Written by Paul Clacher copyright 2004

"An Invitation to the official opening of a wonderful display of minerals and crystals from the collection of the Minerals Heritage Museum" was what I received in the mail on 20/08/04.

I thought to myself, that I would just love to be able to attend that "Official Opening", but could I squeeze it into my work schedule. After a bit of re-shuffling of my dairy, the answer became "Yes".

I have been a member of the Mineralogical Society of Queensland Inc since about 2001, but I may add that I have been a member of other clubs for over 12 years and as can be seen I run a fairly extensive fossicking web site of my own. Now, whilst I have been interested in gemstones for over 40 years I am a relative new comer to the world of minerals and so this article is written more as someone looking in rather than a member looking out.

I arrived in town at 4:00 pm on the day of the official opening and was fortunately able to park my car at work. I then made my way up to the foyer of 61 Mary Street, Brisbane City. On my arrival around 4:15 pm there were already about 20 or so people there, some of whom I knew and some of whom I did not know. I must say the event already did look very special. Many of the ladies and gents were dressed in suits and the caterers were there pouring the champagne. As I said it looked "very special".

I then made my way over to the museum cabinets and may I add there are some very special specimens of the earth's natural treasures in those cabinets.

Cabinet 1
Cabinet 2
Cabinet 3


Cabinet 2
Cabinet 3

The then President Tony Forsyth advised at the last few meetings that this display in its many proposed forms has taken many years of planning and devotion to be now realised in its current splendour. Now Tony and Ron (Young) both tell me that this is just the beginning, so let's hope that we see many more cabinets adorning the foyer of Minerals house over the coming years.

As the invitation stated, "The collection of minerals, crystals and gems, has been painstakingly acquired over a number of years. The collection has finally been assembled into a single display through the efforts of the trustees of the Minerals Heritage Museum and the Mineralogical Society of Queensland."

At 4:30 pm sharp the official opening commenced with a small speech by Tony Forsyth who then handed the floor over to Ron Young, who did a great job and Ron then in turn handed the floor over to other speakers until the CEO of Enertrade Mr. Bernard Rowley Officially Opened the "Minerals Heritage Museum".

Mr. Bernard Rowley

After Mr. Rowley officially declared that the "Minerals Heritage Museum" was officially opened all of the guests celebrated the event with a light supper and drinks and more viewing of those beautiful specimens behind the glass cabinets.

To those who were involved in the creation of the "Minerals Heritage Museum", WELL DONE! It looks just wonderful. Anyone would be proud to have any of those specimens in their own collection. It is just marvellous to have them on display for all to see.

All I can say, if you could not make the official opening and you still have not yet seen the Museum display, do so it is worth the look.