawell, we go to Horsham and stoped for a couple of minutes and then left , we were heading towards Cavendish and it was exactly 10:25pm and it was a moonlit night and as I was looking out into a paddock I noticed a black figure moveing past a tree and it certainly wasnt a cow or sheep as they dont move in that way. My dad lives out on Mt Dundas on 600 acres and its surounded buy bushland and I am always on the lookout for these cats.

Kelvin G.

Author / Witness - Kelvin ("Someone") G - Reported 15/05/05

20050431 - Howqua (Vic), near Jamieson / Mansfield Sighting 31/04/05 (Reported 01/05/05)




Michelle Coppel

Author / Witness - Michelle Coppel - Reported 01/05/05

20050421 - Wilton (NSW) Cnr Picton Rd (AKA Wilton Rd) & Hume Hwy, near Wilton Sighting 20/04/05 (Reported 21/04/05)

Puma Sighting????

Late last night (around 10:30pm) , my wife & I were Driving back from a friends place (Wollongong), and just after having turned from Picton Rd onto the Sydney bound On-Ramp of the Hume Highway, noticed a large cat, running across the road - It did pause for 1/2 second. (Debatable between myself & my wife in size - She says German Shepherd Size, I say about labradore size (perhaps a touch smaller), This cat had dark colouring with 30% tan/ginger/brown combined in it's coat.

After looking at different photos of 'Big Cats' on the web, we both saw a 'Puma' that matched its looks exactly.

Have Puma's been noted in this area before? also how fast Are Pumas? Cause this thing was QUICK!!



Thanks for your sighting.

Yes, there has been numerous sightings of big cats all along and through the Blue Mountains in and around that area. There has actually been hundreds of sightings around the Lithgow area too. When the weather is dry, they tend to hunt further a field and they are definitely not scared of humans. They see us thousands of times more than we see them. And yes, they are extremely fast and they can also leap and jump incredible widths and heights. Whatever the size of the cat, from what you have said, it definitely was not a feral cat. I find it very interesting about the coat colour.

I know that this may be difficult to remember, but as there were two of you can you please give me the precise details of the following.

1 What did the ears look like and what colour were they. 2 What did the eyes look like. 3 Especially what did its nose look like and what was the exact shape of its head. 4 What was the proportion of its head to its body, eg. was it large or small in comparison. 5 And, what was the shape of its tail? 6 How did it walk, eg. what was its gait.

If you would spend the time to answer the above question that would help greatly. I have asked these questions as you have said the fur / coat was "colouring with 30% tan/ginger/brown combined in it's coat"

Regards Paul



To answer these questions

Probably the easiest way of explaining is a Picture (Not mine- unfortunately) I have searched the net and have found this - I realise this is not supposed to be found in this area, though both my wife and I agree that it is the most accurate representation we could find, I would say the coat was darker than shown, in the picture, the tail very similar (and very solid) The cat we saw was definitely not Black, like a panther, and definitely had some tan coloration too it (Not to the extent of this picture) but after thought ............it was probably darker than 30% ( Lots more black than, the photo). as for it's running style, It moved so quick it was hard to tell....I would lean towards 'domestic cat style' though can't be sure.

Sorry I can't be of much help, it all happened so quickly, and the cat was about 100Mtrs in front of us. Happy, to help (if I can) & interested to know more. Thanks for your response,

(may I just emphasize, that the cat was much darker than the photo, (Not full black though), and the tail looks near spot on, though if anything longer. Also what may be worth mentioning is, that the cat, was heading away from a property that usually keeps camels, I'm not sure if 'Big Cats' have 'a thing' for camels or not but the Sydney Skydiving centre operate this particular property.)


Author / Witness - Greg Findlay - Reported 21/04/05

20050312 - St Arnaud 235 km North West of Melbourne (Vic) Sighting 12/03/05 (Reported 12/03/05)

Hi There!

I'm glad I found a website where I can report my sighting!!

Tonight (12/3/05) at approx 7.30pm, I had to drive out to our house that we are currently renovating which is on Lock Road in St Arnaud.

After checking everything over, I decided to drive back into town "the long way", which means driving up Lock Road until it reaches the Horsham/Stawell intersection and turn right to head back into town.

I was approximately 1/2km from our house, when this huge thing ran out across the road about 10 metres ahead. At first I thought "what a huge fox", but quickly realised this was no fox!! I had my little blue heeler dog with me, and when she saw it, started whimpering.

It was a HUGE cat (ie. Panther size) ginger/sandy colour with a whitish tip on it's tail. It would have been approximately waist height, very sleek and roughly a metre long. By the time I had reached the spot, it had walked into the state forest. I quickly did a U-Turn and went back to see if I could see it. It was probably 2-3 metres from the road. It turned and glanced at me and kept walking. That's when I knew that this WAS a HUGE cat and NOT a figment of my imagination. My poor dog was howling and whimpering the whole time. It took her about 10 mins to calm down. I raced home, so I could grab my fiance and his friend and our 4WD to try and see if we could find it.

Unfortunately we couldn't find anything and it was getting too dark to see if we could see any prints.

I am hoping to go out tomorrow and see if I can see any prints and take photos of them.

The police were driving slowly along Lock Road when we went back to see if we could find it. Whether someone else had reported a sighting or not, I don't know. It didn't even occur to me at the time to pull them over and ask! I was more interested in finding it again! I rang the police when I got home and ended up talking to a policeman in Ballarat. I told him what I saw, but he said to report it on Monday to St Arnaud ( he probably thought I was a drunk, giving the police a hard time on a Saturday night!). I can honestly say I had not a drop of alcohol in my system!!

I hope someone else DID see the cat. I don't think anyone really believes me!

Kind regards,



Hi Paul,

Thank you for your email. I went back to the spot after work today (about 1.30pm) and spent from them to now looking for prints. Unfortunately the ground where he/she crossed is quiet hard and there are no visible prints. I also went into the scrub (very warily I might add!) to see if I could see anything, but once again, the ground is dry and hard and the bush thick, so I had no luck either.

I reported the sighting to the police today. The policeman I spoke to was very interested. No one else had reported anything.

It is REALLY frustrating.....no one really believes me (except the policeman) and everyone keeps asking if it was a dog or calf or something...

I'm not sure what else I can do. I am not to keen to closely scan the area in case he is around. I did the best I could...

Look forward to hearing back from you. Regards, Tania

Author / Witness - Tania - Reported 12/03/05

Note:- Shortly afterwards an article appeared in the St Arnaud North Central News on Page 1, on Thursday 17/03/05 stating that "TWO BIG CAT SIGHTINGS - There have been two sightings recently in the St. Arnaud area of the big cats, believed to be pumas, that continue to remain a mystery.". These sightings did not include Tania's sighting - Paul

20050318 - (In reference to Below Sighting (NSW) (Reported 18/03/05)

Hi Paul

No, I have not heard anything about European travellers photographing a Thylacoleo near a beach. Only video I know of is the one Steve Rushton sent me taken by the elderly couple at Charleville which looks like a lion to me with a stiff tail so I think that it must be a Thylacoleo. In Carl Lumholtz's 1889 book "Among Cannibals", he states "In Western Queensland I heard much about an animal which seemed to me to be identical with the Yarri here described, and a speciman was nearly shot by an officer of the black police in the regions I was now visiting." page 101. Actually you should add that line to my article on your site. I don't think that I included it. Carl Lumholtz's travels included a trip out from Rockhampton to Emerald, Clarmont & west past the Barcoo River & on to Winton & the Diamontina River. So obviously as a zoologist he was receiving reports of either Thylacoleo or Thylacine or both out west in the arid country. So the Charleville video makes sense.


I collected a Thylacoleo sighting in the Billinudgel Nature Reserve not far from our (old) house from a local man who grew up on a nearby sugar cane plantation at Crabs Creek. About 20 years ago he was driving along the coastal sandy 4 wheel drive track (now closed to all but walkers, cyclists & national park vehicles) that runs just behind the beach at 2 am returning home from a late night out when a black panther-like animal crossed the track right in front of his car. He described it as being very heavily built, like a bear crossed with a panther & was positive from its appearance that it could only be a marsupial lion which he had read about in a book on Aussie prehistoric fauna, but which he didn't have too much interest in. It scared him with its powerful unconcerned attitude. It had a thickly furred curved tail. He drove on and seconds later an emu, perhaps being hunted by the animal, run up from behind past the car, unusual for a diurnal bird, which further shocked him as he thought it was the big cat-like beast attacking his car.

