Blackbutt / Yarraman

Driving up to Blackbutt and Yarraman you will pass through Moore. Stop before you drive through Moore and turn right and head up to Linville. It is a cute little town and is only a short detour. You can then easily return to Moore with a detour of around half an hour. Continue on towards Blackbutt. If you look to the left on a cutting just out of Moore you will see an old ruin beside and behind a white farm house. These old stone ruins are the remains of the old Coach Staging Post and hotel. Here are the old stables where the coach used to exchange their tired horses for fresh ones. Further along this road is a station / property called Taromeo. If you travel into the farm house, permission can be sought to view the property from the the Manager Jamie Marriot or telephone (07) 4163 0258, if it does not interfere with farm activities on the day. You then may inspect the old Coach Staging Post and other historical point of interest. It is in excellent condition and is well worth a visit. See below the old store and kitchens, which I understand is listed on the National Trust and Australian Heritage Commission as is the whole property.

If you ask nicely you may also be allowed access to the Old Taromeo Coach Road. If you intend travelling on this road a four wheel drive is essential and the driver needs to be well experienced as there are a few "Hairy" spots on the track. Be cautious here as I have seen some very large brown snakes along this track. Once you reach Blackbutt there is a back road which leads to Crows Nest. This is an interesting dirt road with occasional locations where scenic views can be found. I am told also that there are a couple of caves on the Western side of this road. I have looked for them but they eluded me.

Heading towards Yarraman you pass by "Ted Pukullas Weir". There is a dirt road on the left where you can obtain a reasonable view of the weir. Once you arrive in Yarraman you may wish to set up camp. There is a Hotel in town, a Motel and a Caravan Park. The Yarraman Caravan Park is just out of town on the left and on top of the hill and it has Cabins, Onsite Vans, Powered and Ensuite Sites, Drive Through sites, tent sites, Camp kitchen, Barbecues, Campfire, Kiosk, pool and playground and the contact Email is It is quiet, clean and has excellent facilities. I have stayed here and it was a pleasant stopover. In fact I stayed there for the week prior to Easter this year (2006) and if anything at all, it has improved. The current management, Lee and Pam are also lovely to deal with. Oh yes don't miss YARRA - MAN too.

Once you have established a base, there are quite a number of things to see from Yarraman. There is the Palms National Park. It is small but it is interesting. Further up this road is Cooyar where there is the swinging bridge and Coomba falls. A great swimming hole and picnic area. If you are into trains there is the old disused Yarraman Railway Station and I am sure that you will also find the Yarraman Heritage Centre interesting. About a further kilometre out of town is a magic day picnic area, Rogers Park, which is located in the pine forest. The Tarong Power Station is nearby and has interesting tours. There are the Seven Mile Diggings just South East of Nanango. It is great for camping, swimming, fishing and fossicking. Gold, garnet and sapphires can be found here. There also once was the Berlin Gem Historical Museum just south of Nanango, it was excellent, however it has since been closed down since Berlin Senior passed away early in 2001. It is also only a short drive up to the Bunya Mountains through Yarraman to Maidenwell and then up the mountain to the Bunyas'.

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