The Head

The Head is the name given to the head of the Condamine River, which is also known as The Condamine River Gorge. It is located South West of Croftby and Boonah. The lead into The Head is the White Swamp Plateau and it is a truly magical area. I have never seen the area any colour other than emerald green. It is covered in a carpet of grass that must be at least 15 centimetres thick. I always marvel at one of the farm houses which I pass on the way to The Head, which has a roof of thick green grass. There are a couple of lookouts which give spectacular views. There is also an excellent view of Wilson's Peak across a carpet of emerald green grass. But a word of warning, the road in, is narrow and great care must be taken.

To get onto the road to The Head, you must firstly go South through Boonah. About 13 kilometres out of town there is a right turn to Croftby. Take this turn and head towards Carneys Creek. Do not go to Carneys Creek but just in that direction. Croftby was originally part of Coochin Coochin Station and as you pass through Croftby, you will see on the right the interesting Minto Crag with a small lakelet in the foreground to the East. Incidentally Croftby was named after the local Bycroft family in 1887. About 8 kilometres South West of Croftby there is a high road and a low road. There are two paths you can go ("by in the long run"). The high road takes you up through White Swamp, past "The Moss Gardens" (well worth a look) and through to Queen Mary Falls. (Spectacular) The low road takes you through "The Head" of the Condamine. The canyon views are quite special and make very good photographs. I personally believe the views through "The Head" rival Cania Gorge. Now you will definitely need a four wheel drive vehicle for this road. Please note the sign does say four wheel drive vehicles only and this is absolutely the case. I would say too that even in the lightest wet weather, it would be no wheel drives.

As I said a four wheel drive is absolutely necessary for this road as it gets very muddy and boggy in the lightest of rains. There is actually a patch of corduroy as it gets so bad at times. It will take you about an hour to drive from one end to the other. The first quarter is OK, but the next quarter in many patches is low range material, and in the wet would probably be almost impassible. Up to this point you will only pass over about two crossings. The last half of the trip is relatively easy and extremely scenic. Don't forget your camera. The road crosses the Condamine river 13 times and comes out at Killarney. There are numerous spots where you can stop and have a very pleasant picnic or a sleep under the trees. There is a bush cabin retreat in the hills here called Adjin Billy, which I understand to be very out of the way and very good for a relaxing weekend. Their phone number is 07 4664 1599.

The high road to Queen Mary falls is quite steep but is bitumen for a fair portion. There are spots where there are spectacular views of mountains and valleys. The area is a giant plateau and is LUSH green. As you drive along the high road, if you look out for it you can see a house with a grass roof.  This area is a photographers paradise.

The High Road. The "Moss Gardens" is a lookout where all the trees are covered in lichen. The views here are very special. It is on the high road that continues on to the Queen Mary Falls. These falls are extremely beautiful and there is a pleasant circuit walk from the top to the base and back up again. There are also beautiful rock pools at the top where a pleasant swim and paddle can be had. At the very top there is a picnic ground and across the road there is a Caravan Park which has clean modern facilities and cabins. There is a Kiosk and a restaurant here also. In the evenings kangaroos and parrots gather and will take feed if you have some. A little further on are Daggs Falls and Browns Falls. Not quite as high, but I think equally as beautiful. In fact the background to this page is actually Browns Falls. Provisions can be purchased from Killarney which is a short drive down into the valley.

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