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Vaughan Springs (Victoria)

In 1976 I was staying at the Vaughan Springs Caravan Park. I was camped with a friend and we would go shooting rabbits in the surrounding country. One morning I went shooting alone down in an area close to the caravan park that was dotted with old mine shafts. I had a single barrelled shotgun loaded for rabbit over my shoulder. I was trying to walk as softly as possible but there was a lot of leaf litter on the ground, which made that difficult. I started hearing footsteps from behind and to my left side and initially thought it was my mate who had said he was sleeping in that morning having a bit of a prank. I kept stopping and looking back but could not see anything. After I had stopped about four times I stopped again, this time the footsteps got quicker. I saw a large pure black panther running straight at me at a distance of about 25 metres. I turned and faced it but I don't think I even started to swing the shotgun down from my shoulder as I was so shocked at what I saw. The panther suddenly veered off when it was about 5 metres from me. I watched as it jumped a fallen log and ran out of sight. I walked back to camp and told my friend what had happened. He didn't believe me. When I went home I told my sister. She didn't believe me. I was 16 at the time, didn't know about any quests to find big cats etc., I accepted that what I had experienced was hard for others to accept so I just didn't tell anybody else for years.

Author / Witness

Cape Otway (Victoria)

An E-mail I received on 9 April 2001- Hello Paul. Just browsing and found your site. I have also seen the big boy. We were travelling around Aussie in a large motor home. Had been following the coast, great ocean road, and had just veered inland travelling eastward, proceeding slowly uphill on the main road passing Cape Otway. Just on dusk, cool and damp weather. Suddenly this animal appeared out of the forest on the left-hand side of the road loped across in front of us and disappeared into the bush on the other side. My husband and I looked at one another in disbelief and couldn't believe that such a large feline animal could be roaming around our Australian countryside. It was a very dark colour, ran like a cat with it's tail straight up and curved at the top. Very large and would have measured about a metre in length, torso only. Height was hard to tell because it was outstretched and loping. But would have been about 80 to 90cm in height. We slowed down further hoping to get another glimpse of the animal, but it did not reappear. We weren't going to hang about looking for it either!!! Our immediate description was puma or panther. Would like to know of any more recent sightings, because we certainly know that this animal does exist. Eventually there will be tangible proof for the disbelievers.

Author / Witness Best regards from Dot Kennedy 09/04/01

Brindabella (Act / NSW) and Pilton (Queensland)

Hi Paul.

I just read your article on the "Big Cats". Very interesting I must say. And from my experience very true!

I'll just tell you the quick version of my experience.


In 1992 some friends and I had gone to the foothills of the Brindabella ranges, just outside of Canberra, for a three day camping trip. Let me tell you now we didn't stay one night!

One of the girls had brought along her German Shepherd dog. At about three p.m. on the Friday afternoon, four of us decided to go for a walk up into the hills. Of course the dog had to come too. We had only been walking for about half and hour when the dog, which had gone on head, let out this awful scream. We could hear another noise, but, even now, I have no idea what it was!

The dog came down from a sort of ledge. It was limping and sort of coughing. One of the boys picked her up and carried her down to the campsite. She didn't live very long. My best friend Jess, a Vet, said it looked like the dog had been mauled by something very large. Unfortunately Jess was killed in a car accident three years ago, so I can't have her email you to describe the dogs injuries. The incident was however reported in the Sydney Herald.


In another case at my mother's hobby farm in Pilton Qld. She told me her cows and dogs were going "mad" one night, so she went out with the spotlight to see what was going on. She said she really didn't see the thing clearly, but swears it was the back end of a "Big Cat" she saw going down into the gully. She said she had no intention of finding out exactly what it was. Mum describes it as a dark off white colour about as big as a yearling heifer. Mum runs Poll Herefords so we don't think it was a cow.

Author / Witness Anon


Dear Paul; I enjoyed reading your articles about your experiences with the big cats in the Victorian bush I lived in Melbourne many years - in the early 1970s and enjoyed the lovely countryside of Victoria during my weekend visits to a friends grazing property out near Maldon and Bendigo.

