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The Age of Megafauna
Alien Big Cats
Ancient Historical Research Foundation
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Australia's Anomalous Animals
Australia's Lost Kingdom
Australian Big Cats
Australian Dreamtime
Australian Puma Sightings Site
Australian Rare Fauna Research Association Inc.
Australian Yowie Research
Beartrackerís Animal Tracks Den
Big Cat Calls and Sounds
Big Cats - AYR
Big Cats In Britain
Big Cats of the Australian Outback
Big Cat Monitors
Big Cats Wild in the West
Black Panther Sighting
Canine vs. Feline or Dog vs. Cat
Cropper & Healey - The Yowie - In Search of Australia's Bigfoot
Desert Cats of Australia : Urbanisation?
Devil Dog of the Dreamtime
Dreamtime Myths & Legends
The Dhamurian Society
Exmoor Beast
Extinct Animals
Giant Marsupial Cats of the Blue Mountains
Gone Missing the Movie
Indigenous Australia Stories
In The Beginning There Was Dreaming
Large Cat Paw Prints Site
The Lithgow Black Cat Site
Lloyd Pye - Intervention Theory
Lloyd Pye - Starchild Project
Lock Ness Tooth Web Site
Mystery of Megafaunal Extinction Remains
National Institute of Discovery Science
OZ Fossils
Paul Cropper - The Yowie - In Search of Australia's Bigfoot
Phantom Cats
Pleistocene Marsupial Lion
Rainbow Spirit Warriors
Rex and Heather Gilroy's Mysterious Australia
The Scottish Big Cat Trust
South Australian Museum
Strange Phenomena
Tasmanian Devil
Thylacoleo Carnifex
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Thylacoleo Carnifex Naricoorte Cave Fossils
Thylacoleo Rememberence Page
The Quest For The Thylacoleo
UFO Maps
UK Big Cats Web Site
Where Light Meets Dark
The Yowie - In Search of Australia's Bigfoot