Crow's Nest

This lovely little Township is located North of Toowoomba and has many points of interest within its area. The town is supposedly named after an aboriginal "Jimmy Crow" who used to have a camp in a hollow tree at Bullocky's Rest near the Police Station.  Jimmy's camp was known as Crow's Nest. Crow's Nest itself is quite small, but it does have a neat and clean hotel (The Grand Hotel) which I have stayed in a couple of times. There is also a motel (The Crow's Nest Motel) and a caravan park (The Crow's Nest Caravan Park). It is central to Crows Nest Falls National Park, Ravensbourne National Park, Perseverance Dam, Cooby Dam, Cressbrook Dam and Cooyar. The road from Crows Nest to Toowoomba is also full of craft and bric-a-brac type shops. The Cuckoo Clock Centre is also well worth a stop for a look in. Spring Bluff Historical Railway Station is also within a short drive and is well worth a visit. Crows Nest can be reached from Toowoomba, Esk or Yarraman. There is also a road from Toogoolawah which is dirt for about half the distance. It is interesting but does not become overly scenic until the last quarter, when you start climbing up into the mountains. In places the road is quite rutted and I think in the wet it would be best avoided.

Things to see in the Crows Nest Falls National Park (07 4698 1296) or (07 4639 4599) include the creek which offers some beautiful picnic spots and a few good spots for a swim. There is a walk along the creek which passes by The Cascades, Kauyoo Pool, rock pools Crows Nest falls and ends up at Koonin Lookout viewing the Valley of Diamonds.

Ravensbourne National Park has a beautiful day picnic area and pleasant bush walks. There is the Rain Forest Circuit, the Palm Creek Circuit and the Caves walk. Don't expect too much of the caves but they are interesting just the same. They are more of a sandstone overhang than a tunnel type cave, but still I found them interesting. Nearby there is accommodation at the "Country Cottages". I have not stayed there, but they do look very nice.

Perseverance Dam has a picnic area, barbecue facilities. There is the Lake Perseverance Recreational Lodge. Cressbrook dam has fishing and recreational facilities.

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