Stanthorpe Area

I have written Stanthorpe last, mostly because I don't know where to start. My initial thought is just to say, go to the Information Centre and work it out yourself from there. There are over 30 wineries in and around the Stanthorpe area, and by the time I have up loaded this onto the internet there will probable be a couple more. I think it is fair to say, that it depends what you want to go to Stanthorpe for. There is an excellent Wine industry and everything that goes with that. These wineries include, Bald Mountain Vineyards, Ballandean Estate (, The Bramble Patch, Bungawarra Wines, Catspaw Farm Winery, Felsberg Winery, Golden Grove, Granite Ridge Wines, Heritage Wines , Hidden Creek, Inigo Wines, Kominos, Robinsons Family Vinyards, Old Caves Winery, Rumbalara, Severn Brae Estates, Severn Hills Vinyard & Winery (, Stanthorpe Wine Centre, Stone Ridge Vinyards and Winewood Vinyard & Winery. The area also has a bounty of gem stones and if you dig in just about any creek you are at least bound to find some quartz crystals. Well as long as you know what you are doing. Who knows you may even find a Topaz or two. There are also "The Grape Escape" winery tours which has a web site of

There are bush walks and National Parks. These include Sundown National Park, Giraween National Park & Environmental Lodge, Boonoo Boonoo National Park and several State Forests. There are waterfalls and caves. The Stanthorpe Information Centre will provide you with information on some interesting spots include Donnelley's Castle, The Water Caves, The Pyramids and Bald Rock. There are several Waterfalls and of course Thunderbolts Cave off the Old Caves Road. Half the fun of these caves is finding them. They are on private property and permission is necessary. I would suggest taking a good rope or rope ladder and torch with you if you intend going into the main cave. In spring the place just comes alive with wild flowers. There is a multitude of fruits. After all it is the stone fruit capital of Australia. There is a wonderful Museum in town. And it seems as though there is a festival of some sort every other weekend. There is fishing in the area, in the creeks, river and various lakes. There is a strip of small townships ranging from Dalveen, Cottonvale, Thulimbah, The Summit, Applethorpe, Stanthorpe itself, Severnlea, Glen Aplin, Ballandean  and Wallangarrarra at the border. There is also Eukey and Storm King Dam. Accommodation includes Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, Motels, Farm Stays, Camping and Caravan Parks, Cabins and if I have left anyone out I apologise. I am not including any photographs as I cannot really capture the spirit of the area in just one or two photographs. As I said, it depends entirely on what you are going to Stanthorpe for. I must add though, it is one of my favourite spots. There is quite a good web site too which is (

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