I have a drawing of its footprints that I saw near the locality from around that time. I must remember to send you a copy of it. The striped animal is still being seen around here, probably Thylacine, a botanist friend recently had a perfect close daylight sighting.

Author - Gary Opit - Reported 18/03/05

20050121 - Costal New South Wales (Crescent Head) Sighting on or about 18/01/05 (Reported 25/01/05)

hi Paul.

I've just come back from New South Wales where I was on a surfing holiday and while I was there I noticed a strange paw print. As I walked past, it caught my eye but I quickly realised that it looked disturbingly large. I went back and studied it a little closer and sized it against my hand and it was almost the same size (approx 20cm x 16cm). I asked some locals about any animals that may leave such a print and they seemed to believe it was a dingo. Bloody big dingo then! Any ideas? Sorry but I didn't have a camera or plaster to record it but I would like to know if there is any records of strange beasts up that way.

Print Near Crescent Head

I remember one very distinguishing feature actual. On the pad of its paw, towards the back, there were three deeper indentations in the print. I have attached a terribly crude drawing of what I mean. Its not exact but rather to demonstrate the indentations in the print. Sorry, I must sound like an idiot, but what I saw was fair dinkum. Anyways thanks for your help. I find your site really interesting.

Cheers, (Name withheld)

Author / Witness - Anon - Reported 25/01/05

20050114 - Burdekin River at Mt. Fullstop near Townsville (Qld) Sighting 13/01/05 (Reported 14/01/05)

I was working at the Burdekin River @ Mt Fullstop with a workmate. It was about 100km west of the coast in between Ingham and Townsville. I was on the bank and she was in the river and I was looking downstream. And in the distance there was a small black thing that looked like a small black pig or little dog from that distance. It came a bit closer to about 200metres away and it was a huge black cat. The girl I was with said people swear black and blue they've seen pumas around the Basalt River area. The cat came and drank from the river then walked slowly off back up the bank. Couple hours later we looked around but couldn't find anything, not even a paw print in the mud.

Author / Witness - Stephen Wallace - Reported 14/01/05

20041231 - East Warburton (Vic) - Sighting Date Unknown (Reported 31/12/04)

Hey Paul,

I just found your website, great to read. There is no question that the big cat(s) exist. We are on 30 acres of bush in East Warburton (Vic). My wife first spotted the big prints in an old disused dam on the top of our block. We have a big Labrador dog. His paws are as large as Stephanie's hands. (without the fingers) these prints were as large as her hands with the fingers. We now have casting plaster at the ready.

We spotted the big thing not 50 metres from the house about 4 months ago, just sneaking through the bush. Deadly silent, and the blackest of shiny black. A long stovepipe tail, easily as long as the animal, straight as a gunbarrel and very thick. The head was shaped just like the logo on the Jaguar hubcaps. A little larger than our dog, not as solid, but definately taller. (He is a fully grown pure bred Lab.)

Although it was only 20 metres or so from us, it took no notice of us, and despite my immediate search, it disappeared without a sound. It was a warm still day, but not a leaf moved where it had been.

Two days later I spotted the arse end of it sneaking away from the chook shed. I had rattled up the back in my diesel landrover, and spotted it after I had switched off, so it knew I was there, no doubt. Obviously totally unafraid of human presence. Again, it disappeared without a sound. The funny thing was, when I got out of the car and watched and listened, I realised that the usual sounds of the bush had ceased entirely. The bird calls etc. I believe everything had gone to ground. Not a sound could be heard.

About that time our neighbour was losing sheep. No remains, just gone, which I believe is the MO of a big cat, whereas a dog for instance, will leave what it can't eat.

We haven't seen it since. Interestingly enough, just after the 2nd World War, my father worked in Siam, (now Thailand I think) and he actually had a pet panther, which he used to walk on a chain. I have photographs of him with the beast. Frighteningly similar, I'm here to tell you, although I think our bloke is bigger. It is easy to exaggerate with these stories, and I have remained conservative.

Additionally, a neighbour of mine was wagging school with a mate some twenty years ago. They were riding along a track and the black cat jumped, (he reckons) clean over their heads across the track, into the bush and gone.

Another neighbour tells the story of a mate of his who came across a long deserted hut in the high country. He was going to stop the night, until he saw the two big straw nests covered with jet black fur, and scattered bones which were picked clean.

Anyway, that's my story, for what it is worth. I am sure we will see it again. The truth is out there.

Regards and best wishes for '05.

Paul Harrison

Author / Witness - Paul Harrison - Reported 31/12/04

20041220 - North Eastern Victoria (Vic) Event date - 03/12/04 Reported 20/12/04

I live in-between a hill and a large mountain in North East Victoria. I am in the middle of making a video documentary on big cats in Victoria and then this happened which was very helpful for my documentary. During the night on Friday the 3rd of December 2004 I was in bed asleep when suddenly I was woken to a a few high pitched screams coming from my back yard (20-metres from where I was), the screaming went for 2 or 3 seconds and then suddenly stopped. I figured it was my rabbit getting killed by something but I didn't get out of bed to investigate.

The next morning I woke up and walked outside. I looked at the rabbit cage to see the cover shredded to tiny pieces spread 3-4 metres from the cage. There was 2 holes dug on the side of the cage but did not make it inside. Surprisingly the rabbit was still in the cage looking fine. There was no scent of a fox and if it was a dog I thought it would be strange as the cover was strong material and could of only been ripped by sharp teeth and claws. The strangest thing is my dog barks at anything but I heard no barking during the night.

Andrew Pearce

Author / Witness - Andrew Pearce - Reported 20/12/04

20041209 - Tallarook (Central Northern Victoria) Sighting 1999 (Reported 09/12/04)


I was channel hopping during news time on Tuesday night 7th Dec. I clicked on channel 7 just as they were crossing to the Today Tonight program and caught the end of some footage of a big black cat.

I have no idea where the footage is from so I fired up the computer and began a Google search to try to find the footage but had no luck. I found your website and read the stories of the various Panther sightings and got cold chills when I read the story of the sighting in the Stoney Creek (Vic)area during 1998.

I live in Melbourne and spend most weekends driving to Flowerdale and the Tallarook forest to go Hang gliding. It was on one of these drives during 1999 (I think?) heading through the Tallarook forest during mid morning with a friend of Mine named Bob when we saw a huge black cat.

We were driving North along West falls road when suddenly this massive black cat jumped onto the road from the left about 50 metres ahead of our car. It bolted in the same direction that we were heading so Bob accelerated to get closer. It continued running for about 20 seconds before darting off through the scrub on the right.

As a kid I spent many years in the Kiewa Valley in North east Victoria and saw many large feral cats. My older brother even shot one once with his compound bow, but even compared to these large feral cats, this black cat that Bob and I saw in the Tallarook forest was huge, close to twice the size of a decent sized fox.

We mentioned the sighting to the owner of the Strath creek general store on our way home that day and he confirmed that other people had told him of "Panthers" in the area. There is a local in Strath Creek who spends a lot of time in the Tallarook forest filming eagle documentaries, I am trying to contact him to ask if he as ever seen it?


Author / Witness - Dallas - Reported 09/12/04

20041118 - Penola (Eastern South Australia) Various sighting times (Reported 18/11/04)

Written by Watkins (Wally) Davies, edited by Paul Clacher

Hi Paul

I originated at Maryborough Vic and spent my early days on farm S from Talbot. I have nephew on the old farm.

Few weeks back cat was sitting up on the top of the ridge and stirring up all the dogs in the district. They could hear all the dogs from Talbot to Clunes barking. Whenever the dogs quietened down she would give a few more screams and start them all off again. This went on for hours until the young fellow fired a shot in her direction then there was peace.

There are many dead cats in storage, 2 that I positively know of and the others hearsay. Cat was picked up dead from eating 1080 rabbits in the Strathbogies, I have photocopy of claws and toe bones

The other was shot by police in town N from Melbourne, it was eating a dog in a backyard. Word was that it filled the back of a Holden ute. Strathbogie cat was black the other brown.

