Queen Mary Falls

About 8 kilometres South West of Croftby there is a high road and a low road. The high road takes you up through White Swamp, past "The Moss Gardens" (well worth a look) and through to Queen Mary Falls. (Spectacular) Pictured below and to the left. The low road takes you through The Condamine River Gorge.

The high road is quite steep but is bitumen for a fair portion, and in fact, I think it is now bitumen all of the way to Killarney. There are spots where there are spectacular views of mountains and valleys. The area is a giant plateau and is LUSH green. The area is a photographers paradise. The "Moss Gardens" is a lookout where all the trees are covered in lichen. The views here are very special. This road continues on to the Queen Mary Falls.

These falls are extremely beautiful and there is a pleasant circuit walk from the top to the base and back up again. There are also beautiful rock pools at the top where a pleasant swim and paddle can be had. At the very top there is a picnic ground and across the road there is a Caravan Park (The Queen Mary Falls Caravan Park) which has clean modern facilities and cabins. There is a Kiosk and a restaurant here also. In the evenings kangaroos and parrots gather and will take feed if you have some. A little further on are Daggs Falls and Browns Falls. Not quite as high, but I think equally as beautiful.

In fact the background to this page is actually Browns Falls. There is a turn style which gives the walker access to the track into Browns falls. Now here is a word of advice. Don't give up. Keep walking until you reach the falls as they are worth every bit of the effort. Provisions can be purchased from Killarney which is a short drive down into the valley.

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