I currently live in England and subscribe to the ukbig cats email group (,,, which is where your website was mentioned. Over the years when I lived in Somerset, England (I moved to Cornwall about 18 months ago - but will go back to Somerset next year)... I used to walk my (up to 10) German Shorthaired Pointers in the forests on the Blackdown Hills escapement on the Somerset/Devon borders.

I had several experiences, like yours, of those big pussies growling at me. Not a very pleasant experience - and what a growl! Big, deep and resonant - not like that of a GSP - much bigger and more menacing. Several people asked me "did you go to see what it was?" - but, like you, I feared that would be my last trip to "see what it was" and I scarpered back to the safety of the car on more than one occasion!

One evening I went to the woods, on the advice of the local printer, to hear the nightingales singing. Well - I got as far as the gully over the outflow stream from the fishing lake (right in the woods) when I heard the most horrendous growling and snarling below the little bridge I was walking across. I thought, something must be guarding a deer it has just killed.

The dogs were terrified and so was I. But - just to show what the general British public are like - some "bovver boys" were also going towards the lake, armed with a few cans of beer - they took no notice whatsoever of that awful growling! Is it any wonder that people do not see or hear big cats ?!!!

Anyway, it was only a few years later, when I was actually followed by the big black panther female in those woods - and came face to face with her when I turned back on my tracks, and retraced my steps towards the lake - and there she was, standing on the curve of the track looking at me, my old US import male and a couple of 12 week old pups.

The other major growling incident, was in another forest - about 6 miles away and as soon as we got just into the edge of those woods - the big, slowly vibrating growling started - saying, I felt, that it was his wood (that was male's territory) - and that he may have been guarding his dinner, too. However, I decided to walk along the escarpment track and away from the growling area - the male dogs were very uneasy, but the bitches scampered around hunting as usual. Until, they got to a bush - all pointed - stood, smelled, etc. and none would go near it. I suspect the cat may have spent some time under it - so it would smell strongly of him. We retraced our steps back to the car - and had a repeat burst of growling.

I just got fed up with the cats. No matter which wood we went to to give the dogs a run - one could never be confident to have a pleasant walk, without being growled at, coughed at - stalked, etc by black panthers, or on a couple of occasions a cougar!

This is supposed to be the lovely English countryside, where one may walk peacefully admiring nature - etc - not be worried about being beaten up by big cats!

Again - big cats who officially do not exist - I wrote to various govt ministers, civil servants, etc.... saying that one should be able to walk safely in English woods with one's dogs without having to run the gamut of big cats. All they said was "what a wonderful experience"... I won't say any more - except that I was not very pleased to meet another one (more than once) when walking with the dogs on the Coastal Path in Cornwall. This was another Cougar... Bloody things are everywhere!

Victoria Australia

I enjoyed reading both articles - took me back to those weekends at the property of Mitta Hamilton and her brother, a sheep grazier with Merinos, somewhere near Maldon, Ballarat and Bendigo - it is so long ago - and those bush roads, lined with eucalyptus all merge into my memory. I remember going to Ballarat and Bendigo. You descriptions of the mining remains remind me of the same remains here in Cornwall from the old tin mines - many of which still have dangerous, open shafts. And lots of gorse grows around the waste areas.

Author / Witness Regards Angela Boyd

Eltham Victoria

Hi Paul I am just forwarding a incident I had back in 1978 or 1979, I just can't quite remember.

Anyway, when I was a young tyke living in Diamond Creek (Victoria) I spent a lot of time roaming the bush in search of gold and quartz. Well, it was a gold mining town after all... Anyway, the next town across, Eltham, had been the scene of many black panther sightings (and gargoyles, believe it or not!) and I guess traveling to Diamond Creek was an easy thing for them to do - well, I could walk to Eltham myself with no problems and a day to spare. Anyway, this one day I was mucking around in a gully not too far from home and came across a dead cow. I know it's not unusual to find dead cows and horses in the area, but this cows throat and stomach had been eaten away, and in the mud of the gully were many large cat prints. Well, you know that feeling of fear that you get when confronted by a) something that shouldn't exist, and) something that is likely to eat you? Needless to say, I went home immediately and never returned to that area.

