Photographs by Paul Clacher Copyright 2005

Click on below photos for larger view.

NTAS1.1 - Launceston Church (see tower)
NTAS1.2 - See above tower window enlargement
NTAS1.3 - The Old Launceston Morgue (it burnt down 6 hours later after this photo, with 1 death)
NTAS1.3a - Note the image in the window pane from above photo. It changes over the series.
NTAS1.4 - Ghost Tour Old Launceston Morgue
NTAS1.4a - Same window pane and image with something above it coming into view. (I am still not personally convinced)
NTAS1.5 - The Orbs start
NTAS1.5a - Image in window pane now has another image above it. (I am still not convinced if it is something or not)
NTAS1.6 - Searching for Orbs in the rafters (a favourite spot for Orbs)
NTAS1.6a - The image is starting to dissipate. (As I have said above, I am still not convinced if it is something or not)
NTAS1.7 - TheOld Launceston morgue from the other end.
NTAS1.8 - The last person leaves.
NTAS1.8a - The image in the window pane now starts to disolve.

The images all together. (It looks convincing, but I am really not sure)

NTAS1.9 - The Stables Launceston.
NTAS1.10 - The Stables Launceston.