Some music I have Written and Produced -

All Tracks and Titles written by Paul Clacher Copyright 2003 to 2007

(Caveat - I hereby give permission for the use of the below Tracks as background music as long as it is absolutely for non-profit use. That is the music cannot be used on any media format or device, where by it is used to make any money whatsoever. Also if you do use any of the below pieces of music or part thereof proper credit must be given. Author - Paul Clacher 2006)

Please Note:- All below MP3 (Full Track) reproductions except samples are only 32 bit copies of original pieces.


CAPRICORN (Produced, released and copyright in 1991)

Capricorn (Full Track)
Umbra (Full Track)
Suspicion (Full Track)
Scorpion (Full Track)
Aldis Lamp (Full Track)
Azimuth (Full Track)
Siren (Full Track)
Swallow (Full Track)
Raven (Full Track)
Line X (Full Track)
Deadrise (Full Track)
Zenith (Full Track)


MIDDLE EARTH (Produced, released and copyright in 1992)

Nemesis (Full Track)
Astraea (Full Track)
Themis (Full Track)
Megaera (Full Track)


HAVEN (Produced, released and copyright in 1989)

Prelude (Full Track)
Sky Threads (Full Track)
Pyramayan (Full Track)
Third Terra (Full Track)
La Sombre (Full Track)
Subliminal Mood (Full Track)
Resting (Full Track)
Apostasy (Full Track)
Ashes To Flames (Full Track)
Cisum Live (Full Track)
Expend (Full Track)
Time Within Time (Full Track)


KARA KARA (with short Mp3 samples)

Sunraysia (Sample)
Flewt (Full Track)


SHADES OF GREY (with short Mp3 samples)

Shades (Sample)
Catatonia (Sample)
Dark Crag (Sample)
emiTime (Sample)
Engram (Sample)
Gray Daze (Sample)
Shady Daze (Sample)
Sweet Heat (Sample)
Panic (Sample)
Twilight (Sample)
Neeka Tave (Sample)
Of Grey (Sample)


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