So there you have it.

Author / Witness Anon

Elphinstones (Vic)

Dear Paul - Here is an experience I had with a Big Cat a couple of years ago.

In 1996 I transferred my job from Perth to St Arnaud in Victoria. As an employee of the Department of Natural Resources & Environment I have heard many tales about the mysterious puma which has been seen around the district. To be honest I never believed any of them, the idea seemed preposterous to me.

In early 1997 a friend of mine claimed to have seen one of these creatures near his property in Elphinstone. My response on hearing his story was "I guess he (the cat) flew in on a UFO." Less than a year later I had to eat my hat.

It was a Saturday night around 7.30pm in December 1997. I was travelling on Harcourt North Road in a North Easterly direction when suddenly a large black animal leapt the fence on my left about 50 feet in front of me. It seemed to travel a vast distance in a single leap and was moving very quickly, it had a very muscular body and a long straight tail.

Although it was gone in a moment I have no doubt it was a large feline that I saw. Part of my job includes regular rabbit transects by spot light, subsequently I have a broad knowledge of local fauna and can identify foxes, feral cats and most native animals by the colour of their eyes in the spotlight from 100's of metres away.

By the way I love your site as have many of my friends cheers kelli

Author / Witness Kelli Amber

Canberra (ACT)

Dear Paul,

I'm usually the first to dismiss reports of big cat sightings, but may have to change my tune somewhat.

I was out for a run in bush behind Mt Ainslie in Canberra yesterday evening at 7.15 (still light, but starting to get dark), and suddenly saw a large animal speeding through the bush about 50 yards from me. It was black, but appeared to have some brown blotches. Larger than most dogs, about the size of a leopard or puma. It was moving at speed with very long bounds. Noticeable was a long fairly thick tail.

My first thought was 'what the f... was that'. I then thought rationally through the options. The area is packed with Eastern Grey Kangaroos, but it was not a kangaroo. Wrong colour, wrong shape, and I'm certain it was 4 legged. I have never seen a dog other than a greyhound moving at this speed. But I know greyhounds, as my family have them, and the tail and head were wrong. Anyway, it was bigger, and appeared big cat shaped.

Have you ever heard any reports of such sightings in the Canberra area? Does this description sound similar to others you have heard of? Any response would be much appreciated!

Author / Witness Richard Buchanan (17/03/02)

Stoney Creek (Vic)

Driving along the Flowerdale Whittlesea Rd, near Stoney Creek late at night in 1998, we saw a black panther jump across the road in front of our car. We had to brake suddenly and were absolutely amazed at the size. From nose to tip of tail must have been 2 mtrs. Absolutely was a panther or a hell of a big black cat.

Stoney Creek is just a small turnoff on the Flowerdale Whittlesea Rd, on the right coming back from Flowerdale. Probably about 7 k's before Kinglake West. It leads into an area beside the King Parrot creek which is only about 200 yards from the road.. Over the years I have heard of many sightings of this black panther, from all over Victoria. I have heard the story that many years ago US troops based in Vic used a black panther as a mascot and let it go when they returned home.

Author / Witness Anon (1998)

Nelson (SA)

Dear Paul,

I read your article about the cat print. In 1963, I was teaching at a one teacher school at Nelson on the south Australian border of Victoria. I was shooting kangaroos and foxes in a pine plantation in a very remote area near Lake Bung Bung. I was tracking and did what you did, I found big cat tracks. Although I was shooting with an old army .303, I nearly wet myself and headed out of that pine break as fast as I could. At the time, some queer stock deaths were reported in the area.

Author / Witness Anon (1963)

Cape Liptrap on the Victorian South coast

Hi Paul, I was interested to read your Big Cat stories and am sending you another one in case you're interested. I have previously sent it to other cryptid researchers, but it has never been published anywhere.

