Proston is a sleepy little village west of Wondai. Whenever I go there I feel like I am at the end of the Road. Like many other country towns Proston is shrinking (Unfortunately). It used to be a thriving cattle town but now it is struggling to survive. It has an old dairy milk factory, which sadly is now closed. These old country towns have a lot to offer, as they have the infrastructure of a town which was built for a much larger population than they now support. This generally means that they are pleased to see you and will look after you. A look through the old cemetery may also prove interesting. As external money being injected into the town is always enthusiastically received. While you are in Proston, if it is still open to the public, you must go and see Sidcup Castle. It is pictured and is well worth a look. It is something else. I have been told that it is no longer open to the public. If this is so, then it is such a shame as it was well worth a visit. Just the same, it is worth a look from the outside if nothing else.

I mainly go to Proston to dig for Garnets, as pretty good Garnets can be found in the area. (They are actually dug from a pay dig on a private property at a place West of Proston called Brigooda. The farm is called Leura Joy and is directly opposite the Brigooda Hall. The dig cost $8.80 per person per day. (2002) If you wish to pay a bit more you can actually camp there. The phone number is 07 4168 0177. The toilet used to be infamous but it has been moved to the dig now and the new toilet at the farm is septic. I am told I wasn't brave enough to go back and try it.). Alas Leura Joy now too has closed. I have stayed at the Proston Caravan Park (07 4168 9152) in town and the Golden Spur Hotel (07 4168 9272) also in town, and both are quite good. I just hope the Caravan Park improve their on site vans. Excellent Garnets are now being obtained from a deep hole which the farmer has opened up. There is also Lake Boondooma just North of Proston and I have been informed there is camping and it is good for fishing (gold and silver perch) and boats, but I have no personal experience of this. The contact phone number for this is 07 4168 9133.

Northeast of Proston and Hivesville is a location called Cloyna. In this area  one can find excellent Jaspers, Agates, Crystals, Bloodstone and a form of Ribbonstone. At Bill and Joyce TREVOR's property there is camping facilities available. This includes a barbecue and the contact phone number is 07 4168 6210. (I have also been advised that TREVOR's Farm now too has been closed to the public) Another location for similar stones is at KRATZMAN's on Kratzman's Road near Windera. The contact phone number for Kratzman's is 07 4168 6130. There is also "Windera Glen" and is owned by Noel and Narelle CHESHIRE and the contact phone number is 07 4168 6139. This is the only location where you can find black agate.

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