The Forest Yowie

Written by Paul Clacher Copyright 2004

On Thursday afternoon 23/04/2003 around 1:45 pm I had driven down to see a local farmer, who I had met on Tuesday. I had taken the cast of the cat print to show him. And he just could not believe the size of the plaster of paris print I had just taken. The print was about 12 centimetres across. The cast had been taken about 1 kilometre away from where our camp was. When I returned to the camp, my family was worried about some wild cows in the bush. They were making a terrible sound, like they were terrified. They were wailing and bellowing. I heard them too and they sounded really scared. That was around 2:15 PM and after about 1/2 an hour the sound ceased. As it got dark we then started to hear what sounded like a car door repeatedly being slammed shut. It sounded like it was about 500 metres away. A person by the name of Neil Frost once described the sound to me like "bomming (he pronounced it bouming)". The camp is surrounded by about 1700 acres of forest, so it is very isolated country. The entire area is heavy with granite formations and is heavily wooded.

It was about 7:00 PM and we were sitting around the camp fire and I had to go away from the camp fire area for a bit. On my return, my family told me that there was something walking around the camp fire just at the edge of the darkness. I sat down on the log. I then heard foot steps too on the dry crunchy leaves. Just then I heard the most blood curdling sound I have ever heard. Not 20 metres away came a sound. A guttural sound. A sound deep from within a chest of low but powerful tones. It was a sound of an animal. A sound I have never heard before. In fact it sounded like a cross between a loud possum, a koala, a snorting pig and an air brake from a Mack Truck all rolled into one. Sounds strange I know, but it made that noise twice, and they were about 5 minutes apart. If I could compare it to anything at all, I would say that it sounded a lot like a set of Semitrailer compression air-brakes being engaged. We sat there in silence. It sounded again. I had absolutely no logical explanation for such a sound. I have heard a koala growl and while it sounded similar to a koala it was much much deeper and much much louder. This was no koala. I think that we were being stalked by a Yowie. What do you think?

Very shortly afterwards we all went to bed. I can tell you I don't think any of us got much sleep that night. The bomming went on and on through the night. The following morning (Friday) we awoke (about 7:00 am) and we walked up a bush track towards the bomming, which sounded very much like a solid branch being struck up against a tree. It also sounded all the world like a car door being slammed shut. The sound repeated itself about every 90 seconds or so. As we walked towards the bomming sound, it would move away from us and at times it moved to a slightly different direction. From that I could only deduct that there was more than one creature making the sounds. After about 600 to 700 metres up the track, I displaying a sense of wisdom and we turned around and returned back to the camp. As we packed up and were just ready to drive off, the bomming stopped. We have not been back there to our favourite spot, since that episode.

Click here to listen to an MP3 emulation track I have made from editing and altering a Koala Bellow. This is the closest I am able to get to that sound, but the actual sound was much deeper and much more guttural. It was a sustained very low resonance gurgling growl.

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