Mothar Mountain

Not a lot can be said about Mothar Mountain, except that the area is very beautiful and that it is a very special location for a day picnic or even a short holiday. (It is actually pronounced Mother Mountain I am told) The area is lush and green and has a beautiful picnic area, with kiosk and a beautiful swimming area. There are walks up the creek which while short are quite relaxing and beautiful. The water here is clear and clean, as is the air. The goanna's here are as big as I have seen anywhere else in Australia. They are huge and actually I suspect you would have to look out for them when it comes to the food. Other wise they are quite unthreatening. Now here is some really interesting information, which can be found at the following site of Treasure Enterprises Australia. Here is an excerpt from that page; "As far back as the 1850's, the early settlers of the Gympie region found many relics belonging to ancient races including pottery fragments, metal tools, forged implements and carvings. One such find found in a field near Mothar Mountain east of Gympie was an ancient crudely hand-forged spoon of an unknown bronze alloy indicating great antiquity. It appeared to be Middle-Eastern in origin." Further information in regard to archaeology in this area can be found at Awareness Quest. The readings are VERY interesting.

Mothar Mountain can be reached on the Cooroy road via Pomona and Cooran. There is a slight Eastern detour into the State Forest Park. You can also reach Mothar Mountain on two turnoffs South of Gympie. It is about 20 minutes drive from Gympie. The walks in the area are wet scolerophyl  and dry scolerophyl. There is also a track up the mountain but t is strictly four wheel drive. There are also barbecues and water at the picnic ground. The area can become popular at times, but usually it is not too bad. It is not bad for a day picnic location and if you want it is only a short drive into Gympie where there are many other standard type activities which can be found.


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