Last December I attended a pre-Xmas wind-up dinner. As the evening progressed the talk turned to outdoor pursuits and people were giving examples of their most frightening outdoor experiences. Much to my surprise, a woman I have known for some years as an acquaintance said that her most frightening outdoor experience was when she was confronted by a "bush panther". My ears pricked up immediately and I asked a few questions to get extra detail. The following is the core of her story.

One morning during the first week of January in 1962 a young woman and her fiance (subsequently her husband, now deceased) were out shooting rabbits near Cape Liptrap on the Victorian south coast. They had got up at dawn and had shot a good bag by 6:30 to 7:00 am (pre-daylight saving time). They were heading back to their car when they entered a heathy clearing in the scrub about 800 metres (half a mile) from the lighthouse. As they entered the clearing they saw what at first glance seemed to be a log with a burnt butt on the other side of the clearing, about 25 metres away. To their astonishment, the burnt butt suddenly moved and a huge black head with large yellow eyes rose above the log and stared at them. They were immediately seized with fear.

The young man pulled his fiance down and told her to steady herself, cock her gun, take aim at the beast and fire only if it moved to attack them. The young woman was armed with a single barrel .410 shotgun and the young man had a single barrel 12 guage shotgun. The big cat did not move, but continued to stare at them across the log. They dared not fire because the creature was so large, much larger then a labrador dog, that they feared they may not be able to kill it outright and, if they only wounded it, it might become enraged and attack them.

The stand-off continued for what my informant said was about ten minutes. During that time she was able to take careful note of the animal's characteristics. It did not have the short, round face of a feral cat, but the long face and heavy jaws of a panther. What she could see of its body was completely jet black. No "roundel" markings like those of a leopard could be discerned in the fur which was smooth and shiny. Its tail was untufted and seemed proportionately longer than a feral cat's. Its eyes were remarkably yellow, unblinking and piercing. It appeared to have been lounging beside the log out of the wind sunning itself.

Eventually, the animal looked away, got to its feet and sauntered off into the scrub. It moved exactly like the Melbourne Zoo's panther, which it resembled in every respect.

The badly frightened couple then got the hell out of there.

They subsequently did not report their experience to the authorities and, after being on the receiving end of some derisive comments from friends,became unwilling to discuss the matter with others. However, they never forgot the incident nor the intense fear that it generated. Even now, forty years later, my acquaintance states that the overwhelming memory she retains is of the terror she felt.

That morning, before the incident, they had been in a positive, holiday frame of mind and they had not been drinking nor ingesting psycho-active substances the previous night. They were previously unaware of reports of "bush panthers" in the area. I didn't think to ask whether they had been telling ghost stories or similar tales either that morning or the night before. But, in discussing the case, I couldn't discern anything aberrant about their reported behavior or modes of thought at the time which could have led to a shared hallucination. Though I must say that it's hard to pursue some lines of questioning, without giving offense, that might make people feel you think they were "seeing things". My informant was adamant that the creature she saw was a flesh and blood, natural animal and objectively real.

So, there you have it. My informant does not want to be named, but is happy enough to pass the story on anonymously.

I hope you find it interesting. It is the sighting of longest duration I have ever encountered. Regards Mike

Author / Witness Anon (1962)

Buxton-Marysville area, Victoria

Mr. Clacher, Have you heard of any sightings from the Buxton-Marysville area, Victoria. We have a couple of acres about 4ks from the town of Buxton. One night about 4 years ago my husband was staying in a campervan at the base of our very steep block, and was looking uowards towards a cabin higher up the hill that he was readying for our use. It was a moonlit night and he saw quite clearly what he believed to be a very large cat. Though he couldn't swear to it being a puma, it was black, and about the size of a kelpie. We have friends who live on the otherside of the mountain in Granton, who have had 2 very close sightings from their car on a bush track. Thought you might be interested,

Author / Witness Dawn Griffiths.(1998)

Lithgow (NSW)

Hi. Im replying to your article at Strange Nation. Im not sure if this is anything like your experiances, but many times the past couple of years, my parents have told me about the time when they were picnicking in Lithgow 13 yrs ago when my mother was pregnant with me. They noticed a black cat stalking around, positive that it was a panther. They sat and watched it for several minutes before it disapeared. It didn't harm them at all, and we didn't have a camera or video recorder, so it was not captured on film. This happened to my mother and father, and my 3 sisters. Again, im not sure if it relates to your experiances in any way, but i thought you might have been interested to know.

