Heifer Creek Road

Heifer Creek Road is actually a continuation or local title for the Gatton Clifton Road. Travelling from Brisbane you take the Gatton turnoff on the Toowoomba Road. About 5 kilometres west of Gatton is the Ma Ma (pronounced Mar Mar) Creek Turn Off. About another further 5 kilometres down this road is a fork in the road. The left turnoff goes to Tent Hill The other goes to Ma Ma Creek and onto Clifton. The drive down through Tent Hill and onto Junction View is also quite pleasant and worth the effort. There are a few interesting places worth a look at on this road, but I will let you explore that one. See how good you are. Now while I must add the scenery is not spectacular, it is none the less very pleasant and very interesting. There are many things in this area worth finding, but half the fun is doing the research and then going to the locations. The Gatton Information Centre would be a good start. On the actual Ma Ma Creek Road near Ma Ma Creek itself is a Cutting called the Heifer Creek or Ma Ma Creek Cutting. I am told it was cut by hand around the time of the Second World War. It is nearly vertical and is cut through solid rock and it is about 90 foot high. It is well worth a look, but then on the other hand you can't miss it.

Any way getting back to the Heifer Creek Road itself. The road is quite windy and narrow and for some strange reason some big trucks tend to use it. So drive carefully. About two thirds along the road is a beautiful camping ground, which is pictured. It follows the line of a bend in the what I think is Silky Oak creek. The area is well kept, but there are no facilities. There is plenty of room for camping and it is probably not a bad spot for a night or two. The creek is small but there may be a few spots where you could have a decent swim. There is another camping spot called "Glen Rock" but that is further to the East on a different road and it is a pay site on a Private Farm. "Glen Rock" is in a very beautiful location but is in quite a different location.

Further along Heifer Creek Road it tends to develop into a small gorge with cave like formations in the parent rock. this follows along the side of the creek for about 5 to 10 kilometres before it starts to climb slightly. On the left side of the road heading towards clifton are two picnic areas. One of these is well worth a stop over at. It is located behind a large sandstone/limestone rock face. There is a car park and a set of stairs which takes you down to a picnic area. Quite pleasant. A lot could be done with this spot. I have been told there is a narrow but very interesting gorge up from this picnic area. Just past the picnic area on the left is a bitumen and dirt road which cuts back to Woodbine and Junction View. Back on Heifer Creek Road. It then climbs to hills and then makes its way into a flatter valley area studded with small volcanic plugs.  The road then continues to Clifton and Allora. These small towns are also worth a look at. There is also an interesting story of a lost gold reef in this area too. It is of two aboriginal brothers, a segment of a golden reef, an axe, a murder, a death and a lost gold reef. But that's another story.

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