Mystery Prints Taken in Southeast Queensland


Comparison between mystery Big Dog Casts and a mystery Big Cat Cast


Mystery Dog Print 1
Mystery Dog Print 2
Mystery Cat Print 1

The above prints have been included on this site to assist you in identifying mystery prints. Mystery Dog Print 1 and Mystery dog Print 2 (Latex Copies) are of a VERY large wild dog and could easily be confused for a big cat print Please note that the central pad is rounded and raised above the front prints. This dog was a domestic dog, which now hunts in the wild. This creature is quite dangerous and should be given a wide berth. The prints of this dog are 11 centimeter's across, making that creature a very large animal indeed. The claws on these 2 prints are also quite solid and are not retractable, indicating that the animal which made the print most likely to be a dog.

The Mystery Cat Print 1 (Plaster of Paris Copy) initially had some plaster on the central pad and middle toe pads which had molded into a crack in the mud which the print was lifted from. The crack has been carefully removed. The print is 12 centimeter's wide and is of quite a large animal. The central pad was generally flat and lower than the toe pads. The claws can also be seen to be fine and retracted. The claw on the central left toe pad is particularly fine and quite sharp.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between the different types of prints left behind, but I do believe that the claws usually are the deciding factor, in telling what the animal is.


Unidentified Mystery Foot Prints

Mystery Print 1
Mystery Print 1 Sketch


Emu Footprint


Just for reference I have included a photograph of an Emu footprint which I took on 19/09/2005 just below Mt. Zero in the Grampians in Victoria. As you can see it is similar, but not the same. The above "Mystery Print" was taken from a trackline, which included the below prints as part of that trackline.

Mystery Print 2
Mystery Print 2 Sketch


I know that I have never seen anything like the above prints before, but if you have ever seen footprints like the two above prints, or if you think you know what they maybe please let me know. As you can see the above are actual plaster cast prints and were taken by pouring directly into the prints which where made in mud. As yet the above prints have not been able to be identified. They came from South East Queensland. If you think you know what they are please Contact Paul. Just to let you know The Queensland Museum have looked at the prints and were not able to identify these prints either. In fact the Zoologist advised us he had never seen anything like them before. Also the Zoologist Mr. Gary OPIT has viewed the prints and he also was not able to identify them. A Zoologist from Brisbane Forest Park has also viewed these print casts and was unable to identify what they are.


Some Common Foot Prints and Including a Thylacine


Spotted Quoll


Kangaroo Back
Bandicoot Back
Bandicoot Front
Wallaroo Front
Wallaroo Back


Two great web sites, which are excellent for the identification of various footprints are Beartrackerís Animal Tracks Den and Canine vs. Feline or Dog vs. Cat.

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