Thank you.

Author / Witness "Kermit Tha Frog" 1989

Merton (Vic)

G'day, today I saw what I think was a panther. It was black and had a long straight tail and looked more than a metre long. In grass up to my knee I could still see its body, tail and head with pointed ears. I live in Euroa Victoria and was travelling towards Merton in the Strathbogie Ranges. The site was about 1km before the Gooram CFA shed. I travel this road to work every day, and see wombats, black tail wallabies and roos, but this was none of the these. I have been looking at panther photos on the web today and I believe what I saw to closely match the characteristics of a panther. I watched the thing part the grass as it lunged up through the roadside reserve. I watched it for 5 seconds at least, and slammed my foot on the break jumped out of my car and ran toward the parted grass where it had been and I looked accross the open paddock. It was knowhere to be seen. The fence was not moving and I guess it stayed low and maybe ran along the fenceline. The road reserve was treed so I looked up the trees and then waited for about 5 minutes for some movement in the area. Later that morning I got to work and rang a friend whose house is less than a km from the site and told her. She said that her neighbour had seen a black panther on his property.

Author / Witness Troy - Friday 11/10/2002.

Stanthorpe (Qld) (2nd or 3rd of January 2003)

Hello Paul,

Early this year (2nd & 3rd January 2003) my brother-in-law was putting some rubbish into the Liston Rubbish dump (near Stanthorpe Q`LD.) when he come across some footprints in the ground. It had rained the day /night before so the ground was still soft. The prints took his eye because of the size as well as the claw marks imprinted into the ground. He was able to get some casts made of them as well.

The ground had tiny stones as found in stony country. The front feet were 110mm wide by 105mm deep. The print consists of a large central pad that reaches to the rear of print. 80mm wide & 70mm deep at widest part. 4 toes very interesting totally unlike those of a dog. The 4 toes in front of large pad, the central 2 toes were close together, the outer 2 toeswere larger & more separate from the inner two.

A surprising feature of the prints was the length & depth of very sharp claws. The animal was walking on all 4 feet thoroughly unlike that of a cat. The rear footprint more closely resembles that of a very large dog. Again the pads were much larger & deeper than would be expected from a dog. Again the claw marks were very clearly visible extending into the soil. The animal may have been attracted by a large pile of Prawn shells left there New Years eve. The two front feet prints were diagonally 750mm apart, The distance between left front print & the right rear print was 180cm. It was early in the morning & was with his wife & he does Not drink. Large black animals have been seen within 12 kms.of there. He & I have been wondering what your theory might be after seeing your website page. Regards. Spencer & Reg.

Author / Witness Spencer & Reg - Sunday 19/01/03.

Otway Ranges near Wye River (Vic) December 2002

Just before Christmas 2002 I was mountain biking on 4 wheel drive tracks in the Otway Ranges near Wye River. From the Great Ocean Road a friend and I had ridden along the track up to an elevation of about 400m. We were surrounded by steep gully's and tall trees and a southerly sea breeze was blowing through the foliage. I was riding along a down hill section and came around a corner of the track at a fair speed. To my amazement I saw a panther like animal about 30m ahead of me walking in the same direction along the track. It turned its head toward me and looked quite surprised and after gazing at me for half a second started running along the track. By this stage I was on the brakes but catching it fast. I got to within around 10 metres of the animal (not intentionally) and it took off and ducked off to the left of the track into dense scrub. I decided it was best to continue riding and get away from the beast. I stopped a little way further down and told my friend I had just seen a panther. "Yeah sure" he said and prompted me to keep riding.