The cat Blackie was around here for 8 years, she stashed her kittens under my floor and fed them under the bedroom window on the verandah. She used to purr like a chainsaw. When I have slept out I have woke up with the feeling that something had breathed on my face. Next morning her tracks would be near my bed. 3 years ago 2 siblings moved her on or ate her and took over her patch. They each had 2 kittens and I obtained 1 specimen from each litter. DNA analysis showed that they had the genetics of F Catus. They were unmistakably juveniles and the mothers came looking for them. This is written up in the Black Files, one of my links (http://www.geocities.com/australiandesertcats/).

I am working on a story linking Hypotheses to Darwin to show that it is quite feasible for these big cats to have mutated from stock brought by Egyptians 2500 to 4000 years BP. The habits of these cats are so similar to what I have read about African Wildcat that it is more than co incidence. In spite of being incredibly evasive they do seek human company and camp around human habitation. Most of the cats that are seen are actually cats showing the flag and saying,"You are on my patch" Otherwise they are never seen.

I cant have it that they are psychic but sometimes I wonder. They communicate with low frequency sound, silent sound, and people's hair stands on end for no apparent reason, some people become terrified, anyway you would know all about that. They can locate and avoid strands of black cotton in the dark, take the bait and leave a trap still set.

I have a theses in mind, as I may have mentioned, to apply Darwin's theory of evolution to the big cat quoting accelerated evolution, quoting such cases as foxes and such feral animals that have changed within our memory. I have a case where foxes changed within 50 years from a normal sized fox to a midget the size of rabbits, to enable them to enter rabbit burrows. I do not know if these foxes still exist but I intend to find out. Give me time.

Another thing has surfaced in my mind and that is the MALLEE DOG. I have known of this critter for some years but recently a friend sent me a newspaper cutting of some of these canines dangling from trees. These are to be found in the Big Desert area in NW Vic. They are not feral dog, not dingo and were there when the country was first settled.

Will not jump a fence, will not associate with domestic dog, and does not bark. Will remain silent while being clubbed to death and only noise heard is a roar like a bull, apparently communicating.

The nearest canine I can find in appearance is the Indian DHOLE, which whistles and screams. Where did they come from? Well one explanation is our friends the Egyptians, and Phoenicians traveling up the Murray and tributaries gaining access to the hinterland of NSW.

There is evidence of these people in this country. No doubt they had hunting dogs to supply food. Such dogs could be domesticated dholes obtained at an Indian Port, enroute from Red Sea ports to Aust. they would be very useful to supply meat as I suspect their ships had rowing facilities as well as sail and they could move along in shore with safety, camping ashore at night and collecting local food.

I believe that the IGA tree or wild orange from the N Flinders is a native of Asia Minor and the Flinders Range natives are brown not black. There had to be an admixture of foreign genes at some time.

Well Mate time goes too fast and weather is sultry and hot, barometer says heavy rain, give it time . Age, now that is something that bears a study. Here I am nearly 80 and looking on the past as a prelude to the future. And what does the future hold, we'll get to the bottom of the big cat thing and expose truth to the general public.

The mallee Dog is as tantalising an enigma as the cat, but apart from the vocalising the dog has not changed near as much as the cat, providing the proto stock for the dog was the dhole.

Cheers for now Wally

Author / Witness - Wally Davies - Reported 08/11/04

20040715 - Emerald (Vic) June / July 2004 (Reported 15/07/2004)

Hi Paul

I am not sure if you know about all the livestock losses in the Dandenongs at the moment. Have had decapitated goats, horses, all sorts of things. The horse especially had clear claw marks - this was a month ago thereabouts. Latest headlines in this weeks local Monbulk based "Ranges Trader Mail" newspaper, report 30 sheep found dead and 1 bull during the week. The local farmers are very concerned. Thought you might be interested. I can scan the article for you and also the one about the horse if you like and email. Regards Sue Hughes (See Big Cats Articles)

Author / witness - Sue Hughes - reported 15/07/04

20030601 Wollombi (NSW) (Near Cessnock) Sighting June 2003 (Reported 08/02/04)

My wife saw a panther size animal. I thought she must have been mistaken until a week after that I saw it running across the valley. Very smooth, very fast, black and large. Rafael Perez Wollombi near the Hunter Valley NSW.

We have a weekender in bushland near wollombi. I was sitting on an rocky outcrop relaxing when I caught sight of a black animal moving slowly below me (about 10 m below me). I thought it must have been a dog initially because it was obscured by small tree trunks, and thought it was stalking something. I threw a rock down to disturb the stalking and the animal moved out from behind the trees and continued in an unhurried manner, but it wasn't a dog but a black huge graceful cat that moved fluidly. I sat quietly, hoping the animal wouldn't come bounding up the rocks to me. It didn't seem perturbed at all by the sound of the rock falling near it. I'm really keen to know if the animal is territorial or was probably just moving through since we have two primary aged children. We haven't spoken about the cat in front of the kids. Properties nearby have cattle, horses and goats. Jennifer May

Authors / Witness' - Jennifer May and Rafael Perez reported 08/02/04.

20030531 The Big River Camp (Vic) sighting on 31 May / 01 June 2003

Hi Paul, We were dirt bike riding on the weekend 2kms from the Big River Camp when we saw a Big Black cat pounce across our trail. I would like to add the sighting to your website.

Firstly there were six of us dirt bike riding, the lead rider at the time was a friend called David Booth. From what David said to all of us is that the cat jumped across the trail just ahead of him , probably within 10 feet. He described that cat as all black, some 2 feet high , 4-5 feet long with a long black tail, almost as long as it’s body. No sounds were heard from the cat. He may remember the colour of it’s eyes however I didn’t ask him that. We all stopped at the time and saw the paw prints left by the cat and they would be best described as the size of a large dog or German Shepperd. I have the map reference, although I don’t have an excact grid reference at the moment, however our navigator Wayne Adamson was carrying a map and remembers the exact location. The location was near Foley Creek Rd, approx 1km from the Big River road and the map used was the Rooftop Big River / Rubicon / Lake Eildon Areas I have since been advised by David that the eyes were possibly yellow (Big River Links Area, Geology, Big Cats, Environs and Vegitation)

Author / Witness' - Dean Wilson Managing Director Emerging IT - www.emergingit.com.au 31/05/03 & 01/06/03

20030102 Stanthorpe (Qld) (2nd or 3rd of January 2003)

Hello Paul,

Early this year (2nd & 3rd January 2003) my brother-in-law was putting some rubbish into the Liston Rubbish dump (near Stanthorpe Q`LD.) when he come across some footprints in the ground. It had rained the day /night before so the ground was still soft. The prints took his eye because of the size as well as the claw marks imprinted into the ground. He was able to get some casts made of them as well.

The ground had tiny stones as found in stony country. The front feet were 110mm wide by 105mm deep. The print consists of a large central pad that reaches to the rear of print. 80mm wide & 70mm deep at widest part. 4 toes very interesting totally unlike those of a dog. The 4 toes in front of large pad, the central 2 toes were close together, the outer 2 toeswere larger & more separate from the inner two.


A surprising feature of the prints was the length & depth of very sharp claws. The animal was walking on all 4 feet thoroughly unlike that of a cat. The rear footprint more closely resembles that of a very large dog. Again the pads were much larger & deeper than would be expected from a dog. Again the claw marks were very clearly visible extending into the soil. The animal may have been attracted by a large pile of Prawn shells left there New Years eve. The two front feet prints were diagonally 750mm apart, The distance between left front print & the right rear print was 180cm. It was early in the morning & was with his wife & he does Not drink. Large black animals have been seen within 12 kms.of there. He & I have been wondering what your theory might be after seeing your website page. Regards. Spencer & Reg.

Author / Witness Spencer & Reg - Sunday 19/01/03.

