Written and All Photographs Taken by Paul Clacher Copyright 2005 to 2007

Orbs from Eastern Australia

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Please note:- All Times given are Australian Eastern Standard Time (EST)

These Orbs and many more can be seen in the above pages withn the various locations in Eastern Australia.


To find out how it all started please read below.


In 2004 my family and I decided to head off on a trip around Queensland and fossick on the way and also do a bit of site seeing as we went. The route took us to many fossicking sites and areas of extreme beauty and historical significance.

My daughter wanted more than anything to go to Boulia and try to see some "Min Min" lights and my wife wanted to see Western Queensland and I wanted to do all of that, but I also wanted to look and fossick for stones. While we were away I took a considerable number of photographs with our digital camera.

My daughter, who is a bit of a brave individual, suggested to me that we pay a visit to the local Pioneer Cemetery in one of the country towns that we were staying at and take some night photographs. Now, I don't know if she was getting bored or not, but anyway, she managed to talk me into doing it. What happened next, would be enough to convert the staunchest sceptic. It was after having a counter meal dinner at the local pub, which I must add was pretty damn good, we made our way to the pioneer cemetery. Just for a bit of fun for her I told her I would call in the ghosts and I did. You know, just to add a bit of fun and a bit of tension to the event. My daughter then took some photographs with the digital camera and I said "can I have a look". My daughter was sort of in shock. I said "what's up", and she showed me the photo that we just took. All in all I counted about 72 "Orbs" or "Min Min" lights in the shot. I must admit I was in a bit of shock too. I then took some shots and that was the start of me getting "Orbs" in my digital photos.

During the rest of that holiday and up until the current date I have taken many photographs with the family digital camera and now I can hardly take any photographs without "Orbs" in them.

Orbs - What Are They???

From all of my studies and research into Orbs I am still not really sure what Orbs are, however in my thousands of photographs of orbs and hundreds and hundreds of hours photographing them I have discovered some things about them. Clearly though many Orbs captured by cameras appear most likely to be nothing more than refractive light from dust particles, HOWEVER, not all are!!!

True Orbs display characteristics as follows;

1. They appear to display intelligence,
2. They appear to display individual characteristics,
3. They appear to be shy or cautious of us,
4. They appear to not like direct sunlight,
5. They appear to like to habitate (live I guess) in cavernous places,
6. They have been observed to appear in different colours and shapes,
7. They can move very quickly when they choose to do so,
8. They can follow you,
9. They can be caught out,
10. They seem to be able to utilise ESP,
11. They can be playful,
12. They are more prevalant in electrical storms,
13. You can mentally call them in,
14. Sometimes you can see clear faces in them,
15. Sometimes they are captured moving strobe like,
16. They can form together to crate shapes,
17. They can combine to form apparitions or plasma clouds,
18. I have only had one experience of them being evil or malevolent,
19. There appears to be different types of Orbs,
20. They appear to be able to move through solid objects.

I firmly believe that not all of these anomalies are refractive light from either dust or moisture particles floating in the air. If all Orbs were dust or moisture particles, then it would follow that these Orbs, should be in all sequential photographs. How can it be explained in the terms of Physics when they are not?

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Strange Happenings - A Study of Orbs - "What are Orbs"


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