Mount Morgan

OK I'm probably stretching it a bit here to say Mount Morgan is in South East Queensland, but I was so impressed with Mount Morgan I thought it worth including on this page. I found the township of Mount Morgan to be very interesting, old and historic. The Information Centre is located in the old Railway Station which is very beautiful in itself. In town the points of interest include, The Post Office, The Library and School of Arts, The Museum, all of the Hotels, The Court House, The Hospital, the statue "Running The Cutter", The Swinging Bridge, The Cemetery and the Open Cut Mine itself. One day in Mount Morgan is certainly not enough time to do justice to seeing the highlights of the old town. A MUST, is a ride on the old steam engine.

Tickets are available from the Information Centre. The trip is not a loop ride and it does return on the same path that it did go on. This gives you a chance to see all the things you missed on the way. Now I'm not really a train enthusiast but I did enjoy it. On the way back I was right up the front and was able to watch the coal being shovelled into the engine. I found some of the other touristy things in town, at the time, to be a little over priced.

But, having said that, we went on the Mine Tour and found it to be excellent. The Mine Tour takes you on a minibus up through the old mining machinery the offices and up through the hills to the top of the old open cut mine. Before getting to the top the minibus passes the old brick clay mines. The caves are quite extensive and have Dinosaur Footprint impressions on the roof of the caves. There are other fossils in the caves too (but they hopped back on the bus). I couldn't believe the water in the open cut pit. It is absolutely blood red in colour. You cannot see it in the photograph, but it is as red as can be. Oh yes, there are also great markets run at the Old Railway Station.

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