The Gorge Yowie

Written by Paul Clacher Copyright 2004

In the Easter of 1973 I was camped in the top camping area at MacIntyre Gorge, which is also known as Kwiambal National Park with my then girlfriend, and our 3 friends. The first night was spent sitting around the camp fire. On the second night we all sat around the camp fire again until about 10:00 pm. We then retired to our respective tents and I think that I must have dozed off. Some time later I was awoken as I heard something walking around the tent. As there had been possums around the tent on the first night I thought the possums were back for a second showing. This time the sound was different. It sounded more like just walking type footsteps. So I thought it was a goanna or a large lizard. I then saw a large silhouette walk upright in front of the tent. On that night there was some moonlight and I could see that it was human in shape, but it was very large and solid in build. I thought it was a large person at first until this thing started trying to open the zip of the tent. I thought it very strange as the thing was trying to open the tent from the top or the apex of the tent. It was when the thing started to rock from side to side and start to grunt that I became even more frozen with terror. At first I thought that it was a large person, but the outline was very fuzzy and looked sort of hairy and the grunts did not sound very human at all. After what seemed like an eternity I built up enough courage to yell out to the creature "Hey you what are you doing.". The thing just stopped, it casually turned to its left and slowly ambled off into the bush in an easterly direction.

I woke up my girlfriend and asked if she had seen or heard what had happened. She said no. I was so scared that I went over to the others and woke them up. What ever the thing was I clearly recall that I was so scared, that I said that I could not sleep back in that tent that night So I decided to sleep next to the fire. One of my friends could see that I was so scared that he said that he would sleep outside at the fire with us. I am sure that what I saw that night was not human. I have since spoken with another friend who used to be an aboriginal Forest Ranger in the New England area and he also was raised in the area and he said that there are Hairy Men in that area. He told me that the aboriginal people call them "Boon-A-Warnge" (Hairy Man). He said there are many limestone caves in the area and that they live in them. He also said many people in the area have seen the "Boon-A-Warnge" in the Ashford area. He had seen one and chased it with friends and pig dogs, but the creature eluded them. His sighting was up North East of Ashford. So, if you dare, try sleeping by yourself in the top camping ground at Ashford Gorge.

Not Far Away Unfolded Another Story (or two)

"The Torrington Yowie

Sightings of the "Yowie" have been quite numerous over the years though some incidents have been reported as long apart as twenty years.

One resident of the Torrington area reports seeing "a black/brown hairy 12 year old boy about 4' 6" with long ears, walking down the track not far off. He went 20 yards then turned off into the bush." This same resident then looked at the tracks left by the creature and saw that although they were distinctly human-like, with a large toe and four stumps, and flat on the bottom, the step-pattern when she tried to follow, did not appear to be human.

Sightings on the Yowie and of its tracks seemed to be more numerous when the wild figs are ripe and also when the rain bird is most noisy, in October to March - perhaps the bird warns of its presence.

Sometime ago it was reported that a rider came across the body of a very hairy figure about 4' 6" high and that he took another man to confirm the sighting. They buried the body in the lonely spot they found it, but like many other people did not make the find common knowledge for fear of being ridiculed.

Another sighting was at the time of a large bushfire In the Torrington area. Many animals were fleeing from the flames: kangaroos, wallabies, birds, etc., and right In front running upright, was a small hairy animal. Once again this sighting was not discussed except in the immediate family, as they were sure they would not be believed.

Many people try to find excuses or reasons for reported sightings, climbing stringy-bark stumps that appear to move when watched for too long, or too frequent trips to the local hotel, but many more believe that just maybe, there is some truth to the stories.( Old Torrington A History of Torrington and District 1881 1981, Examiner Printing Service, Glen Innes, 1981, p 85)"

Australian Yowie Research