The Ghost of Moonya Road

Written by Paul Clacher Copyright 2004

We lived there in the early 90's, in that house, in Moonya Road. It was an old Californian Bungalow styled house of half brick and half timber. It often was there as we often heard footsteps through the house. In the dark cold evenings, doors would often open and close by themselves in conjunction with the footsteps. Footsteps could clearly be heard walking towards the doors from the other side. Then, the doors would open and then close mysteriously by themselves. During those times we did not see any shapes. But, one evening I awoke to see hovering about 2 feet above me, a woman wearing a long loose fitting nightgown. She was in a sitting position. She had long chest length black wavy hair. I got a real start, I closed my eyes very tightly for at least 30 seconds, but when I reopened them she was still there. I knew then that this was no dream or figment of my imagination. This was real. I closed them again for a longer period and when I re opened them this time she was gone. Relief!

The night before we left Melbourne, both my wife and I heard movement around the house and rummaging through the packed cardboard boxes. Then we both heard a thin whispering voice say "Please Don't Go". It was said twice, and we both heard it twice.

Alas the house is gone now. But is that lady of the night, in her gown, still haunting the corridors of the new home. I wonder.