Camp Kitchen / Tucker Box


Written and invented by Paul Clacher  Copyright 2006.

It was in April 2005 while I was running a field trip for the Australian Facetors Guild (AFG), Moreton Bay Branch that I came up with the below idea. The day was pretty hot even though it was mid April in Torrington and we had stopped for morning tea. My friend John was preparing morning tea for himself and his wife. Like usual I generally rough it, and am quite happy to sit on a log or a rock and drink my tea out of the lid of the thermos, while I chew on a biscuit.

Well, I started to drink my tea and chew on that biscuit when I looked over and saw John and Hazel sitting in their comfy chairs, at a table, with tablecloth and nice crockery and real knives and forks, while under the shade of a spreading gum. The only thing missing was the crystal glass set and the crystal candelabrum. This caused me to reassess my view on bush comfort. It was at that moment, I started hatching a plan on how to design the perfect bush kitchen and tucker box. The below photographs show the conversion of that plan into a finished product.



As you can see the Camp Kitchen folds up into quite a small neat little box. It is 400 millimeters deep by 470 millimeters wide by 650 millimeters high. The top compartment holds a single burner gas stove and rectangular griddle frying pan. There are also three lower compartments, which hold plastic storage boxes, which double up as drawers. The bottom plastic storage box holds all of the plates, cutlery, cooking utensils, pots and pans and cleaning gear.

The front lid of the box doubles up as a table, which is 470 millimeters deep by 650 millimeters wide. The top of the box folds out to be a preparation tray and there are two fold up flaps on the side which act as small working platforms. All in all a compact and very useful camp kitchen come tucker box. There was quite a bit of work in making it, but it is well worth it. Now I can have a very comfortable morning tea or lunch out there in the middle of the bush.

Written and invented by Paul Clacher  Copyright 2006.

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