20021225 - Kinglake West Coombes Road (Vic) Sighting Christmas day either 2001 or 2002 (Reported 28/06/04)

"Hello hmmmmmm,

Not sure weather to beleive there story's or not? This means you, my name is Ray shaw i have had an encounter.I am a hunter i have hunted all kinds of animals.Only once i have seen the panther i have found its footprints.Just because someone says there is no deer that dosent mean there is none they are the ghost that walks, there footprints are quite large i have found there kills i have spoken other farmers about dead livestock.I have studied them for some time, the one that i saw in a undisclosed location.Was very observent of me i got with in a metre of the cat i did not relise it was even there until it jump out,at the time i shit myself not expecting anyhting to jump out and then pounch off like that,yes i did give chash and it left me for dead.so i decided to make a trap, to try and catch it down at the back of our property,this was a reinforced steel mesh box that had a trap door when something step inside baited with animals. ie i had some kids athe time and they keep dying from bloat from the tello in the milk "goats that is"anyhow i checked the trap often caught nothing.Then one day i was checking the fence in the horses paddock and noticed that the gate was shut on the trap. i raced down there I could not beleive my eyes something had been caught in the trap and got out the mesh was bent the door had been damaged and the hingers had been broken off? so want ever got in there was very strong.strong enough to bend mesh steel about 3 mm thick.The footprints that i found where the same as the ones on your website.I tracked the cat for a short time until it got to step, as there where cliffs i always had a funny feeling when i was down the back of my property that somthing or someone was watching me as we lived on 186acres that back onto national park on three sides,This is a true story i dont feel the need to be wasting my time and others by telling lies.if you would like to contact me thats fine to.thankyou rayman"

"G'day paul (again)

Well the mauled animals, that was over quite a peroid of time just when i had spoken to other farmers that is what the farmers say anyhow, i think that they think that i am mad or crazy lol. it still sends shivers up my spine when i think about it,our even tell pepole about it.I have recently been hunting strathboogie ranges,tullarook were there has been some sightings,i am now carry my video camera and canon camera to try and prove to people that they are there, i am hooked big time on catching a cat.I have even been to the zoo to watch them walk climb and just sit there. The footprints that i found where big the claws where retracted in the mud.The only reason i think i found the footprints was bacause i walked down the gully where it ran and then happened to stumble apon them.When i showed my mate he said they are not dogs footprints they are to big.The other guy that lived across the road he was right into the panther sightings to he told me that he had found footprints to,although this other guy down the road, who lived up there all his life he used to grade the roads and i think he said he saw it once to,and found some footprints around his dam actually just thinking about it there was another time when i diid see it i was riding my horse down the road a nd it ran across the road i saw it out the corner of my eye.so there you go".

Authors / Witness - Ray reported 28/06/04

20021223 Otway Ranges near Wye River (Vic) December 2002

Just before Christmas 2002 I was mountain biking on 4 wheel drive tracks in the Otway Ranges near Wye River. From the Great Ocean Road a friend and I had ridden along the track up to an elevation of about 400m. We were surrounded by steep gully's and tall trees and a southerly sea breeze was blowing through the foliage. I was riding along a down hill section and came around a corner of the track at a fair speed. To my amazement I saw a panther like animal about 30m ahead of me walking in the same direction along the track. It turned its head toward me and looked quite surprised and after gazing at me for half a second started running along the track. By this stage I was on the brakes but catching it fast. I got to within around 10 metres of the animal (not intentionally) and it took off and ducked off to the left of the track into dense scrub. I decided it was best to continue riding and get away from the beast. I stopped a little way further down and told my friend I had just seen a panther. "Yeah sure" he said and prompted me to keep riding.

I assume I was lucky enough to see it because I was moving at a reasonable pace and fairly quietly. Given the gusty wind it would have been difficult for it to hear me coming.

I thought little about the sighting but my curiosity grew over the next few days. I had heard of panther sightings in Victoria but not in the Otways, so I decided to call the local Parks office in Lorne. The lady I spoke to had not seen the animal but said there were regular sightings. A local had reported one on the outskirts of Lorne in the previous couple of weeks.

Soon after I saw this animal a news story broke in relation to a farmer on the other side of Victoria who claimed a panther like animal was killing his cattle. I happened to hear Melbourne talk back radio that day and was relieved to hear dozens of listeners with similar sightings.

Author / Witness - Ben Dixon Melbourne, Australia - Thursday 13/02/03

20021011 Merton (Vic)

G'day, today I saw what I think was a panther. It was black and had a long straight tail and looked more than a metre long. In grass up to my knee I could still see its body, tail and head with pointed ears. I live in Euroa Victoria and was travelling towards Merton in the Strathbogie Ranges. The site was about 1km before the Gooram CFA shed. I travel this road to work every day, and see wombats, black tail wallabies and roos, but this was none of the these. I have been looking at panther photos on the web today and I believe what I saw to closely match the characteristics of a panther. I watched the thing part the grass as it lunged up through the roadside reserve. I watched it for 5 seconds at least, and slammed my foot on the break jumped out of my car and ran toward the parted grass where it had been and I looked accross the open paddock. It was knowhere to be seen. The fence was not moving and I guess it stayed low and maybe ran along the fenceline. The road reserve was treed so I looked up the trees and then waited for about 5 minutes for some movement in the area. Later that morning I got to work and rang a friend whose house is less than a km from the site and told her. She said that her neighbour had seen a black panther on his property.

Author / Witness Troy - Friday 11/10/2002.

20020901 Emerald (Vic) September 2002

Hi Paul

I came across your site and although what I saw was neither a panther nor Tasmanian Tiger I would like to report the following.

I live in Emerald in the Dandenong Ranges on a thickly treed property surrounded by similar terrain, national park on the other side of the road. It was late in the afternoon around September 2002. I have owned poultry for some 30 years and as such have come across many many foxes, having lost scores of hens to them.

I was dozing on my bed when I heard that familar sound of distressed hens and raced out the back to see bodies all over the ground and out of the corner of my eye an animal flash by, silently and very swiftly. When I had got to approximately 6 metres from the hen house where it had gone to kill the rest of the hens, the creature saw me and frantically turned and ran up and down the wire in a frenzy to get away. I failed to reach the doorway in time to stop its escape. It made no sound whatsover.

It had a body similar to a fox in that it had quite a bushy tail, but longer in body and around 30% larger. It was grey in colour, very lean. It had the most hideous head I have ever seen, somewhat reminiscent of a hyena with that horrible silent ugly snarling face. I have certainly in my life time not seen an animal up close and personal anything like this one and have travelled extensively over the years all over the world.

It was a terrifying looking sight and disturbed me so much I rang countless government agencies to report the animal and ask questions. Everyone told me that I was mistaken, I had seen a dog. I know both and it was NOT a domestic animal and it was NOT a fox.

I wonder if anyone else has ever reported something similar ?

Regards and thanks for listening

(Added 13/05/04 - I will probably never know what I saw other than it was grey, incredibly ugly, prehistoric looking animal of a type I have never seen before.)

Author / Witness Sue Hughes - Reported 09/09/03

20020601 Gilderoy (Vic) (Near Warburton) Sighting Mid June 2002 (Possible Thylacoleo) (Reported 06/04/04)

Hi Paul

I came across your sight, in particular the two stills you have of an animal seen in the Charleville area. Your photos made me remember something I'd seen in Victoria.

Back in 2002 I was living in Yarra Junction outside Melbourne, located in the Yarra Valley and Ranges.

My family and I were out early one morning, out past Gilderoy, inside a now disused logging coop.

It was June 21 (mid winter) and it was around 0645 (we'd gone out to see the sun rise for the winter solstice); the weather was typical for that time of year - misty, cold and rainy. We were driving in an easterly direction on a clay/gravel track deep inside the coop with a steep hillside to the right and a sharp drop to a gully to the left. Driving slowly with the Rangie's lights and spots on, one child commented that something was coming down the hill towards the road as he could see the undergrowth moving around. Thinking it might be a kangaroo or wombat I slowed down. The thing came off the hillside and got onto the road. My first thought was it looked like a quoll on steroids it was so big. It was uniformly dark in colour, about 80cms at the shoulder and about 1.5m from nose to tail. The head had the same sort of stub nose like a Tasmanian Devil (with the same sort of heavy jaws), and a long tail like a kangaroo which it seemed to use for balance or steering - (it didnt move about like a cats, it looked fairly rigid and slightly curved). (Paul - sounds like a Thylacoleo) The thing looked large and powerfully built, but it had a quite graceful (almost arrogant) stride to it. I stopped; it walked into the middle of the road (and our lights); turned and looked at us for perhaps 30 seconds and sauntered across to the other side where it went down into the gully. I drove to the spot, got out and took a mobile spot to the edge of the gully. The animal followed the creek for about 10-20m, crossed it and disappeared into the bush on the other side. My family and I looked for tracks but the road was pretty much covered with gravel and small rocks and so not much could be seen. However the smell in the air where the thing had been was pretty unspeakable - rotting flesh.

