Booloumba Creek

Booloumba Creek is one of the truly beautiful camping and day areas within close distance of Brisbane. It is located in the Kenilworth State Forest. There are four areas in the Booloumba Creek Forest area. The first and my favourite is a camping area with individual camping spots. These areas have a steel fire place and provide ample area for the camper. Camping area 1 has wood supplied.

There are plenty of toilets and there is a shower block with cold showers. There is also an excellent swimming hole and from memory there is tap water around the camping grounds. It is a self pay and tag camping facility. There are many walks from this area and one includes a walk up to the old gold mine. This walk passes through some quite pretty patches of forest which provides some good photographic material.

Area 2 is a day area for picnickers only, but this is a very pretty spot too and a beautiful day can be had here. Area 3 is smaller and is best suited for smaller tent sites, although I have seen Flys set up in this area.  Area 4 is really much more for the group and family campers. There are toilets in this area and water. It is ideal for this as the area allows for campers to spread themselves well apart without crowding too much.

From any of these camping and day areas, are some picturesque drives and best of all, you do not really need a four wheel drive to get to these spots. There are some spectacular waterfalls, an amazing gorge and a feature called the "Bread Knife". There is also the Sunday Creek Drive which brings you out at Charlie Moorelands camping area.  If you continue out to the main road, cross the road and park the car here, there is quite a beautiful walk called the Fig Tree walk. Well worth a look. A back track to Kenilworth is also well worth  the effort. In Kenilworth there is the Cheese Factory, Peddle Park (I have been advised that the Peddle Park has now been closed), Some Craft Shops, Coffee Shop, Hotel and an interesting second hand store. There is also a small convenience store.  Now if you like wine, I would strongly suggest a trip to the Kenilworth Bluff Winery where I would highly recommend tasting the 1997 Chardonnay, but alas they have now sold out of this vintage.

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