I assume I was lucky enough to see it because I was moving at a reasonable pace and fairly quietly. Given the gusty wind it would have been difficult for it to hear me coming.

I thought little about the sighting but my curiosity grew over the next few days. I had heard of panther sightings in Victoria but not in the Otways, so I decided to call the local Parks office in Lorne. The lady I spoke to had not seen the animal but said there were regular sightings. A local had reported one on the outskirts of Lorne in the previous couple of weeks.

Soon after I saw this animal a news story broke in relation to a farmer on the other side of Victoria who claimed a panther like animal was killing his cattle. I happened to hear Melbourne talk back radio that day and was relieved to hear dozens of listeners with similar sightings.

Author / Witness - Ben Dixon Melbourne, Australia - Thursday 13/02/03

Nelson (SA) sighting around 1988

Hi Paul

Just a short note from the Mount Gambier and Nelson area, on the border of SA and VIC. About 15 years ago on the Wanwin Road, which runs along the Glenelg River (VIC) between Dartmoor and Mt Gambier I am positive that I saw the rear end of some type of large black animal that was too big to be a feral cat and more resembled that of a black panther long tail and all. I have done a lot of shooting in my time and I know for sure that it was not a roo it moved too much like a feline for what I saw of it. Anyway about 8 months after this two mates where over from Warrnambool one Monday night for roller hockey and on the trip back just past Rennick (between Dartmoor and Mount Gambier) they pulled up for leak on the side of the road and they swear they saw a black puma stroll across the road in their headlights not far away at all. The pair of them vowed and declared that they would never stop on that stretch of the highway again. Just thought this might be of interest to you ,very interesting site keep up the good work.

Author / Witness - Neville (Sent - Thursday May 2003)

The Big River Camp (Vic) sighting on 31 May / 01 June 2003

Hi Paul, We were dirt bike riding on the weekend 2kms from the Big River Camp when we saw a Big Black cat pounce across our trail. I would like to add the sighting to your website.

Firstly there were six of us dirt bike riding, the lead rider at the time was a friend called David Booth. From what David said to all of us is that the cat jumped across the trail just ahead of him , probably within 10 feet. He described that cat as all black, some 2 feet high , 4-5 feet long with a long black tail, almost as long as it’s body. No sounds were heard from the cat. He may remember the colour of it’s eyes however I didn’t ask him that. We all stopped at the time and saw the paw prints left by the cat and they would be best described as the size of a large dog or German Shepperd. I have the map reference, although I don’t have an excact grid reference at the moment, however our navigator Wayne Adamson was carrying a map and remembers the exact location. The location was near Foley Creek Rd, approx 1km from the Big River road and the map used was the Rooftop Big River / Rubicon / Lake Eildon Areas I have since been advised by David that the eyes were possibly yellow (Big River Links Area, Geology, Big Cats, Environs and Vegitation)

Author / Witness' - Dean Wilson Managing Director Emerging IT - 31/05/03 & 01/06/03

Emerald (Vic) September 2002

Hi Paul

I came across your site and although what I saw was neither a panther nor Tasmanian Tiger I would like to report the following.

I live in Emerald in the Dandenong Ranges on a thickly treed property surrounded by similar terrain, national park on the other side of the road. It was late in the afternoon around September 2002. I have owned poultry for some 30 years and as such have come across many many foxes, having lost scores of hens to them.

I was dozing on my bed when I heard that familar sound of distressed hens and raced out the back to see bodies all over the ground and out of the corner of my eye an animal flash by, silently and very swiftly. When I had got to approximately 6 metres from the hen house where it had gone to kill the rest of the hens, the creature saw me and frantically turned and ran up and down the wire in a frenzy to get away. I failed to reach the doorway in time to stop its escape. It made no sound whatsover.