Thylacoleo - Qld Museum


Now my job has taken me to some pretty remote sites in Australia, and I've seen huge feral cats, dogs and pigs, but this thing wasn't any of those. It really reminded me of something along the lines of a quoll or a Tasmanian Devil but much much bigger. I've also heard the stories around the Yarra Junction and Warburton Pubs about the 'Toolangi Tiger' and a couple of other odd sightings and would be really interested to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Any ideas as to what it might be?

Author / Witness Anon AKA "Red" - Reported 06/04/04

20020317 Canberra (ACT)

Dear Paul,

I'm usually the first to dismiss reports of big cat sightings, but may have to change my tune somewhat.

I was out for a run in bush behind Mt Ainslie in Canberra yesterday evening at 7.15 (still light, but starting to get dark), and suddenly saw a large animal speeding through the bush about 50 yards from me. It was black, but appeared to have some brown blotches. Larger than most dogs, about the size of a leopard or puma. It was moving at speed with very long bounds. Noticeable was a long fairly thick tail.

My first thought was 'what the f... was that'. I then thought rationally through the options. The area is packed with Eastern Grey Kangaroos, but it was not a kangaroo. Wrong colour, wrong shape, and I'm certain it was 4 legged. I have never seen a dog other than a greyhound moving at this speed. But I know greyhounds, as my family have them, and the tail and head were wrong. Anyway, it was bigger, and appeared big cat shaped.

Have you ever heard any reports of such sightings in the Canberra area? Does this description sound similar to others you have heard of? Any response would be much appreciated!

Author / Witness Richard Buchanan (17/03/02)

20010801 Buxton (Vic) (Near Marysville) August 2001

Hi Paul, just stumbled onto your site and thought you might be interested in my sighting. I have posted it on the The Australian Yowie Research site quite a few months ago so forgive me if you have already read it. It was in August around 2 years ago now I think, and it was a dark night,very little light. I had been out to the local Buxton Pub, near Marysville (Vic) for a meal with my husband and daughter, I was not drinking as I was driving.

As we were leaving we picked up our next door neighbor and dropped him off at his house and stayed for coffee. The time would have been around 10 oclock when we left there. My husband was standing at the car talking, so I left them and started to walk back. I was dressed all in black and it was dark so I probably wasn't easy to see, I got about 3/4 of the way up the hill to our cabin and decided to wait till my husband bought the car up the driveway on the other side of our property as it was very dark near the cabin and I couldn't see the step that I knew was there.

I waited very quietly for a couple of minutes when our 4-wheel drive came up the driveway and my husband turned it in a clearing so he could reverse the rest of the way up. The reversing lights through out enough light that I could see the step, when out from under the cabin shot a black puma, it didn't see me i'm sure because it did a little back-take, kind of movement when it passed within about 3 feet of me. I saw it for the time it took to pass me and disappear into the bush on the other side of me but I did see it long enought to realise it was a very large cat-like animal, it looked to be black in the reversing lights, but I suppose it could have been a very dark grey, as the light was pretty bad.

My husband saw what he described as a extremely large cat walk past our cabin while we were still in the process of making it livable so that would date it to about 5 years ago. We were staying in a caravan down towards the bottom of our property, which is very hilly and is covered in bracken and scrub. He thought it looked like a cat but about the size of a kelpie. What I saw was I think bigger than that, though it is hard ot estimate the exact height as I was standing on a slope and it was above me.

This winter passed my husband was staying on his own in the cabin, again in August, when he was woken by this god-awfull screaming and the sounds of fighting, As he was unarmed, and alone he said there was no way he was going out on his own to see what it was, but in the morning he found a wombat dead and half eaten in our driveway. He didn't look for paw prints as he wouldn't know the difference between a cats and a dogs anyway. I know there are dog packs in the state forest and we almost back on to this. We don't know if a single dog could bring down a wombat, but my husband said he didn't hear anything that sounded like a dog pack. We have a friend who has also seen this cat in the full beam of her headlights one night on a back road in the same area.

Hope you find this interesting,

Author Witness - Dawn Griffiths. 12/09/03

20010409 Cape Otway (Victoria)

An E-mail I received on 9 April 2001- Hello Paul. Just browsing and found your site. I have also seen the big boy. We were travelling around Aussie in a large motor home. Had been following the coast, great ocean road, and had just veered inland travelling eastward, proceeding slowly uphill on the main road passing Cape Otway. Just on dusk, cool and damp weather. Suddenly this animal appeared out of the forest on the left-hand side of the road loped across in front of us and disappeared into the bush on the other side. My husband and I looked at one another in disbelief and couldn't believe that such a large feline animal could be roaming around our Australian countryside. It was a very dark colour, ran like a cat with it's tail straight up and curved at the top. Very large and would have measured about a metre in length, torso only. Height was hard to tell because it was outstretched and loping. But would have been about 80 to 90cm in height. We slowed down further hoping to get another glimpse of the animal, but it did not reappear. We weren't going to hang about looking for it either!!! Our immediate description was puma or panther. Would like to know of any more recent sightings, because we certainly know that this animal does exist. Eventually there will be tangible proof for the disbelievers.

Author / Witness Best regards from Dot Kennedy 09/04/01

20000901 Gooram (Vic) (Near Euroa) Sighting September 2000 (Reported 16/03/04)

To Paul, I had a sighting in September 2000.

I own a big property in Gooram in Victoria, I had lived there for about 10 years and always heard the rumours from the locals who had lived in that area for longer than I, and I never believed them though, I just used to sit there and laugh.

One night I had planned to go out with a few friends and have a bonfire in the hill paddock which was about a ten minute drive from the house with a gully surrounding it and a lot of swamp grass.

We went spot lighting as soon as it got dark and I was holding the spot light when I was scanning for rabbits or foxes when I flashed passed a black animal.

I immediately turned back with the spot light and told my friend who was driving to stop the ute (utility) and turn it off.

He did what I said and I leant over to the cabin without taking my eyes of the black cat in the clearing near the ferns to tell him to get a load of this, the other two guys who were with us stopped there conversation and looked.

We all just dropped our jaws.

This thing started to get up and plod along the gully.

We sat there for a good 3 minutes before it went into long ferns and we couldn't see the cat any longer.

You could tell everyone was thinking about it that night, while sitting around the campfire we were all jumpy but we never said it to each other for our ego's got in the way.

But now when someone tells me a story I keep my mouth shut because I was the one at the start that picked on those people.

Author / Witness John. T - Reported 16/03/04

19990101 Cann River East of Orbost (Vic) South of Bombala Reported 29/03/04

"Hi, Just a quick note . Being a person that has to see with my own eyes before beliving in anything I can relate a story to you about a few things I have witnessed. My wife was with me one of these times witnessing at Cann River south of the border of Bombala NSW Austraila . The actual sighting was just near the Bemm River turnoff. The sighting is something I never talk about as I do not want anyone to think I'm crazy.

To explain what happened my wife & I was driving from Orbost to Cann River, We were admiring the surrounding when a very large cat jumped in front of our station wagon. The cat in question was about 2.5 ft high & was to adjile to be a domestic cat (ferial). We did not run over the cat as it jumped approx 15 to 20 ft up on the embankment . My wife had a good look at it as I was drivinging she knew straight away it was a puma .When we arrived at our destination the local said that it not unlikley to be any thing but a puma as there has been countless sightings. I am not that good at remembering things but I know what we had seen & we looked through book to be sure. I have been in the transport industry for 15 years and see things that I question myself about. BUT why do people see things here in Australia & elsewhere that other people see . Even skeptics now question themselves .

The sighting is something I never talk about as Ido not want anyone to think Im crazy.

regards Paul & Rose" - Cann River

Authors / Witness' - Paul & Rose reported 29/03/04.

19980101 Stoney Creek (Vic)

Driving along the Flowerdale Whittlesea Rd, near Stoney Creek late at night in 1998, we saw a black panther jump across the road in front of our car. We had to brake suddenly and were absolutely amazed at the size. From nose to tip of tail must have been 2 mtrs. Absolutely was a panther or a hell of a big black cat.

