Self   Clearing Sieve   Concentrator


Inventor Paul Clacher Copyright 2000

Here is a sieve that you can use all day without emptying it until the last shake is over. You stack it three high, 1/2 on top, 1/4 in the middle and 1/8 guage at the bottom. You can see from the the left picture, that there is a "V" cut in the ends of the sieves. When they are stacked, there is a small opening at each end of the stack. If you look at the picture on the right you can see that the mesh has a "V" bend in it too. The concentrate falls to the "V" and remains there all day while you shake. There are stoppers at the end of each "V". The light material is thrown out of the ends. I have only one word of warning. Don't be tempted to over fill the sieve, as they can clog up. It works the best with dry material.

The sieve is absolutely ideal in those place where water is scarce. You only take home (back to the camp or the creek/water) the smallest amount for washing, thus saving on precious water. In fact, instead of taking home 6 buckets of wash, you only take home about half of a bucket of wash, and very concentrated wash at that too. I came up with the idea at Hutt Creek at Tomahawk Creek near Rubyvale, when I was working harder getting the water than I was digging for the sapphires. (Not really, but there was considerable effort getting the water) I thought to myself that there had to be a better way of doing this, so I invented the Self Clearing Sieve Concentrator.

Oh yes, it also fits neatly into the frame you can see in the left photo. There is a shaker bracket which can be attached later. I have designed it this way for ease of packing in the back of the car. Also if you wish to take this bracket off, you can. You can  actually wash the concentrate in the creek by leaving it in the sieves if you wish. I have actually used the sieves in the field and they do really work, WELL. They are not easy to make, but I think they were well worth the effort.

Self Clearing Sieve Concentrator (Stacked)

(Some Feedback) Dear Paul

I have built your Rocking horse gravel sorter (Self Clearing Sieve Concentrator) and what a great idea, havn't been out to try it out yet but it quickly sorted the couple of shovels of driveway I threw into it. Built it in a couple of afternoons, I've built an adjustable stand for it, no bending backs. I spent months building an engine powered pulsater only to find there is virtually no where it can be used. I've also built a willaby that pumps its own water but with your machine I don't even need that. Thanks for the great idea Ted

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