Cania Gorge

On returning  from Rubyvale one mid year gem fossicking trip, we decided to make a stop-over in Monto. Im glad we did this as a treasure trove of locations were opened up to us. We stayed in a cabin at the Monto Caravan Park. I can highly recommend these cabins as being first class. Monto itself is a moderately small town, but big enough to provide the visitor with several restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, shops and various clubs and minerals.

If you use Monto as the central point there are many points of interest in the area worth a visit. There is the Coominglah Forest, which is 20  km west of Monto. I understand camping is permitted in this area at a small cost. There is the Old Monal Goldfields. The Selene Mine near Mulgildie which is the largest deposit of steam coal in Queensland. Oh yes while you are at Mulgildie ask about the Bunyip hole and see if you can get any of the locals to go for a swim there. I have been there at the water hole and it is creepy. Just North east of Monto on the Refuse Tip road is an ancient Fossil Coral Reef which has lifted above the parent soil. Very good specimens of crinoids and coral can be found here. They make quite nice cabochons. These fossils are 270 million years old.  There is the Munster Hydraulic Dairy and the Bazley's Dairy. In town there is the Monto History Centre. This is a cross between an Information centre and a Historical Museum. There is also Craiglea Host Farm, the Oakey Creek Tour and Waruma Dam. A distance up the road is Kroombit Tops. This is a camping holiday destination in itself. There is the Bonnie View Doll collection and the Wattle Dale Ostrich farm. A bit of a drive up the road is also Auburn River National Park. I would probably recommend a full camping holiday for this spot as there are quit a few walks from here.

Well that just about covers Monto. Now for Cania Gorge. Well to be really honest, while we were driving on the Cania Gorge road looking for the Gorge, we drove right through it without actually really saying wow isn't that beautiful. To be really fair though, one must take time here to relax and go on all the walks and there are quite a few. There is a really lovely camping ground called the Cania Gorge Tourist Park which I would recommend staying at while in the Cania Gorge area. Things to see and do while at Cania Gorge could include, Dripping Rock, Russell Gully, The Overhang, Dragon Cave, Hole in the Wall, Bloodwood Cave, Bible Rock, Bat Caves, the Crevasses, Two Storey Cave, Ferntree Pool, Big Foot, Spatter Cone, Castle Mountain, Black Ant Mountain, Bushrangers Cave, Clark Barnett Walk, Platypus & Three Moon creek, Kurrajong Hill Lookout, the Gold fields and also fossicking for gemstones and gold. There is also Lake Cania. Now if that doesn't keep you busy nothing will. Biloela is also within driving distance and is worth a visit.

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