Stoney Creek is just a small turnoff on the Flowerdale Whittlesea Rd, on the right coming back from Flowerdale. Probably about 7 k's before Kinglake West. It leads into an area beside the King Parrot creek which is only about 200 yards from the road.. Over the years I have heard of many sightings of this black panther, from all over Victoria. I have heard the story that many years ago US troops based in Vic used a black panther as a mascot and let it go when they returned home.

Author / Witness Anon (1998)

19980101 Buxton-Marysville area, Victoria

Mr. Clacher, Have you heard of any sightings from the Buxton-Marysville area, Victoria. We have a couple of acres about 4ks from the town of Buxton. One night about 4 years ago my husband was staying in a campervan at the base of our very steep block, and was looking uowards towards a cabin higher up the hill that he was readying for our use. It was a moonlit night and he saw quite clearly what he believed to be a very large cat. Though he couldn't swear to it being a puma, it was black, and about the size of a kelpie. We have friends who live on the otherside of the mountain in Granton, who have had 2 very close sightings from their car on a bush track. Thought you might be interested,

Author / Witness Dawn Griffiths.(1998)

19971201 Elphinstones (Vic)

Dear Paul - Here is an experience I had with a Big Cat a couple of years ago.

In 1996 I transferred my job from Perth to St Arnaud in Victoria. As an employee of the Department of Natural Resources & Environment I have heard many tales about the mysterious puma which has been seen around the district. To be honest I never believed any of them, the idea seemed preposterous to me.

In early 1997 a friend of mine claimed to have seen one of these creatures near his property in Elphinstone. My response on hearing his story was "I guess he (the cat) flew in on a UFO." Less than a year later I had to eat my hat.

It was a Saturday night around 7.30pm in December 1997. I was travelling on Harcourt North Road in a North Easterly direction when suddenly a large black animal leapt the fence on my left about 50 feet in front of me. It seemed to travel a vast distance in a single leap and was moving very quickly, it had a very muscular body and a long straight tail.

Although it was gone in a moment I have no doubt it was a large feline that I saw. Part of my job includes regular rabbit transects by spot light, subsequently I have a broad knowledge of local fauna and can identify foxes, feral cats and most native animals by the colour of their eyes in the spotlight from 100's of metres away.

By the way I love your site as have many of my friends cheers kelli

Author / Witness Kelli Amber

19920101 Brindabella (Act / NSW) and Pilton (Queensland)

Hi Paul.

I just read your article on the "Big Cats". Very interesting I must say. And from my experience very true!

I'll just tell you the quick version of my experience.


In 1992 some friends and I had gone to the foothills of the Brindabella ranges, just outside of Canberra, for a three day camping trip. Let me tell you now we didn't stay one night!

One of the girls had brought along her German Shepherd dog. At about three p.m. on the Friday afternoon, four of us decided to go for a walk up into the hills. Of course the dog had to come too. We had only been walking for about half and hour when the dog, which had gone on head, let out this awful scream. We could hear another noise, but, even now, I have no idea what it was!

The dog came down from a sort of ledge. It was limping and sort of coughing. One of the boys picked her up and carried her down to the campsite. She didn't live very long. My best friend Jess, a Vet, said it looked like the dog had been mauled by something very large. Unfortunately Jess was killed in a car accident three years ago, so I can't have her email you to describe the dogs injuries. The incident was however reported in the Sydney Herald.


In another case at my mother's hobby farm in Pilton Qld. She told me her cows and dogs were going "mad" one night, so she went out with the spotlight to see what was going on. She said she really didn't see the thing clearly, but swears it was the back end of a "Big Cat" she saw going down into the gully. She said she had no intention of finding out exactly what it was. Mum describes it as a dark off white colour about as big as a yearling heifer. Mum runs Poll Herefords so we don't think it was a cow.

Author / Witness Anon

19890101 Lithgow (NSW)

Hi. Im replying to your article at Strange Nation. Im not sure if this is anything like your experiances, but many times the past couple of years, my parents have told me about the time when they were picnicking in Lithgow 13 yrs ago when my mother was pregnant with me. They noticed a black cat stalking around, positive that it was a panther. They sat and watched it for several minutes before it disapeared. It didn't harm them at all, and we didn't have a camera or video recorder, so it was not captured on film. This happened to my mother and father, and my 3 sisters. Again, im not sure if it relates to your experiances in any way, but i thought you might have been interested to know.

Thank you.

Author / Witness "Kermit Tha Frog" 1989

19880101 Nelson (SA) sighting around 1988

Hi Paul

Just a short note from the Mount Gambier and Nelson area, on the border of SA and VIC. About 15 years ago on the Wanwin Road, which runs along the Glenelg River (VIC) between Dartmoor and Mt Gambier I am positive that I saw the rear end of some type of large black animal that was too big to be a feral cat and more resembled that of a black panther long tail and all. I have done a lot of shooting in my time and I know for sure that it was not a roo it moved too much like a feline for what I saw of it. Anyway about 8 months after this two mates where over from Warrnambool one Monday night for roller hockey and on the trip back just past Rennick (between Dartmoor and Mount Gambier) they pulled up for leak on the side of the road and they swear they saw a black puma stroll across the road in their headlights not far away at all. The pair of them vowed and declared that they would never stop on that stretch of the highway again. Just thought this might be of interest to you ,very interesting site keep up the good work.

Author / Witness - Neville (Sent - Thursday May 2003)

19860101 Glenelg River Near Nelson (SA) 1986

Hi Paul,

I have just read your articles about sightings near Nelson and Rennick of big cats and thought you would like to hear about my families experience as we were heading home from the river one night on wanwin road. I was 7 years old and Me, my Sister, and Mum and Dad had been fishing down at a popular campsite called Wilsons Hall all day, we stayed and had tea down there and decided to head home about 8:30-9 O'clock, as we were driving back down the track that takes you back to Winwan road a large creature that was reddish orange in appearance and had black stripes like a tiger but looked more like that of a dog. It scared the hell out of us, and recently there was a bloke on A Current Affair who was trying to prove the existence of Tasmanian Tigers down there. So we think thats what we might have witnessed.

Author / Witness Errol & Janine (sighting 1986 reported 26/06/2004)

19850101 Tenterfield (Northern New South Wales) Sighting 1985 / 86 (Reported 25/03/05)

My husband and I had our sighting in 1985/86. We drove down to Tenterfield to visit a friend living on a property that boarded the Queensland and NSW borders. I just happened to look at the window and saw a huge black cat walking down to the creek. I told our friend what I had seen and he laughed so he stopped the car and had a look, he couldn't believe his eyes. We hadn't taken the camera not even thinking that we would see anything so fascinating. Even to this day when I tell people what we saw they still laugh.

Author / Witness - Patricia Smith - Reported 25/03/05

19780101 Eltham Victoria Sighting 1978 / 79

Hi Paul I am just forwarding a incident I had back in 1978 or 1979, I just can't quite remember.

Anyway, when I was a young tyke living in Diamond Creek (Victoria) I spent a lot of time roaming the bush in search of gold and quartz. Well, it was a gold mining town after all... Anyway, the next town across, Eltham, had been the scene of many black panther sightings (and gargoyles, believe it or not!) and I guess traveling to Diamond Creek was an easy thing for them to do - well, I could walk to Eltham myself with no problems and a day to spare. Anyway, this one day I was mucking around in a gully not too far from home and came across a dead cow. I know it's not unusual to find dead cows and horses in the area, but this cows throat and stomach had been eaten away, and in the mud of the gully were many large cat prints. Well, you know that feeling of fear that you get when confronted by a (something that shouldn't exist, and) something that is likely to eat you? Needless to say, I went home immediately and never returned to that area.

So there you have it.

Author / Witness Anon

19760101 Vaughan Springs (Victoria)

In 1976 I was staying at the Vaughan Springs Caravan Park. I was camped with a friend and we would go shooting rabbits in the surrounding country. One morning I went shooting alone down in an area close to the caravan park that was dotted with old mine shafts. I had a single barrelled shotgun loaded for rabbit over my shoulder. I was trying to walk as softly as possible but there was a lot of leaf litter on the ground, which made that difficult. I started hearing footsteps from behind and to my left side and initially thought it was my mate who had said he was sleeping in that morning having a bit of a prank. I kept stopping and looking back but could not see anything. After I had stopped about four times I stopped again, this time the footsteps got quicker. I saw a large pure black panther running straight at me at a distance of about 25 metres. I turned and faced it but I don't think I even started to swing the shotgun down from my shoulder as I was so shocked at what I saw. The panther suddenly veered off when it was about 5 metres from me. I watched as it jumped a fallen log and ran out of sight. I walked back to camp and told my friend what had happened. He didn't believe me. When I went home I told my sister. She didn't believe me. I was 16 at the time, didn't know about any quests to find big cats etc., I accepted that what I had experienced was hard for others to accept so I just didn't tell anybody else for years.

