Written Paul Clacher Copyright 2000

A Wash Tub that breaks down to a small space.

If you find that space comes at a premium to you when packing your car for the inevitable fossicking trip out the the never never try this idea for the tub you will sieve your wash in. Firstly you will need some light water piping or copper piping that you can solder. Cut three equally sized pieced that you calculate as a third of the circumference of the tub's top. Buy three self soldering copper "T" section joints or three normal "T" joints. Bend all the copper pipes so that they all make a perfect circle together. Join them all using the copper "T" junctions and apply a flame until the entire circle is soldered, or solder the normal "T" junctions. Then cut some strait copper pieces to the height you want the tub. Insert the strait copper pieces into the "T" pieces of the circle. Now you have a frame you can lay plastic, canvas or nylon tarp over. Hey presto - you have a collapsible wash tub which takes up little space at all in your car. To hold the canvas or nylon tarp in position use buldog clips. I recommend three legs as three legs will balance and not rock unevenly. If you take a square metre of fly screen with you, it can be used for diamond sieving, or it can be used with the above rim of your wash tub as a yabbie net.

Collapsible Water Bottles

I would also highly recommend purchasing 20 litre collapsible water bottles. They work well and take up little space when they are empty. No self respecting fossicker should leave home with out at least six.

Equipment Requirements for Gem Fossicking

For fossicking for sapphires I would recommend the following, 1/8th inch sieve, 1/4 inch sieve, 1/2 inch sieve, spike and shaker, nylon woven bags, plastic buckets (10 or 5 litres), pick/s, shovel/s, crow bar, impact crow bar (if you have one), small sledge hammers, loupe, tweezers, film canisters, light box, mirror (small hand), toilet paper, good attitude, sense of humour and a personal first aid kit, but most of all take care.

Self Clearing Sieve Concentrator (Some Feedback)

I have built your Rocking horse gravel sorter (Self Clearing Sieve Concentrator) and what a great idea, havn't been out to try it out yet but it quickly sorted the couple of shovels of driveway I threw into it. Built it in a couple of afternoons, I've built an adjustable stand for it, no bending backs. I spent months building an engine powered pulsater only to find there is virtually no where it can be used. I've also built a willaby that pumps its own water but with your machine I don't even need that. Thanks for the great idea Ted LEE.

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