It had a body similar to a fox in that it had quite a bushy tail, but longer in body and around 30% larger. It was grey in colour, very lean. It had the most hideous head I have ever seen, somewhat reminiscent of a hyena with that horrible silent ugly snarling face. I have certainly in my life time not seen an animal up close and personal anything like this one and have travelled extensively over the years all over the world.

It was a terrifying looking sight and disturbed me so much I rang countless government agencies to report the animal and ask questions. Everyone told me that I was mistaken, I had seen a dog. I know both and it was NOT a domestic animal and it was NOT a fox.

I wonder if anyone else has ever reported something similar ?

Regards and thanks for listening

Author / Witness Sue Hughes 09/09/03

Buxton (Vic) (Near Marysville) August 2001

Hi Paul, just stumbled onto your site and thought you might be interested in my sighting. I have posted it on the The Australian Yowie Research site quite a few months ago so forgive me if you have already read it. It was in August around 2 years ago now I think, and it was a dark night,very little light. I had been out to the local Buxton Pub, near Marysville (Vic) for a meal with my husband and daughter, I was not drinking as I was driving.

As we were leaving we picked up our next door neighbor and dropped him off at his house and stayed for coffee. The time would have been around 10 oclock when we left there. My husband was standing at the car talking, so I left them and started to walk back. I was dressed all in black and it was dark so I probably wasn't easy to see, I got about 3/4 of the way up the hill to our cabin and decided to wait till my husband bought the car up the driveway on the other side of our property as it was very dark near the cabin and I couldn't see the step that I knew was there.

I waited very quietly for a couple of minutes when our 4-wheel drive came up the driveway and my husband turned it in a clearing so he could reverse the rest of the way up. The reversing lights through out enough light that I could see the step, when out from under the cabin shot a black puma, it didn't see me i'm sure because it did a little back-take, kind of movement when it passed within about 3 feet of me. I saw it for the time it took to pass me and disappear into the bush on the other side of me but I did see it long enought to realise it was a very large cat-like animal, it looked to be black in the reversing lights, but I suppose it could have been a very dark grey, as the light was pretty bad.

My husband saw what he described as a extremely large cat walk past our cabin while we were still in the process of making it livable so that would date it to about 5 years ago. We were staying in a caravan down towards the bottom of our property, which is very hilly and is covered in bracken and scrub. He thought it looked like a cat but about the size of a kelpie. What I saw was I think bigger than that, though it is hard ot estimate the exact height as I was standing on a slope and it was above me.

This winter passed my husband was staying on his own in the cabin, again in August, when he was woken by this god-awfull screaming and the sounds of fighting, As he was unarmed, and alone he said there was no way he was going out on his own to see what it was, but in the morning he found a wombat dead and half eaten in our driveway. He didn't look for paw prints as he wouldn't know the difference between a cats and a dogs anyway. I know there are dog packs in the state forest and we almost back on to this. We don't know if a single dog could bring down a wombat, but my husband said he didn't hear anything that sounded like a dog pack. We have a friend who has also seen this cat in the full beam of her headlights one night on a back road in the same area.

Hope you find this interesting,

Author Witness - Dawn Griffiths. 12/09/03

Wollombi (NSW) (Near Cessnock) Sighting June 2003 (Reported 08/02/04)

My wife saw a panther size animal. I thought she must have been mistaken until a week after that I saw it running across the valley. Very smooth, very fast, black and large. Rafael Perez Wollombi near the Hunter Valley NSW.

We have a weekender in bushland near wollombi. I was sitting on an rocky outcrop relaxing when I caught sight of a black animal moving slowly below me (about 10 m below me). I thought it must have been a dog initially because it was obscured by small tree trunks, and thought it was stalking something. I threw a rock down to disturb the stalking and the animal moved out from behind the trees and continued in an unhurried manner, but it wasn't a dog but a black huge graceful cat that moved fluidly. I sat quietly, hoping the animal wouldn't come bounding up the rocks to me. It didn't seem perturbed at all by the sound of the rock falling near it. I'm really keen to know if the animal is territorial or was probably just moving through since we have two primary aged children. We haven't spoken about the cat in front of the kids. Properties nearby have cattle, horses and goats. Jennifer May

Authors / Witness' - Jennifer May and Rafael Perez reported 08/02/04.