Author / Witness agent@austarnet.com.au

19700101 England

Dear Paul; I enjoyed reading your articles about your experiences with the big cats in the Victorian bush I lived in Melbourne many years - in the early 1970s and enjoyed the lovely countryside of Victoria during my weekend visits to a friends grazing property out near Maldon and Bendigo.

I currently live in England and subscribe to the ukbig cats email group ( http://www.bigcats.org/abc/links.html, http://www.ukbigcats.co.uk/, http://ukbigcats.tsx.org/window.mml), which is where your website was mentioned. Over the years when I lived in Somerset, England (I moved to Cornwall about 18 months ago - but will go back to Somerset next year)... I used to walk my (up to 10) German Shorthaired Pointers in the forests on the Blackdown Hills escapement on the Somerset/Devon borders.

I had several experiences, like yours, of those big pussies growling at me. Not a very pleasant experience - and what a growl! Big, deep and resonant - not like that of a GSP - much bigger and more menacing. Several people asked me "did you go to see what it was?" - but, like you, I feared that would be my last trip to "see what it was" and I scarpered back to the safety of the car on more than one occasion!

One evening I went to the woods, on the advice of the local printer, to hear the nightingales singing. Well - I got as far as the gully over the outflow stream from the fishing lake (right in the woods) when I heard the most horrendous growling and snarling below the little bridge I was walking across. I thought, something must be guarding a deer it has just killed.

The dogs were terrified and so was I. But - just to show what the general British public are like - some "bovver boys" were also going towards the lake, armed with a few cans of beer - they took no notice whatsoever of that awful growling! Is it any wonder that people do not see or hear big cats ?!!!

Anyway, it was only a few years later, when I was actually followed by the big black panther female in those woods - and came face to face with her when I turned back on my tracks, and retraced my steps towards the lake - and there she was, standing on the curve of the track looking at me, my old US import male and a couple of 12 week old pups.

The other major growling incident, was in another forest - about 6 miles away and as soon as we got just into the edge of those woods - the big, slowly vibrating growling started - saying, I felt, that it was his wood (that was male's territory) - and that he may have been guarding his dinner, too. However, I decided to walk along the escarpment track and away from the growling area - the male dogs were very uneasy, but the bitches scampered around hunting as usual. Until, they got to a bush - all pointed - stood, smelled, etc. and none would go near it. I suspect the cat may have spent some time under it - so it would smell strongly of him. We retraced our steps back to the car - and had a repeat burst of growling.

I just got fed up with the cats. No matter which wood we went to to give the dogs a run - one could never be confident to have a pleasant walk, without being growled at, coughed at - stalked, etc by black panthers, or on a couple of occasions a cougar!

This is supposed to be the lovely English countryside, where one may walk peacefully admiring nature - etc - not be worried about being beaten up by big cats!

Again - big cats who officially do not exist - I wrote to various govt ministers, civil servants, etc.... saying that one should be able to walk safely in English woods with one's dogs without having to run the gamut of big cats. All they said was "what a wonderful experience"... I won't say any more - except that I was not very pleased to meet another one (more than once) when walking with the dogs on the Coastal Path in Cornwall. This was another Cougar... Bloody things are everywhere!

Victoria Australia

I enjoyed reading both articles - took me back to those weekends at the property of Mitta Hamilton and her brother, a sheep grazier with Merinos, somewhere near Maldon, Ballarat and Bendigo - it is so long ago - and those bush roads, lined with eucalyptus all merge into my memory. I remember going to Ballarat and Bendigo. You descriptions of the mining remains remind me of the same remains here in Cornwall from the old tin mines - many of which still have dangerous, open shafts. And lots of gorse grows around the waste areas.

Author / Witness Regards Angela Boyd

19690801 Between Brisbane and Beenleigh Gold Coast Highway (Qld) Reported to me 02/06/04.

The Striped Marsupial Cat Gary Opit's Observation of an Unclassified Carnivorous Mammal in Queensland

In the spring of 1969 I was fortunate enough to observe an unclassified carnivorous mammal in South East Queensland. The location was the Brisbane - Gold Coast Highway, between Brisbane and Beenleigh, a single lane each way through rural cattle grazing land and moist open forest instead of the urban sprawl that has since replaced it. At about 11 pm, as I travelled south through long stretches of darkened forest with very little other traffic, I observed a large carnivorous mammal suddenly cross the road directly in front of my vehicle.

It emerged about 30 metres in front of the car on my side of the road (the left hand or eastern side) and I saw its head, shaped something like a mastiff dog, protrude from the vegetation and watched it walk across the grassy road verge and onto the bitumen. I applied the brake not wanting to hit what at first I thought must be a dog. Then I accelerated up to it when I realised that it was not a dog. It stood approximately 60 cm at the shoulders, had a body length of about 75-cm and a tail of the same length. The snout protruded from a round head with small pricked ears. It had a powerfully built body covered in brindled somewhat thick fur with indistinct stripes appearing beneath the thinner black outer coat.

The fore and hind legs were about the same size, the rump and hind legs appeared reasonably powerful and what was distinctly noticeable was a marsupial-like waddling gait that particularly caught my attention. It reminded me of the gait of a brush-tailed possum only this animal was very much larger. Its robust form, muscled legs and large feet indicated to me that it was adapted to terrestrial locomotion with a strong tree climbing ability.

It had a long straight thickly furred tail with 6 bands or stripes across it and the tail did not wag from side to side as it walked across the road. When my car closely approached the strange animal it raised all the hairs on the tail, as a dog may raise its hackles when disturbed, as if it was attempting to make itself look larger. This very distinctive banded tail was the last I saw of the animal as it disappeared into thick vegetation on the western side of the road. At no time did it look at my closely approaching vehicle or increase its speed as it crossed the road.

I was 22 years old and experienced in Australian fauna identification and had observed most of the common species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians in the wild along the central eastern coast. I had long been particularly interested in carnivorous marsupials and had spent many hours observing several species of them in captivity at Taronga Zoological Park in Sydney and at Fleay Fauna Sanctuary at West Burleigh.

I had studied photographs and films of captive Thylacines, a species presumed extinct since 1936, and so could compare the images on the film, etched into my mind, with the animal that I was observing as it padded across the road. This was not a dog-like animal; it looked more like an unknown species of giant quoll.



I wondered if it could have been an escapee of some exotic animal from a local zoo or private collection. I was very familiar with most of the world's mammal species from studying them in books and in zoos since I was a child. Could it have been a Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)? This is an animal of a similar size, 190 cm, 90 cm of which is the tail, to what I had seen. An arboreal, cryptic rainforest animal with its nearest natural habitat in Borneo and Sumatra. I decided against this as the colour and pattern of its fur were not really similar to the animal that I had observed, nor were its movements particularly cat-like.

I thought at the time that the only known animal that this creature resembled was the African Civet (Civettictis civetta) or perhaps the Celebes palm civet (Macrogalidia musschenbroeki) photos of which I had seen in books on the Viverridae. I was fairly sure that it was neither of these animals. But then, having not observed such animals in life, perhaps it was still possible.

The Celebes Palm Civet reaches one metre in length with light chestnut to dark brown fur and has a banded 600-mm long tail and therefore had a similar fur colour and size to the animal that crossed the road in front of me. The species could possibly have been introduced to Australia by Indonesian people shortly before European settlement, But then, why had the species not been recorded here?

The Celebes Palm Civet is endemic to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, home of the Macassan boat people who used to trade for beche-de-mer with Aboriginal people. Some civet species inhabit human settlements attracted by rodents and Asian people are known to have semi-domesticated some of these and carried them aboard their trading ships, using them as rat catchers, and who consequently transported them to different Asian islands.

