Numinbah Valley & South

There are two main directions from Brisbane that you can approach Numinbah Valley and through to Mount Warning. Firstly you can come from Beaudesert Road or secondly you can come from Nerang from the main coast highway. The approach from Beaudesert Road is probably more interesting but really takes the "Cooks Tour". The approach from Nerang is much more direct but tends to loose the gradual unwind feel as you go into the valley. So it depends whether you want to relax into it or just get there, it's up to you. The first part of the drive when you start to go into it is as you pass the Advancetown Lake just before you enter the Numinbah State Forest. A very beautiful detour on the way is Binna Burra, which in my opinion is well worth the time to visit. In fact an entire holiday can be dedicated to Binna Burra, O'Reilly's and the Springbrook areas themselves. The views as you drive through the valley just get better and better. This is not a drive to rush, it is a drive to absorb. After all you are here for the scenery. There are the occasional Tea Houses, Craft Shops and a very well appointed Gem Shop at Numinbah Valley. As you approach Natural Bridge there is a left turn into the State Forest at Natural Bridge (it used to be called Natural Arch). Turn here and drive up to the car park at the end and park your vehicle. The walk is wonderful and I think it is best done early on a week day morning. There is more wildlife and less people. Don't forget to take your camera on this trip and probably a couple of rolls of film wouldn't hurt either. You used to be able to swim in the pool once but I am not sure if you are still allowed to do that. This is a wonderful place for a morning tea break or a picnic lunch. One of many places for accommodation in this area is the Log Cabin Environmental Centre.

There are numerous spots where you can stop along this drive for a Tea Break or a picnic. It is up to you. The creek you follow is actually the Nerang River and if you are lucky often you can find various gem stones in and around the bank of it. Stone which can be found are Thunder eggs, Agates, Chalcedony's, Blood Stones and Sardonyx. (A word of warning, - DO NOT enter National Parks for Gem Stones). There are also Lookouts along the way too. Around about here you drive over the rim of the old Mt. Warning Shield Volcano Rim. The views are spectacular, especially of MT Warning. Continuing on you will pass through Chillingham. There is a lovely old historical store here and is worth a stop and a look. Further down the road on the right fork is the township of Tyalgum. It too has a lovely old store and too is worth a stop and a look. Around about here your choices of site seeing multiply. If you proceed straight ahead at Chillingham you can go to Crystal Creek, or to Eungella or on through to Murwillumbah. Just South West out of Murwillumbah along the Mt. Warning Road is the the Mt. Warning Caravan Park (02 6679 5120). If you wish you can head on up to Nimbin. (Now there's a different place to visit). If you do go to Nimbin I would recommend a short trip to see the Pinnacles (Nimbin rocks).

The photograph included, is Lake Doon Doon at Clarrie Hall Dam. There is a vast camping ground here called Cram's Farm and as you can see the scenery is quite special. The entire volcano crater is lush and green and has multitudes of various sites to visit. In fact I would probably spent up to a week here and visit all the sites. There are numerous walks, lakes, waterways, forests, craft shops and many other things to see and do. I would suggest going to the Information Centre at Murwillumbah, collect a heap of information leaflets and sit down and plan what you would like to see. One such place I would place on the to see list is the Crystal Castle. If you are into Gem Stones this is a must visit place. Food can also be bought here and the view from the dining area is quite beautiful.

Just a little past the Crystal Castle is Minyon Falls. These Water falls are really quite spectacular and well worth the visit. There are two viewing platforms. The one from the South gives you a very good view of the falls from the southern side of the gorge. Just a little over 1 kilometer up the road is the viewing platform from the falls itself. The falls have a sheer drop of about 100 metres to the valley floor below, which is thick in palms, aptly named Palm Valley. The viewing platform hangs over the cliff and is not for the feint hearted.

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