Gooram (Vic) (Near Euroa) Sighting September 2000 (Reported 16/03/04)

To Paul, I had a sighting in September 2000.

I own a big property in Gooram in Victoria, I had lived there for about 10 years and always heard the rumours from the locals who had lived in that area for longer than I, and I never believed them though, I just used to sit there and laugh.

One night I had planned to go out with a few friends and have a bonfire in the hill paddock which was about a ten minute drive from the house with a gully surrounding it and a lot of swamp grass.

We went spot lighting as soon as it got dark and I was holding the spot light when I was scanning for rabbits or foxes when I flashed passed a black animal.

I immediately turned back with the spot light and told my friend who was driving to stop the ute (utility) and turn it off.

He did what I said and I leant over to the cabin without taking my eyes of the black cat in the clearing near the ferns to tell him to get a load of this, the other two guys who were with us stopped there conversation and looked.

We all just dropped our jaws.

This thing started to get up and plod along the gully.

We sat there for a good 3 minutes before it went into long ferns and we couldn't see the cat any longer.

You could tell everyone was thinking about it that night, while sitting around the campfire we were all jumpy but we never said it to each other for our ego's got in the way.

But now when someone tells me a story I keep my mouth shut because I was the one at the start that picked on those people.

Author / Witness John. T - Reported 16/03/04

Gilderoy (Vic) (Near Warburton) Sighting Mid June 2002 (Reported 06/04/04)

Hi Paul

I came across your sight, in particular the two stills you have of an animal seen in the Charleville area. Your photos made me remember something I'd seen in Victoria.

Back in 2002 I was living in Yarra Junction outside Melbourne, located in the Yarra Valley and Ranges.

My family and I were out early one morning, out past Gilderoy, inside a now disused logging coop.

It was June 21 (mid winter) and it was around 0645 (we'd gone out to see the sun rise for the winter solstice); the weather was typical for that time of year - misty, cold and rainy. We were driving in an easterly direction on a clay/gravel track deep inside the coop with a steep hillside to the right and a sharp drop to a gully to the left. Driving slowly with the Rangie's lights and spots on, one child commented that something was coming down the hill towards the road as he could see the undergrowth moving around. Thinking it might be a kangaroo or wombat I slowed down. The thing came off the hillside and got onto the road. My first thought was it looked like a quoll on steroids it was so big. It was uniformly dark in colour, about 80cms at the shoulder and about 1.5m from nose to tail. The head had the same sort of stub nose like a Tasmanian Devil (with the same sort of heavy jaws), and a long tail like a kangaroo which it seemed to use for balance or steering - (it didnt move about like a cats, it looked fairly rigid and slightly curved). (Paul - sounds like a Thylacoleo) The thing looked large and powerfully built, but it had a quite graceful (almost arrogant) stride to it. I stopped; it walked into the middle of the road (and our lights); turned and looked at us for perhaps 30 seconds and sauntered across to the other side where it went down into the gully. I drove to the spot, got out and took a mobile spot to the edge of the gully. The animal followed the creek for about 10-20m, crossed it and disappeared into the bush on the other side. My family and I looked for tracks but the road was pretty much covered with gravel and small rocks and so not much could be seen. However the smell in the air where the thing had been was pretty unspeakable - rotting flesh.


Qld Museum Thylacoleo Model
Qld Museum Thylacoleo Model


Now my job has taken me to some pretty remote sites in Australia, and I've seen huge feral cats, dogs and pigs, but this thing wasn't any of those. It really reminded me of something along the lines of a quoll or a Tasmanian Devil but much much bigger. I've also heard the stories around the Yarra Junction and Warburton Pubs about the 'Toolangi Tiger' and a couple of other odd sightings and would be really interested to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Any ideas as to what it might be?

Author / Witness Anon AKA "Red" - Reported 06/04/04

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