The Celebes Palm Civet, though, appears to have shorter legs and and a more elongated body than the animal that I observed. I decided that it was unlikely that an animal from an isolated Indonesian Island would appear unexpectedly in South-eastern Queensland. However, if it was not an exotic species then it had to be an unclassified native species! One could only just imagine undescribed fauna existing in remote and generally unsettled areas but it was difficult to believe that such animals were residing in a locality that was well settled with towns and smaller villages scattered about and containing bushland that I was quite familiar with. Having observed the animal I was forced to concede that it was possible for an unknown carnivorous mammal to live adjacent human populations and generally avoid detection.

As it appeared to an unknown species I thought deeply as to what its identification may be. Was it a unique member of the cat family Felidae that had reached Australia from South East Asia and, like the dingo (Canis familiaris dingo), evolved and adapted to the ecosystems "down under"? That seemed highly unlikely, especially as it had left no fossil evidence of its continued existance.

If it was a marsupial then what known group of animals was it related to? Was it an unknown species of quoll of the family Dasyuridae? Was it related to the Thylacine, a remarkable relative of which is known from the ancient fossil record, the Powerful Thylacine (Thylacinus potens). Or could it have been the Marsupial Lion (Thylacoleo carnifex), believed extinct for many thousands of years? All of these were possible but why had no recent fossil evidence of these animals been found if the species was still extant? There was no possibility of me deciding exactly what the animal really was except that it appeared to be unclassified.



At the time the most authoritive book published on Australian mammals was Furred Animals of Australia, written by Ellis Troughton, C.M.Z.S., F.R.Z.S., Curator of Mammals at the Australian Museum from 1919 to 1958. In this work is a section devoted to the striped marsupial cat of North Queensland. I was also able to obtain the previous systematic book on the Australian mammals, The Wild Animals of Australasia written by A.S. Le Souef, C.M.Z.S., Curator of Taronga Zoological Park in Sydney and Harry Burrell, C.M.Z.S. with a chapter on bats by Ellis Troughton. Here also was listed, amongst the Dasyuridae, the striped marsupial cat.

"Striped Marsupial Cat Ranges of Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland

Description from field observations. Hair short, rather coarse. General colour fawn or grey, with broad black stripes on flanks, not meeting over back. Head like that of a cat; nose more produced. Ears sharp, pricked. Tail well haired, inclined to be tufted at end. Feet large; claws long, sharp. Total length about five feet (1524 mm); height at shoulders eighteen inches (457.2 mm).

There exists in North Australia a large striped animal, which has aptly been described as "a cat just growing into a tiger". Though seen on several occasions, we have not yet had a specimen in any of our museums.

This animal is rare, or, to be more correct, it lives in country that man seldom penetrates, and when he does so he creates such a noise in getting through the tangled undergrowth that any wary animal takes off. Its stronghold appears to be the rough rocky country on top of the ranges, country usually covered with heavy forest, and inhabited chiefly by tree kangaroos and rock wallabies. The cat-like animal is well known to the aborigines, and has been met with several times by white men.

We have had a striped carnivorous animal described from Northwest Australia, and Lord Rothschild states, from native reports, that a similar animal exists also in New Guinea. Although there is nothing to indicate directly to what order this animal belongs, we believe it to be a marsupial, from the fact that it apparently cannot live in competition with the dingo. It inhabits the only country that the wild dog cannot penetrate. For the sake of convenience we will refer to it as the Marsupial Cat ". (1)

In Carl Lumholtz's 1889 book "Among Cannibals" of which I have an original edition, he states "In Western Queensland I heard much about an animal which seemed to me to be identical with the Yarri here described, and a speciman was nearly shot by an officer of the black police in the regions I was now visiting." page 101.

So here we have the scientific description in the most authoritive publications by the most respected biologists of their day of an unclassified species described as cryptic, the ability to remain undetected. Today these scientific descriptions are ignored because so much additional research has been undertaken that modern researchers can not imagine that such an animal can exist. And there is, in fact, not a single piece of physical evidence for its existance. But the mystery remains because, I saw it, and others before and since have seen it. A large carnivorous mammal that has the ability to remain completely undetected. Gary Opit

Gary Opit's Drawing of the Qld Marsupial Tiger Which He Witnessed in 1969


Author & Witness Mr. Gary OPIT Observed in the spring of 1969 and reported to me on 02/06/04

19630101 Nelson (SA)

Dear Paul,

I read your article about the cat print. In 1963, I was teaching at a one teacher school at Nelson on the south Australian border of Victoria. I was shooting kangaroos and foxes in a pine plantation in a very remote area near Lake Bung Bung. I was tracking and did what you did, I found big cat tracks. Although I was shooting with an old army .303, I nearly wet myself and headed out of that pine break as fast as I could. At the time, some queer stock deaths were reported in the area.

Author / Witness Anon (1963)

19620101 Cape Liptrap on the Victorian South coast

Hi Paul, I was interested to read your Big Cat stories and am sending you another one in case you're interested. I have previously sent it to other cryptid researchers, but it has never been published anywhere.

Last December I attended a pre-Xmas wind-up dinner. As the evening progressed the talk turned to outdoor pursuits and people were giving examples of their most frightening outdoor experiences. Much to my surprise, a woman I have known for some years as an acquaintance said that her most frightening outdoor experience was when she was confronted by a "bush panther". My ears pricked up immediately and I asked a few questions to get extra detail. The following is the core of her story.

One morning during the first week of January in 1962 a young woman and her fiance (subsequently her husband, now deceased) were out shooting rabbits near Cape Liptrap on the Victorian south coast. They had got up at dawn and had shot a good bag by 6:30 to 7:00 am (pre-daylight saving time). They were heading back to their car when they entered a heathy clearing in the scrub about 800 metres (half a mile) from the lighthouse. As they entered the clearing they saw what at first glance seemed to be a log with a burnt butt on the other side of the clearing, about 25 metres away. To their astonishment, the burnt butt suddenly moved and a huge black head with large yellow eyes rose above the log and stared at them. They were immediately seized with fear.

The young man pulled his fiance down and told her to steady herself, cock her gun, take aim at the beast and fire only if it moved to attack them. The young woman was armed with a single barrel .410 shotgun and the young man had a single barrel 12 guage shotgun. The big cat did not move, but continued to stare at them across the log. They dared not fire because the creature was so large, much larger then a labrador dog, that they feared they may not be able to kill it outright and, if they only wounded it, it might become enraged and attack them.

The stand-off continued for what my informant said was about ten minutes. During that time she was able to take careful note of the animal's characteristics. It did not have the short, round face of a feral cat, but the long face and heavy jaws of a panther. What she could see of its body was completely jet black. No "roundel" markings like those of a leopard could be discerned in the fur which was smooth and shiny. Its tail was untufted and seemed proportionately longer than a feral cat's. Its eyes were remarkably yellow, unblinking and piercing. It appeared to have been lounging beside the log out of the wind sunning itself.

Eventually, the animal looked away, got to its feet and sauntered off into the scrub. It moved exactly like the Melbourne Zoo's panther, which it resembled in every respect.

The badly frightened couple then got the hell out of there.

They subsequently did not report their experience to the authorities and, after being on the receiving end of some derisive comments from friends,became unwilling to discuss the matter with others. However, they never forgot the incident nor the intense fear that it generated. Even now, forty years later, my acquaintance states that the overwhelming memory she retains is of the terror she felt.

That morning, before the incident, they had been in a positive, holiday frame of mind and they had not been drinking nor ingesting psycho-active substances the previous night. They were previously unaware of reports of "bush panthers" in the area. I didn't think to ask whether they had been telling ghost stories or similar tales either that morning or the night before. But, in discussing the case, I couldn't discern anything aberrant about their reported behavior or modes of thought at the time which could have led to a shared hallucination. Though I must say that it's hard to pursue some lines of questioning, without giving offense, that might make people feel you think they were "seeing things". My informant was adamant that the creature she saw was a flesh and blood, natural animal and objectively real.

So, there you have it. My informant does not want to be named, but is happy enough to pass the story on anonymously.

I hope you find it interesting. It is the sighting of longest duration I have ever encountered. Regards Mike

Author / Witness Anon (1962)

2010XXXX - XXXX (STATE) Sighting - XXXXday xx/xx/201x at x:xx a/pm Reported xx/xx/2010

Subject: XX XX


Author / Witness - xxxx xxxx Reported XXXXday xx/xx/201x - x:xx a/pm

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